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Published: Friday 23rd February 18

Residents are being urged to have their say on Transport for London (TfL) proposals to change the route of a popular bus serving Putney and Wandsworth Town.

The 485 runs from Hammersmith to Ram Street via Putney. TfL wants to increase the frequency of the buses from two to four an hour, with one running every 15 minutes, and introduce evening and Sunday services for the first time.

The route would be changed to run via Putney High Street and the Upper Richmond Road, rather than Putney Bridge Road, and would be extended to include Riverside Quarter, where a new bus stand would be installed.

TfL want to bring in the changes to deliver a more frequent bus service between Hammersmith and Wandsworth and provide Wandsworth Riverside Quarter with better connections to public transport.

The proposed changes would be introduced from late 2018, subject to the outcome of the consultation, further approvals (including implementation of a right turn for buses from Upper Richmond Road into Putney High Street) and the availability of funding.

The council’s transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “We can see the benefits of this proposal and welcome the consultation, and agree that Riverside Quarter needs to be better served by public transport.  The council has secured funding from the local developments that would help pay for these changes.  But we want to ensure the changes are what our residents want, so are urging people to make sure they have their say. ”

How to comment:



Call 0343 222 1155

Write to FREEPOST TFL CONSULTATIONS (Routes 485 and 283).

The deadline to comment is March 25, 2018

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Recent comments

There is NO need for this! We are well served with bust stops outside 3 mins walk, why bring them inside with the very narrow road and the tunnel at the corner of Point Pleasant. Buses coming in and out and turning will be dangerous for the kids walking to school and the park. We are well served with buses so many pass by outside on the main road where they are meant to be and Thames clippers. We also have bicycles stand here, which meant to be promoting clean living. There is also courtesy bus at the Riverside quarter. This is creating additional noise and traffic pollution buses in order to divert the terminus from the Ram street new development. I strongly OPPOSE this!!
Melly Turulia

26 March 2018

There is no need to extend the 485 service into the Riverside Quarter. The area is already well connected and links to the train, river boat, and current bus routes are already within close walking distance to residents. Extending the route and including a bus stop will only serve to bring noise and air pollution, as well as unwanted traffic to this development. Local residents are strongly opposed to this proposal. This proposal seems like more of a tick-box exercise for the council to appear they're making improvements to the area when in reality this change to the 485 route lacks any practicality
Kyle Fox

24 March 2018

There is absolutely no need to include Riverside Quarter in this route. I am a local resident and feel, given that transport links are only a short walk away, this would unnecessarily impact a development which currently benefits from low levels of traffic. This route would not be used frequently by residents so it would make sense to amend it to not pass through Riverside Quarter.
James Bridge

24 March 2018

Strongly oppose to proposed location of bus stop in Enterprise Way. As it is will cause a negative impact to residents in terms of noise, vibration, polution and visual impact, specially to residents on the lower floor of residential buildings. Consider relocating final the bus stop to the pavement along Wandle river, where buses can wait without causing the negative impact to residents as explained above.
Hugo Carvalho

15 March 2018

Please do not put a bus stop outside 22 Enterprise Way (Riverside Quarter). We purchased these flats without a bus here and are all young residents quite capable of walking to Wandsworth town or nearby bus stops. This diversion is unnecessary and not wanted.
Emily Griffiths

5 March 2018

Strongly support the proposal. At last a direct line to connect West Putney with Putney Station, East Putney station and Upper Richmond Road. Long overdue!
Meir Shabat

25 February 2018

I think this is a good idea
Graeme Kilkenny

24 February 2018

I strongly support this initiative! This will indeed make the 485 route more useful for Putney residents! Equally, I would also support amending the part of the route passing Putney High Street to go through Oxford Rd to avoid further congestions on the high street.
Zach Mamm

23 February 2018

Please!!!!!! Even more congestion on Putney High Street. Bonkers.

23 February 2018

I thought that the Wandsworth gyratory was going to be scrapped by the end of 2018... any advancement on that project?

23 February 2018