Action taken in November to keep Wandsworth’s streets clean

Published: Wednesday 20th December 17

Did you know that we clean our streets 7 days a week, up to 5 times a day in our busiest town centres? Our street cleaners and enforcement officers work around the clock to ensure that those responsible for fly-tipping and littering in the borough are accountable.

In November, enforcement officers issued 289 fines for littering, 3 fines for littering from a vehicle, and successfully tracked down and fined 19 fly-tippers. The enforcement team also took action against businesses that had not properly managed their waste, and issued 141 fines to businesses for not disposing of their rubbish during their prescribed collection time band, and 4 fines to businesses that were not able to provide their trade waste collection documents.

The council spends upwards of £4m a year on keeping the borough’s streets clean.

Enforcement Officer Rodney Koo said, “To make sure the streets of Wandsworth are clean and safe, it’s critical that we work throughout the night too. Some people think they can get away with littering and fly tipping when it’s dark, but we’re here to prove this isn’t the case”.

How you can help keep Wandsworth clean:

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Did you know that our side streets in Earlsfield/Wandsworth Common cusp area have been neglected on Fridays week after week, and never cleaned the following day when WBC was notified that they had been missed. The on-line complaint facility has also not always functioned. That is part of the contract but has been chronically ignored in our neighbourhood. Keeping the streets clean according to the contract rather than fining the occasional person for dropping a cigarette end would be popular in my area.
Celia Blair

20 December 2017