On patrol with Wandsworth’s litter squad

Published: Wednesday 25th October 17

Environmental Enforcement Officer Monika Prysak and her team patrol the borough daily catching those responsible for littering on our streets.

Environmental Enforcement Officer, Monika and her team

Monika is one of five uniformed environmental enforcement officers who have been working in the borough since the start of the year.

Starting early in the morning, team leader, Monika brings her team together to arrange what part of the borough they will focus on for that day – with a different location patrolled each day. Today, Tooting Broadway is the chosen location for the large amount of footfall from the market.

The team spend their day catching and fining those responsible for dropping litter on our streets – litter offences include dropping cigarette butts and chewing gum

They will issue an offender with an £80 on the spot fine for littering who will have 14 days to pay the fine.

When an offender is caught, a fine is printed from a portable printing device and given to the offender – a copy is kept for the teams records.

The team issue a fine for dropping litter

Monika says, “We don’t give second chances. If we witness people littering, we print a fine on the spot.

It can be really challenging at times. No one is happy when they receive a fine, some have aired their frustration at me, most people accept it and apologise.

I always treat people in a friendly respectful way and hope I will be treated the same”.

The team spend the day patrolling various streets together – two enforcement officers on the left hand side of a street and two on the right hand side to ensure nowhere is missed.

The busiest areas for the team are Putney, Clapham Junction, Tooting Broadway and Balham.

Monika says, “Police officers in Clapham Junction commented on how clean it looks around the station since we started. It is good to know our work is having an impact”.

They are, also, always on the lookout for other aspects of environmental crime including flytipping. If they spot a flytip, they report it on the website or by using the report- it app.

Their day wraps up once all paperwork and fines for the day have been gathered.

How you can help keep Wandsworth clean

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Recent comments

Sorry, but this is rubbish (excuse the pun). I've asked this so called fly tipping, litter squad to do something about the problem on Weimar Street and absolutely nothing has happened. As I write this there is a pile of rubbish 3ft high and at least 4m long sat alongside the Franco Manca restaurant. Maybe when the rats starts biting people they'll decide it's something they'll look at and even then I'm not sure. It's a disgrace that it's allowed to happen

31 October 2017

Dripping rubbish? Why on earth doesn't someone check the spelling? How can you be taken seriously with typos like this?
Judith Blackstone

27 October 2017

If the council is sincere in wanting to stop people dropping litter why have so many litter bins been removed from bus stops?
Agnes Blair

27 October 2017

As I sat on a 219 Bus from the Broadway to Tooting Bec yesterday, I watched a young man, aged about 20, waiting at a Bus Stop near the King's Head, peeling an Orange and simply dropping the peel about him, quite oblivious to the mess he was making. I did wish I'd had a camera with me. Ed
Edmund Hodges

27 October 2017

Shame no way to edit a post. Can't really comment on editing - made a mistake myself. Thought it was usually 'bling' folk were 'dripping' with - NOT litter - as in your header.

27 October 2017

Thought it was usually 'bling' folk were dripping with - no litter as in your header.

27 October 2017

Please start enforcing this on Plough Road SW11 where litter is a constant issue and an environmental health hazard. Despite reporting this on numerous occasions to both the council and police, little or nothing seems to be done about it.
Mr Crichton

27 October 2017