Help shape the future of Wandsworth Common

Published: Thursday 15th February 18

The council is creating a Management and Maintenance Plan for Wandsworth Common and wants input from local people.

The plan will set out how the common will be cared for and managed, and how the council can ensure local people continue to benefit from it. Residents can take part in a consultation to help establish the value that people attach to the common, how they use it and any changes they would like to see.

Wandsworth Common includes woods, lakes, playgrounds, and sports facilities including grass sports pitches

The consultation closes on March 16.  There will be another chance to comment at an exhibition and drop-in centre in the summer before the final plan is drawn up.

Take the survey online.

If you would prefer to fill in a paper copy, email

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Recent comments

I am sad that the flying of kites is not approved of ! Perhaps a good adventure playground would satisfies those children with a need to climb .
Maeve Kuchemann

9 March 2018

Cyclists ignore any signposting and are a continuous hazard for dogs and people. The signs on the ground are not clear and could be better posted. A hefty fine for cyclists on the pond pathways and the path that runs parallel to the cycle lane would be great if enforced. Wandsworth Common is generally a gem in Wandsworth.
Paige Barry

4 March 2018

I think it important that the German style "Trim-weg" exercise area remains safe and functional.
steve bassnett

16 February 2018

Well they are banning kites and climbing . Poor old Mary Poppins. She will be going to prison if she ever visits Wandsworth .

16 February 2018

I recently read a report that you are thinking of banning climbing trees, flying kites and playing cricket in parks. I sincerely hope that this is NOT the case.
Edward Nicol

16 February 2018

I think that Wandsworth Common is a fantastic open space and I walk their regularly with my dog. I approve of the recent cycling restrictions, particularly over the bridge, it is very well signposted but not all cyclists adhere to it which is a shame. Also having paths that are not shared with cyclists is good, but these are regularly ignored by cyclists. On the whole I think Wandsworth manage Wandsworth Common much better than Lambeth do Clapham Common, which is a total disgrace.
Suzanne Foster

16 February 2018