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Published: Thursday 27th August 15

The re-use service, which enables residents to have unwanted furniture, appliances and other items collected, refurbished and passed on to people who need them, has been improved.

Items such as fridges are refurbished

The service will be cheaper and easier to use following the signing of a partnership agreement between the council and the company Resco.

Re-use stops items being thrown away. Instead they are collected separately and made available at affordable prices to low-income households. Resco also runs a programme in which people in long-term unemployment are given training and experience in roles such as warehousing, deliveries and customer services. 

Under the new partnership agreement, the cost to residents of having their items collected has dropped from £21 to £16.50 for up to four items. Additional items will be collected for £7.50 each.  This now matches the cost of the council’s bulky waste collection service, so there is no longer any cost incentive to have items suitable for re-use collected for disposal.

You can request for a mix of any of the items below to be collected for re-use:

  • Home furniture including sofas, tables, chests of drawers and cupboards
  • Large appliances and white goods including fridges, washing machines and cookers
  • Small electricals: almost anything with a plug including TVs (flat screen only), audio and computer equipment, kettles and toasters
  • Textiles: curtains, carpets, bed linen, clothes
  • Bicycles
  • Children's equipment including prams, cots and toys
  • Garden tools and equipment including lawn mowers, forks, spades.
  • Beds (but not mattresses)

To be suitable for re-use, items do not have to be in full working order but they must be in good cosmetic condition.  Items that need refurbishment will be delivered to the Re:Work repair workshop in Smugglers Way, Wandsworth.

Resco is a business that aims to have a positive impact by providing placements in a real work environment.  

The council’s environment spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said:

“The re-use collection service has saved the council around £33,000 since it was launched in 2011.  Significantly reducing the cost of this service should ensure that even more perfectly good items are re-used rather than left out with the rubbish  – so saving council tax payers’ money on collection costs.

“By partnering up with Resco, we know that we are also helping to support a valuable employment and training scheme that gives long-term unemployed people valuable experience to help them back into the world of work.”

To book a collection, visit the website, or call (020) 3405 4859.

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Recent comments

Great scheme but surely if it were extended to collections from businesses it might prevent a lot of fly tipping or items going to landfill?
Susan Munn

2 September 2015

Yes - items can be taken directly to the Reuse centre at Smugglers Way.
Wandsworth Council

28 August 2015

This sounds like a very good scheme. It would be useful to know if it's possible to deliver such items to the collection site at Smuggler's Way personally rather than having them picked up.
Richard Balcer

28 August 2015