Ford applies to run minibus shuttle service in Wandsworth

Published: Thursday 23rd November 17

Car company Ford has revealed proposals to run its Chariot minibus shuttle service along two routes in the borough.

A vehicle similar to this would be used on the routes

Ford has applied to Transport for London for a permit to run the service in six central London routes, including the ‘Wandsworth Wanderer’ from Riverside Quarter in Wandsworth to Clapham Junction and the ‘Battersea Bullet from Battersea Park to Kennington.

All of Ford’s proposed routes in London end at or near an Underground or mainline train station. The company claims the routes would connect areas not well served by existing bus routes.

The Chariot service, described by Ford as a ‘commuter micro-transit service’, already operates in four American cities. The company wants to begin operating in London from late January.

The two routes

The service would run Monday to Friday apart from public holidays. Customers book and pay for a ride on a scheduled 15-seater vehicle along the route using the Chariot app.

Transport for London is holding a public consultation and the council’s transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook is encouraging local people to comment.

“We are closely examining these proposals now to determine their possible impact on existing bus routes. In the meantime I would urge all our residents to take a look at the plans and take part in the online consultation.”

The deadline for comments is December 18.

Comment on the Battersea Bullet here

Comment on the Wandsworth Wanderer here

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I can’t believe yu have Carlton white that has been smoking Ganabis driving bus and most of the time he is drunk and he is planning to get one of the workers who is a lady get beat up cause he said she keep on getting people suspended and he think she is sleeping whit the boss nd he is always selling drugs that’s why he didn’t come to work the other day and lie that is step child is having a baby

9 May 2018

How do I pay for my journeys if I do not have a fancy phone?
Annie Robinson

23 March 2018

I thoroughly approve of this application. To the extent that public transport cannot get their act together, and private enterprise is prepared to take the risk, we should encourage this. Just look at the demand for the Thames Riverbus services to see that Londoners are prepared to pay for good transport services.
Michael Webber

5 December 2017

I think it is a great idea and well spotted from Ford that this line is not well covered especially with Wandsworth Town train station being so overcrowded with all the new developments. It would be great if they accepted Oyster cards but anyhow it would be welcome. As for pollution, it's a fact that using public transport is better for the environment than everyone being in their own car. Once again, well done Ford!
Dr Svet

28 November 2017

It could be an interesting idea, if as they say it "would connect areas not well served by existing bus routes", however, I have to ask what is in it for Ford? I can't see them just spending money for the sake of it. More info needed.
Eanna Bell

27 November 2017

Sounds interesting but possibly more pollution. I assume the minibus' exact position can be tracked on a phone based app.

25 November 2017

Does anyone not think that we have enough vehicles using our roads. No to the shuttle service.
Liz D

24 November 2017

Are ford proposing to use electric vans ?
Antonia Cannon

24 November 2017