Crackdown on tenancy fraud saves £2.8million

Published: Thursday 14th September 17

Forty eight council and housing association homes have been recovered from tenancy fraudsters and let to people in genuine need during the past year, saving an estimated £2.8million in temporary accommodation costs.

Contact (020) 8871 8383 or email

A report to the council’s Audit Committee on 13 September outlines how 268 investigations have taken place in the preceding 12 months, with a further 82 continuing.

Tenancy fraud can take many forms, including unlawful sub-letting, retaining a council home while living elsewhere, or falsifying a claim for succession.

Cllr Clare Salier, Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “We won’t hesitate to take action against fraudsters who are not only depriving homeless and overcrowded households of a home, but who are also cheating other law-abiding, rent-paying tenants and Wandsworth taxpayers.”

The investigations were the result of joint working between the council, South London Legal Partnership and South West London Fraud Partnership.

The council rents out around 17,000 properties in Wandsworth. Each year thousands of spot checks are carried out to ensure that these flats are occupied by their legitimate tenants.

Anyone with information about council homes being sub-let or misused can report this to the South West London Fraud Partnership on (020) 8871 8383 or email

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Hopefully the homes will now go to people who really are desperate and in need of housing.
Maria Petinou

15 September 2017

Excellent work. Redouble the endeavour as a challenge to these despicable cheats

15 September 2017