Have your say on Leader’s Gardens revival plan

Published: Wednesday 26th October 16

Putney residents are invited to have their say on a £125,000 plan to rejuvenate Leader’s Gardens and create a new natural play area for local children.

Drop-in sessions will be held at the park this Thursday to showcase the council’s proposals and to invite feedback (event details below). 

The new ‘natural play garden’ would be built into the landscape and feature mounds, bridges, a dry river bed, a bug hotel, log stepping stones and a balance wall. Shrubs, grasses and scented plants would be used to create natural barriers dividing the garden into different play zones. 

The upgrade project would also see the grassed area next to the Beverly Brook improved with new buggy-friendly pathways and new seats and tables where families can stop and picnic. The space could also be replanted with hardy, shade-tolerant grass and the tree canopy thinned out so it becomes a lighter and more usable space all year round. 

The £125,000 project would be funded through the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL), a tax the council raises on development sites to pay for upgrade projects in the surrounding area. 

Cllr Jonathan Cook, councils parks spokesman, said: 

"This project would give local children a much more existing and varied play area, as well as creating a much improved open space where everyone can come to relax and enjoy the outdoors. 

“The other natural play areas we’ve installed in Wandsworth have proved extremely popular with local families and I hope parents will come and see these plans for themselves.” 

To have your say on the plans come along to the information drop-in sessions:

When: Thursday 27 October between 10am to 12noon, 12.30 to 2.30pm or 3 to 5pm

Where: Leaders Gardens

Officers from Wandsworth Council’s parks contractor, Enable Leisure and Culture, will be there to explain the plans, answer questions and collect feedback. 

You can also download a summary of the plan  and submit your feedback by email to skemp@wandsworth.gov.uk

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Recent comments

Is this really the best use of public funds? Have you consulted people who use the park every day? I take my little dog their come rain or shine and regularly meet others who do the same. There are already two fenced play areas and tennis courts in this park. This is the only local park for many of us in the neighbourhood, currently it caters for children, families and dogs but these plans seem to be for the benefit of families with children at the expense of those who exercise dogs and picnic here.
Putney Local

7 November 2016

I am wondering if existing park users have been consulted on these new plans and what provision will be given to those who exercise their dogs in the same space.
Paula Walker

28 October 2016

It would be a really good idea if lots of children were asked what sort of play area they would like,
susan lofthouse

28 October 2016

The Park is lovely as it is. Perhaps the money would be better spent installing some public lavatories to stop the area near Beverley Brook being used for that purpose? Or some bins along the towpath so dog owners can pick up after their dogs?
L Wright

28 October 2016

There is nothing wrong with Leaders garden,this another scheme to waste local residents council tax. Who dreams up these ideas?
Tom Brehony

28 October 2016