Young people enjoying Surrey Lane’s new astroturf pitch

Published: Friday 30th January 15

Teenagers and young people on Battersea’s Surrey Lane estate are able to show off their footballing skills on a brand new £30,000 floodlit astroturf pitch.

The estate’s previous tarmac covered ball games area near Macey House was recently upgraded so that young people have a better and safer surface to play on.

And with the introduction of floodlighting, the young people can use the new sport facility for extended periods after the school day has ended.

Staff in the council’s youth service will also shortly be offering football coaching sessions every Thursday to young people in the area. The sessions are due to start in April when the weather is a bit warmer and teenagers are more likely to attend.

Wandsworth’s cabinet member for housing Cllr Paul Ellis said: “Young people on the estate are making really good use of this astroturf pitch and its offering them a great place to have fun with their friends, keep fit and let off steam after school.

“The new playing surface is a vast improvement on the previous tarmac covered pitch and the floodlights mean it can be used much more widely all year round.”

“When the weather improves a bit we will be arranging coaching sessions so that we can offer teenagers some structured activities and help them improve their game.”

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Recent comments

With this new astroturf and many that can be built in urban areas is it worth destroying open green space and parks like Falcon Park that other people who are too old to play football can enjoy !
Philip Kombos

16 April 2015

Sounds like a fantastic resource. Hopefully this helps meet the demand for football facilities so that other green spaces aren't taken away from the wider community.
Andrew Mecham

15 April 2015

Now that this green space has been given over to football pitches, can we please leave the others alone? Falcon Park is a natural community centre and one of the best little parks in London. And now it turns out that it, too, is to be torn up and turned into a football pitch. Seriously? When will enough be enough? Please leave this open green spaces alone!
Tara Westover

15 April 2015