A-level students celebrate as all Wandsworth schools report improved results

Published: Monday 21st August 17

Council education spokesperson Cllr Sarah McDermott has congratulated the borough’s students and teachers after every secondary school and college in Wandsworth recorded an improved set of A-level results this year.

Provisional figures show that 26.2% of all grades achieved were A* or A, up by 4.4% points on last year. The highest increases were seen at Saint John Bosco (+20% points) and Ark Putney (+16% points), with  Graveney the top performer with a third of all grades either A* or A.

Across all schools 78.2% of grades were between A* and C, up by 4.2% points from last year and ahead of the national average.  Saint John Bosco (+20%) and Ernest Bevin (+13%) made the biggest improvements on this measure and Harris Battersea is the top performer with 90% of all grades in the A* to C bracket  

Students taking Level 3 BTEC qualifications, a vocational alternative to A-Levels, also performed well this year with each school seeing at least 50% of grades at either Distinction or Distinction* (D or D*). Chestnut Grove was the stand out performer with 89% of grades recorded at D* or D.

Cllr McDermott said: “This is a fantastic set of results and my congratulations go to the extremely hard working students and teachers who made this possible. There have been improvements rights across the board and it’s great to see an inner London borough scoring ahead of the national average so consistently.”

Currently around 94% of Wandsworth’s secondary and primarily schools are rated good or outstanding by education watchdog OFSTED.  

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