Construction begins in Wandsworth on Europe's tallest modular construction tower

Published: Tuesday 8th November 16

Wandsworth Council Leader Cllr Ravi Govindia kicked off construction at an innovative affordable housing scheme by breaking the ground on site.

Pocket’s Mapleton Crescent development, a 26-storey, 89-home tower built entirely from modular units, is its first in Wandsworth and the fourth utilising the latest techniques in modular construction. Modular techniques see completed flats assembled in factories before being transported to sites and installed with cranes.

The use of modular construction on the site will shave around six months off the tower’s total build time and see the project completed in summer 2018. It is thought to be Europe's tallest such tower using modular construction.

The site in Wandsworth town centre will feature 53 affordable flats to be sold outright at a discount of at least 20% to first time buyers and 36 private flats. The development will also feature a communal roof terrace on the twenty fourth floor.

Pocket homes are built for singles and couples with an average household income of around £37,000. 

Cllr Govindia said:

“I’m delighted Pocket’s first Wandsworth-based housing development is now under way. These compact starter homes are a superb innovation and offer a new affordable housing option in the heart of Wandsworth town centre. I’m sure they will be a popular choice with local residents and we hope to see more schemes like this developed in the years ahead.

“The building’s design is equally impressive, particularly the green ceramic cladding system which will be another first for Wandsworth. The emphasis on creating such high quality communal areas is another welcome innovation.”

Pocket’s Chief Executive Marc Vlessing said:

“If we’re able to scale up modular construction it has the potential to help solve London’s housing crisis. Factory built modular homes are quicker to build than conventional buildings and result in significantly less disruption to local residents - with 60% fewer trucks coming to sites and 90% less waste.

“To increase the number of modular developments constructed we need to find ways to support SME builders who are able to respond to local need and build 100 to 200 homes at a time.”

Interested in affordable home ownership in Wandsworth? Find out more at and register with the council's home ownership team at

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John Stallworthy

9 March 2017

While I am happy to see that modular homes are being used as a very sensible and quick way to add extra housing, I have to point out than when I bought my present flat in the mid seventies, I was able to do so on a single primary school teacher's salary. It is sad for me to see that the definition of "affordable" has shifted to such a degree that key workers now have a greatly reduced chance of buying.
anthony bennett

17 November 2016