There’s still time for businesses to Think Pink and save money

Published: Friday 22nd September 17

Wandsworth businesses can still claim a discount on their business rates as the council’s Pink Envelope campaign continues.

The council has sent out hundreds of pink envelopes containing a simple application form urging them to apply for a share of the funds made available by the government to help those businesses who suffered an increase in the 2017 business rates revaluation.

If your business received a pink envelope you still have time to submit your form so do not delay. If you did not receive one, but you think you may be eligible, get in touch as soon as possible.

Business rates are set by national government, not by local councils. The revaluation relief scheme helps protect vulnerable local firms from an increase in their business rates bill. The amount each trader can claim back will vary.

The council’s business spokesman Cllr Kim Caddy said: “Look out for your pink envelope, which you should have already received and be sure to fill in the form and send it back. You could save money on your business rates.”

 If you haven’t received a pink envelope but think your business might be eligible, call (020) 7378 5941 to speak to an advisor. You can also find out more about the revaluation relief scheme on the council’s website.

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