Local people take part and take pride in keeping Wandsworth clean

Published: Wednesday 7th March 18

This week, as part of the work Wandsworth Council are doing in partnership with environmental charity Hubbub, around 70 local businesses in Tooting took part in a community clean-up day.

Members of the Tooting business community from shop owners to restaurateurs spent time sweeping outside the front of their businesses, giving their building a lick of paint, and making the area look neat and tidy for everyone to enjoy.

Shamir who works at Scanito Jeans said:

‘‘I think Neat Streets is a brilliant idea, and it’s helping. Tooting looks cleaner now, and that is helping my shop, the community, and the area.’’

You can see more pictures of those who took part by searching #NeatStreets #TakeCareOfTooting on Twitter.

In the council’s latest clean streets survey that nearly 1,700 residents completed (August, 2017), more than 90% of people said that they feel part of the Wandsworth community, and 80% said that they love where they live. The community spirit and local pride was clear to see as people took time out of their busy days to make their little bit of Wandsworth a place to be proud of.

As well as businesses doing their bit for the community of Wandsworth, a group of students from West Hill Primary school have set-up an eco-club with the help of year three class teacher Eliza Bates. Eliza said:

“With the support of our head teacher, I started the school’s eco-club last year, which has resulted in us being awarded the silver Eco Schools Award.

“In recent months I’ve really taken a step back and let our eco-warriors lead projects that they’re interested in and they’ve done some amazing work. They have created two tyre ponds in the school grounds to encourage wildlife, presented their own assembly, and regularly remind teachers and other students to recycle as much as they can and not to waste electricity.”

When visiting the school to find out about their great work, Eliza also proudly showed a mural the eco-warriors had made out of used plastic milk bottle tops.

Wandsworth council met with Eliza to find out how West Hill can be supported to continue to educate their young people about the importance of the local environment, and the difference they can make if they reduce, reuse, and recycle. If you are a parent or a teacher at a school in Wandsworth and would like to find out how your school can do more to be eco-friendly, please contact Jessica.lewis@richmondandwandsworth.gov.uk.

How you can help keep Wandsworth clean:

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