Boundary Commission consults on latest review of Parliamentary constituency boundaries

Published: Tuesday 17th October 17

The Boundary Commission for England has today (Tuesday) launched the third stage of its public consultation into its ongoing work to draw up new Parliamentary constituency boundaries.

Earlier this year the commission published revised proposals from those initially proposed in 2016 which would see the total number of UK Parliamentary constituencies reduced from 650 to 600.

In England this would mean a reduction in Parliamentary seats from 533 to 501 and in London a fall from 73 to 68.

By law, every constituency must contain between 71,031 and 78,507 electors.

The commission’s previous sets of proposals generated a number of comments from the public and these have been incorporated into their latest recommendations which are now subject to further public consultation.

This latest round of consultation will continue for eight weeks until Monday, December 11.

To find out more about the current proposals and to submit comments visit

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More work for MPs so they should no longer be allowed to be part-time!!!!!! This whole exercise is Tory gerrymandering in any event - cutting down on accountability and democracy.
Carol Tibbs

21 October 2017

Gerrymandering in favour of the Conservatives.
Pavel Pietrzak

20 October 2017