Fill in voter form to avoid a home visit

Published: Thursday 27th October 16

Households in Wandsworth that have not filled in their Household Enquiry Form will get a visit from council staff from this weekend to make sure they are registered to vote.

All households in the borough were sent the form in September.  This asks residents to confirm that the information held on the electoral register is correct at their address.

Non-responding households will be visited by an electoral services canvasser from this weekend.  The canvasser will collect the form from them or help them respond online or by phone or text.

If you have not yet responded to Electoral Services requests, do so now to prevent a visit. This will save council tax-payers’ money and ensure that every eligible resident is invited to register.

A by-election can be called at any time, meaning its always important that residents keep their voter registration up to date. 

Registering to vote means you can have your say in local and national elections, while being on the electoral register can also improve your credit score.  British, Irish, Commonwealth and European Union citizens can register.

Residents with queries or questions can visit for more information.

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I did not receive a household enquiry form . I am moving from this property on the 28th of February as I can no longer stay in this property due to the landlord increasing the rent.Hopefully I will stay in the Wandsworth borough ,but I do not as yet have a forwarding address. I shall contact you as soon as I have . I hope this is satisfactory . I have been voting so I think that you do have my details . Kind Regards Ruth Pearson
Ruth Pearson

19 February 2017

i have two properties and stay at one of the properties rarely, i am registred at the other property. Do i need to still put my name on the other property as no one is in this property at the moment. If so can you please send me an household enquiry form and I will send this information to you.
sandra da costa

24 November 2016

I've not received a household enquiry form. As I don't vote, do I still need to complete this? If so, please send me a form.
Anna Wallace

22 November 2016

I have received a calling card but have not ever received a Household Enquiry Form. Please email me to obtain my address to send me another form. Many thanks.
Joanne Whitehand

22 November 2016

We have not received the household enquiry form stated in the card left on the pavement outside our house. Could you please send us the form to the above address. Thank you.

21 November 2016

We have not received the household enquiry form that is referred to in the card posted by the Electoral Registeration Canvasser and on this webpage. Please kindly send one to the house address.
Katie Bell

17 November 2016

I cannot locate my household inquiry form; might you please post me a new one.

15 November 2016

I have not received the Household Enquiry form,
Amanda Edwards

10 November 2016

I did not receive a form could you please e mail or send me one
Lee Ann

8 November 2016

Keep me informed of what's happening in the area
Alan Baxter

31 October 2016

I cannot find my electoral house form, please send me a new on
Samuel Comeridge

30 October 2016

I cannot find my electoral house form please send me a new one
melody dudeney

28 October 2016