Sixty one new council homes taking shape, with more planned

Published: Tuesday 26th September 17

Construction is continuing apace on new council homes for rent in Battersea, Putney and Tooting, with one of the developments soon approaching completion.

Stewarts Road site, in Battersea

In Stewarts Road, Battersea, the structure has reached two storeys, one of three sites on the Patmore and Savona estates where a total of 57 new council homes are being built which will be prioritised for meeting local housing demand in the area.

The developments, which are a few minutes’ walk from Battersea Power Station, are expected to be complete from the summer 2018, with priority for estate tenants who want to downsize, or overcrowded households - once these households move in, the homes they leave behind will be offered to other local people in need, creating chains of beneficial moves.

The new homes will be named after local First World War soldiers who were awarded the Victoria Cross. 

The three developments, Haine Court, Lascelles House and Edward Foster Court, are named after First World War soldiers 2nd Lieutenant Reginald Haine, Captain Arthur Moore Lascelles, and Corporal Edward Foster, who were born within present-day borough boundaries and received the highest armed forces award for gallantry in the face of the enemy, the Victoria Cross.

Two new, three-bedroom semi-detached houses in Limpsfield Avenue, near Wimbledon Common, are undergoing final inspections to check that they’re ready to be let out to council tenants. The properties include high-efficiency boilers and photovoltaic panels to reduce energy bills, while adjoining pavement renovation work has also been carried out.  

Council homes being built in Nutwell Street, Tooting

In Nutwell Street, Tooting, two new three-bedroom, semi-detached council houses are being built and are expected to be complete early in 2018, when they will be offered to local people on the council’s housing register.

The sites are part of the council’s 1,000-home construction programme, titled Building Homes for Wandsworth People, with 605 for council rent and shared ownership and the rest for sale to help pay for the scheme, with all revenue reinvested. 

Because there are no land purchase costs it offers exceptional value for money and other local authorities, such as Hackney and Enfield, have adopted the same approach.

Cllr Clare Salier, Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “For many years Wandsworth has built new council homes through its Hidden Homes programme on under-used plots of land, an approach which other local authorities have since taken up.

"However, we recognise that we need to do more to provide local homes and have tasked officers not just to deliver the 1,000 homes in the pipeline but to identify other sites where homes for rent and for sale, prioritised for local residents and workers, can be built.”   

More about Wandsworth Council and housebuilding: 

  • More than 3,000 new homes for shared ownership, social renting, low cost rent, market rent and for sale are to be built by the council and partners at two major estate regeneration schemes in Battersea and Roehampton which guarantee newly built homes for all council tenants, leaseholders and freeholders on their estates
  • Cllr Ravi Govindia, Leader of Wandsworth Council, is a member of the Mayor of London’s Homes for Londoners Board
  • Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, referred to Wandsworth Council as afantastic example’ of local authority housebuilding during the Mayor’s Question Time of 19 October, 2016

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This is something which is more than well needed and has been for a really long time, a few is still better than none IMO. More importantly, is a hat career opportunities will arise for the locals who want to get into contruction trades through NVQs? Like myself? I have been registered with Workmatch for coming up to three years now, and I have never been offered work? I have been a labourer for 10 years, yet doesn't mean much without certificates these days, but being 28 I am just stuck.

13 November 2017

Its hard to even get a council house as there are to many people applying and even if you have one its hard finding a move into a new house, that why you have to use a council house exchange website like if you own a council house which lets you find council house swaps with other council house tenants around the uk

18 October 2017