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Published: Friday 28th November 14

Older people are being urged to renew their Freedom Passes with London Councils.


Renew your pass with London Councils, not Wandsworth Council

People across Wandsworth whose Freedom Passes expire on March 31 next year have begun to receive a letter from London Councils explaining how to renew them.

There are 26,035 people in Wandsworth with a Freedom Pass. Of these, less than ten per cent have been renewed so far.

The Freedom Pass allows older adults to travel on public transport for free across the capital – as well as on local bus services throughout England at certain times – and is Europe’s most comprehensive free travel scheme.

Pass holders are being encouraged to renew online, which is a straightforward process and only takes a few minutes. Anyone who is unable to renew online can return the completed form enclosed with their letter by post to London Councils.

Please note, Freedom Passes for Older Persons are renewed by London Councils only. They cannot be renewed by the council, or at the Post Office. Anyone calling the council or visiting the town hall will be directed back to the online method.

Anyone whose older person’s pass expires on March 31 next year is entitled to a new one, provided they still live in London. Wait for your letter to arrive and then follow the instructions.

New passes can be used as soon as they arrive, there’s no need to wait for the old ones to expire. You should destroy the old pass when your new one arrives.

Only older people’s freedom passes are renewed in this way by London Councils. Disabled people’s passes are still renewed by the council.

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Recent comments

My Freedom Pass is due for renewal on March 31st. I have changed address within Wandsworth since my first Pass was issued. I have amended my address on the Electoral Roll but will the Council pick that up and post the Freedom Pass renewal letter to my new address? If not, how do I inform them?
Rob Taylor

24 February 2015

I received a renewal applcation for my freedom pass (disabled) back in November, I believe. I filled in in promptly and accordingly and personally delivered it to the reception at Wandsworth Town Hall. They gave me NO receipt. Can you please confirm that you received my application?
anthony fontain

27 January 2015

My disabled freedom pass was cancelled over a week ago. I received a letter just before the Christmas break ( then I was away for two weeks),informing me that it expired in March 2015... When in fact on the card it is written March 2018. On contacting the London council I was told this was obviously an error and my pass would still be active! I've just located the letter from WW again and there is no deadline to return date mentioned. How come mine was cancelled, but notices are still appearing on bus displays asking people to renew? A really poorly organised process. Now I have to start again...which will take '5 working days' . I very much doubt that. WW should disability is for why the need for prof again??

18 January 2015

great to have one,saves using a car. Is there anything being done about St phillips Church,it's getting out of hand,plus parking etc.
raymond john reding

12 December 2014

Is it possible that fewer than 10% have renewed so far because the other 90% have not yet received a letter? I am one of those 90% plus.
susan ekins

4 December 2014

I think you mean 'Of these, FEWER than ten per cent have been renewed so far'.
Micky Gwilliam

28 November 2014