Flytippers fined following evening patrol

Published: Wednesday 18th October 17

A resident and two businesses have been fined following the discovery of three flytips in Battersea.

A number of black sacks were found on Northcote Road and Battersea Park Road during a Friday evening patrol by Wandsworth’s enforcement team last week.

Evidence found within the three flytips led Wandsworth Council’s enforcement officers to two businesses and residential property nearby.

Enforcement Officer, Rodney Koo

The resident on Battersea Park Road will be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice for leaving their waste on the highway a number of days outside their collection day.

Enforcement officer Rodney Koo said, “We are patrolling the borough’s streets during the week, at night and at the weekend. We are taking a zero tolerance approach to those who think it is OK to dump their waste illegally.

“If you have concerns about a potential offender then please do get in touch in confidence and help us catch those responsible for making a mess on our streets.”

Residents are reminded to leave the waste in their front garden for collection. If waste can only be presented on the street, then it is permitted between 6.30pm the day before collection and no later than 06:30am on collection day. Leaving waste on the highway outside of this designated time is considered flytipping.

The two businesses will each be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice for presenting their waste in the wrong location and outside of the time banding period.

Time banding refers to the time when commercial waste can be presented and all businesses are responsible for ensuring that they manage their waste responsibly to comply with the law.

Businesses must ensure that they have a licenced waste carrier to collect their waste.

How you can help keep Wandsworth clean

  • Leave your waste and recycling bags out on the correct day
  • Show your support on Twitter using the hashtag #KeepWandsworthClean
  • Report flytips on the council website
  • Pass on evidence that could help identify a flytipper in confidence to
  • Set up your own Environment and Attractive Neighbourhood project with support from the Wandsworth Grant Fund
  • Find the next Wandle Trust clean-up day at
  • Contact to find out more about how you can help #KeepWandsworthClean

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Recent comments

We have a lot of fly tipping in Vicarage Crescent - a mattress a couple of weeks back, looked in good nick - a lot of it does. Perhaps CCTV being put up in Vicarage Crescent might help catch offenders.
Liz D

22 October 2017

I too fully agree that those who were caught and find for fly-tipping must be named and shamed, which will make a big impact of regular fly-tippers and and I am confident that it will reduce fly-tipping. I am also supporting the prohibition / or banning of sales-boards or banners put up in front of houses by estate agents, which is such an eye sore - please take action - we will support you
Raj Selvakumar

21 October 2017

I strongly feel that individuals or companies found guilty of fly tipping should be named and shamed. This crime affects everybody. It is disgraceful and shows contempt for everyone.

20 October 2017

I agree with the comment below by Richard Gaunt. Why are estate agents allowed to disfigure our streets with their boards? Allow them an A3 size poster stuck in the window of the house for sale, no more. Everyone looks for houses on the internet anyway. Old 'technology' which should be consigned to the scrapheap.

20 October 2017

Please would you explain why estate agent are allowed to get away with 'fly boarding ' our borough with thousands of illegal boards which they deliberately leave up for yearsupon end. . They are an eyesore and a flagrant disregard for laws. Johnathan Cook made a pathetic effort to ban boarding in a few streets. This has of course been ignored . This is worse than liter and as bad as fly tipping. PLEASE WOULD YOU ACT. THANK YOU
Richard Gaunt

20 October 2017

Please name and shame those involved. That will also put off future offenders. Please don’t be too PC about this which is why these inconsiderate people continue
Anita Jackson

20 October 2017