Wandsworth’s clean streets policy enforced 24/7

Published: Thursday 30th November 17

Wandsworth’s Environmental Enforcement Officers work tirelessly around the clock to help keep the busiest streets in the borough clean and safe for those who use them.

Rodney Koo

Working in a team of three enforcement officers, Rodney Koo starts his Saturday night shift at 11pm and will not hang up his coat again until 6am on Sunday morning.  

Beginning his patrol in Battersea, two incidents of fly tipping were spotted on Northcote Road, resulting in both offenders receiving £400 fines, and a passer-by was issued with an £80 fine for littering. After leaving Battersea, the team make their way to Tooting.

At the end of their night shift, the team had distributed a total of 31 fines to those responsible for littering the streets of Wandsworth.

Rodney said, “To make sure the streets of Wandsworth are clean and safe, it’s critical that we work throughout the night too. Some people think they can get away with littering and fly tipping when it’s dark, but we’re here to prove this isn’t the case”.

Working with people in Wandsworth to keep the streets clean, green and safe is one of the key priorities for the council and part of the brighter borough for all initiative.

How you can help keep Wandsworth clean:

Contact Jessica.lewis@richmondandwandsworth.gov.uk to find out more about how you can help #KeepWandsworthClean

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The parking area at the end of Blondell Street is constantly (i.e. 350 days out of 365) littered with rubbish and household waste scientifically dropped by people, who know they won't be caught, in the middle of the night. This is going on for years.
Stefano Camperi

1 December 2017

It's not just a fly-tipping problem. Street sweeping in my area currently isn't done to contract. Streets missed are not cleaned the following day if reported. Blaming leaves, as if autumn only happened this year, is a joke. We need to see a big improvement in Earlsfield & Wandsworth Common. Complaining is boring but has to be done to be effective.
Celia Blair

30 November 2017