Council leader responds to President Trump’s Tweet on Nine Elms

Published: Friday 12th January 18

The Leader of Wandsworth Council Cllr Ravi Govindia has given his reaction to the comments made by President Trump regarding the location of the new American Embassy.

In a tweet earlier today (Friday) the US President described the new embassy as having been built in “an off-location”.

Cllr Govindia

Responding to the comment, Cllr Govindia, who is also co-chair of the Nine Elms Vauxhall Partnership, said: “If Nine Elms was off location yesterday, it is certainly centre stage today. 

“The US ambassador has spoken about the pride he and his staff feel in their new embassy. Not only are they moving to an iconic new Zone 1 building that’s closer to Downing Street than the current embassy, they’re also are part of the £15 billion transformation of this part of central London that’s bringing 20,000 new homes and 25,000 permanent jobs.

“It is also where tech giant Apple is moving its entire UK operation so it’s clearly not an off-location for them.

“The Nine Elms area also contains New Covent Garden Market and Battersea Power Station. It will bring two new tube stations to the borough and will also be home to Penguin Random House and the Royal College of Art’s new  Innovations Centre in Battersea.

“The US Embassy, along with these high profile digital and technology institutions coming to Nine Elms will have a welcome knock-on effect in encouraging other big name companies to make a similar move.

 “And of course one of the great selling points of Nine Elms is its connectivity. It’s within walking distance of Sloane Square and the Houses of Parliament and, as well as the two new tube stations, we’ve seen these transport links strengthen further with the opening of new pier at Battersea Power Station’s Circus West Village. This now connects us, through the River Bus service operated by MBNA Thames Clippers, to Embankment, Blackfriars and Canary Wharf via a network of piers along the Thames.”

Councillor Govindia added: “We are very excited about hosting the new American Embassy here in Nine Elms, the arrival of which was one of the key elements in helping to kick start the exciting regeneration of this part of central London, bringing thousands of new jobs, homes and public realm improvements.

“No other development project can match Nine Elms in terms of social and economic benefits. As opposed to being 'off location' I would say Nine Elms is very much London’s most exciting destination with a huge amount to offer.”

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Recent comments

Wrong Councillor Govindia. You are getting one new tube station. The Nine Elms station is in fact in Lambeth. Do your research.
andrew jonas

16 January 2018

Most of the London based embassy locations are in the amazing upmarket Kensington and W1 area’s - Nine elms is hardly in the same league is it, a new modern development yes, but nothing more than that. Trumps comments are spot on

14 January 2018

Well said Councillor. DJ Tramp is an impoverishment but the building will be a testament to USA, Nine Elms, Wandsworth, Nine Elms and the legacy of Cllr Ravi Govindia and the many people responsible for this outstanding project. We have to be grateful that all mouth and no trousers does not become the new norm. Congratulations to all involved :-)
Ed Jason

13 January 2018

I would suggest that President Trump did not do his homework thoroughly enough before making such a statement and appears to have no idea whatsoever to the actual physical location of Nine Elms or the easy access to iconic spots, including the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, apart from Downing Street.
Ann Hudson

13 January 2018

Within walking distance of Sloane Square ?? Trumpy boy probably didn't want to get landed with all the Grosvenor Square outstanding Congestion Charge Bills belonging to the American Embassy (or have they finally paid them?).
Liz D

13 January 2018

Following up on Trump's words has the effect of giving importance to him. The day the world learns to ignore him or politely dismiss him then he'll stop twitting.

12 January 2018

An excellent and measured response to some very childish sour-grapes comments that were, frankly, entirely unworthy of the office of President of the United States. Sadly, however, this is what we have come to expect from the current PotUS. I expect the US Ambassador and his team are well aware of this but for political reasons are unable openly to say so. I only wish our own Goverment had been more forthright in rebutting Mr Trump’s pathetic comments. To our American friends, please note that South West London is a fabulous place to be and has lots to offer — it is most certainly NOT an “off location”...!
Robert Hood

12 January 2018

The visit to our borough by any other US president would have been a great occasion. I’m pleased that we aren’t having to grin and bear the presence of Trump, and all that he represents. We are better than this, and do not need to be tarnished by his presence. Well done to Cllr. Govindia for his robust and measured defence of our borough. It’s far from ‘off location’ for us!
Sean Parry

12 January 2018

I thought it was a very good response from our leader of the ones of council however I do hope he makes Donald Trump very welcome urge him to come over and give him a great welcome
David Reilly

12 January 2018

Frankly, as an American, I hasten to say that Councillor Govindia shouldn't have to waste his time and breath on replying to Trump's rants.
Ira Levin

12 January 2018

What an excellent reply by Council Leader Ravi Govindia! Maritz Vandenberg.
Maritz Vandenberg

12 January 2018

The reason he didn't want to come was he had been told cab drivers don't go south of the river
George Hynes

12 January 2018

That anyone has to respond to Trump's inane, uneducated, childish comments is painful enough in itself. The sooner that buffoon is out of office the better.
Stephen Gibson

12 January 2018