Recruitment drive brings social work talent to Wandsworth

Published: Wednesday 18th October 17

Wandsworth Council has teamed up with the charity Frontline to recruit talented people to train as social workers.

Joseph, Michelle, Thea and Jennifer with consultant social worker Eric Mensah, who will be leading them.

The charity specialises in identifying people with the potential to be leaders in social work. Four new trainee social workers Jennifer Hale, Joseph Baldwin, Michelle Dovey and Thea Allum have joined the council’s first Frontline unit in September 2017. They will spend two years training on the job to qualify as social workers.

Joseph said: “What interests me most about becoming a social worker is learning from families and children about their lives and the way their relationship with a social worker can bring about real positive change in the lives of families and children.”

The link-up is part of a wider programme in the council’s Children’s Services department to recruit and retain top talent and develop excellent social work practice in Wandsworth.

The borough hosted its ninth annual Social Work Conference earlier this month, which brought practitioners, expert researchers and academics from across the profession to Wandsworth.

A Social Care Academy for social workers is in development, to support children’s social work to recruit and retain an excellent workforce.

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