Battersea man loses council flat following discovery of cannabis factory and loaded gun

Published: Friday 8th December 17

A suspected drug dealer has been evicted from his council flat in Battersea after a police raid uncovered a cannabis factory and a loaded firearm.

Mark Quintyn was yesterday (Thursday) formally evicted from the address in Odger Street on the orders of a judge at Wandsworth County Court.

Wandsworth’s housing department had applied to the court for an eviction order on the grounds that committing such serious offences constituted a breach of tenancy conditions.

The court heard that police officers raided the address in May last year and found 16 cannabis plants along with a loaded gun and a large quantity of cash.

Mr Quintyn subsequently pleaded guilty to four offences at Kingston Crown Court and in May 2017 he was jailed for five years.

The eviction means that once he is released from custody he will not be able to return to the Battersea flat and is unlikely to be offered any new accommodation by the council.

Cabinet member for housing Cllr Clare Salier said: “People involved in this kind of criminal activity are simply not welcome on our housing estates.

“Our tenants and leaseholders rightly expect us to take the toughest possible action against those who choose to engage in criminality.

“When people sign on the dotted line to be given the keys to a council home in our borough they have to agree to a set of tenancy rules. Breaching those rules renders you liable to eviction. People engaged in criminal or anti-social behaviour should be under no illusion about what is likely to happen if they break those rules.”

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he wont be homeless, firstly had he not gone to prison, for all there bolshie big words the council would of still legally had to find him a new place, its illegal for a council to make a person homeless ditto, but as he has gone to prison the legality will fall to the prison service to find this low life another home, so just to confirm crime does pay, and you can do what you like in council places they will still have to rehouse you regardless.. maybe not in the same borough but they will! the laws an ass

11 December 2017

Ok, sounds like good news! Kind of. So what happens to him when he finally gets released from prison?? He becomes another man homeless in London .... refusing to rehouse people does not solve the problem. Furthermore, if he serves his sentence-has he not paid for his crime?. I do understand why you evicted him but it doesn’t help him or the wider society ..... the homeless situation in London is sickening!

8 December 2017