Awards celebrate work experience success

Published: Monday 6th November 17

Students at eight borough schools and a range of local employers have been honoured in the annual Wandsworth BEST work experience awards.

Daksha Mistry and JJ Goodman with the Ernest Bevin boys

BEST (Business and Education Succeeding Together) works with about 700 employers to give Wandsworth’s young people access to 1200 work experience placements. The awards celebrate the most motivated students and committed employers.

Former Masterchef finalist Daksha Mistry and JJ Goodman, owner of the London Cocktail Club, worked with boys from Ernest Bevin College to produce food and mocktails for the awards. Graveney School’s jazz quartet and rock band, Attic, provided the entertainment.

The event was attended by employers and students from Ernest Bevin College, Graveney Academy, Burntwood Academy, Chestnut Grove Academy, Nightingale School, Saint Cecilia’s, Thames Christian College and St Francis Xavier 6th Form College.

A number of employers were presented with awards, with special recognition given to Tideway Central and Randall Close Day Centre.

Ricardo Ferreras, Project Director at Tideway Central, talked about Tideway’s work supporting developments in Nine Elms and Daksha Mistry spoke about careers in the hospitality industry and her work with Wandsworth schools through the Pan Out project.

Pan Out is a EU-funded project to help get young people into the catering and hospitality industries. In Wandsworth employers are working with schools on 18 pilot Pan Out projects, with many students and employers involved coming together at the BEST awards

BEST is in discussions with more local employers to expand the range of work experience placements available for young people. For more information about BEST, Pan Out and work experience in Wandsworth, please visit the Wandsworth Lifelong Learning website.

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