New car club comes to Wandsworth

Published: Friday 30th October 15

This month, Co-wheels Car Club, a social enterprise and the UK’s largest independent operator of its kind, has landed in Wandsworth.

Co-wheels members will now have access to the car sharing scheme and 10 low emission vehicles across Wandsworth, with additional bays in new locations planned for 2016. 

Co-wheels arrives in the Brighter Borough.

New members can join for free for a limited time (usually £25), and no annual membership fees. To claim your code for free membership, go to:

The new cars will predominantly be low emission Toyota Aygos, with Yaris hybrids also available from dedicated parking bays in Wandsworth: 

  • Ringford Road, Wandsworth Town
  • Haldon Road, Wandsworht Town
  • Crockerton Road, Tooting
  • Langroyd Road, Tooting
  • Holroyd Road, Putney
  • Norroy Road, Putney
  • Earldom Road, Putney
  • Lacy Road, Putney
  • Roskell Rd, Putney

An additional bay will be coming shortly in 2015.

Wandsworth Council has been supporting the growth of car clubs for the last eight years by providing dedicated on-street parking bays across the borough. They help to reduce parking pressure by enabling people to give up personal car ownership.

The borough has the highest car club membership in London, helping to reduce congestion and pollution on local streets.

Co-wheels operate as a social enterprise and has a commitment to improving the environment with a fleet that is 40 per cent less polluting than the average public-owned car.

As a Community Interest Company, Co-wheels ploughs all of its profits back into expanding and improving the service, whilst keeping rates as low as possible for members

They operate in more than 50 locations including the Lake District, Shropshire, Norfolk, and Scotland. This means Wandsworth members can get on a train and have access to cars across the country.

Richard Falconer, Director at Co-wheels said:

“Our primary focus is to help our members to save money, reduce car ownership and create a cleaner environment by making lower impact transport options available to everyone.

Wandsworth Council’s transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said:

“We are delighted to welcome Co-wheels to the borough and I hope many of our residents will take advantage of their low emission, pay-as-you-go cars.  Wandsworth Council has been supporting the growth of car clubs since 2007 and we now have one of the highest take up rates in London. That means fewer cars on our streets, less congestion and less pollution.”

For more information, to find your nearest Co-wheels vehicle and register for membership, visit:

Find out about other car clubs in Wandsworth on the council’s website.

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I have lived in Acris Street for over 25 years and there has always been a shortage of parking spaces for residents. I am furious that a parking space has now been allocated to this Car Club company in Acris Street with no warning and with no consultation with the residents. All my neighbours feel the same and I look forward to hearing your comments on how you decided to put it in one of the most crowded of streets in the area.
Mari Taylor

31 October 2015

Excellent idea. How low emission are they? Not Electric? That's what we really need.
susan lofthouse

30 October 2015