Half price parking for Tooting to stay

Published: Thursday 25th September 14

Shoppers heading to Tooting town centre will continue to enjoy half price parking on a permanent basis if a pilot scheme to boost local businesses is extended by councillors.

Last year the town hall agreed a pilot scheme that slashed the cost of hourly parking in a key network of town centre streets from £2.30 to £1.10.

Now councillors are being urged to make the discount permanent.

The move comes in response to pleas from business leaders in Tooting who have asked for cheaper parking charges in order to attract more shoppers and boost the local economy.

The roads where half price parking for visitors will be made permanent if councillors endorse the move include parts of Blakenham Road, Eswyn Road, Gassiot Road, Chasefield Road, Cowick Road, Coteford Street and Lessingham Avenue.

Detailed surveys have shown there is enough spare parking capacity in these roads to ensure that local residents who wish to park near their homes should not be adversely affected.

Transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “We want to do all we can to support local business and attract more shoppers to the town centre.

“We have listened very carefully to the case put forward by Tooting’s business community and as a result we are proposing that this discount on parking remains in place for this network of town centre streets.

“We want to make this halving of parking costs for shoppers permanent and we certainly hope that this will encourage more people to visit Tooting and that this benefits local businesses.

“We are also satisfied that these changes can be accommodated without causing any undue parking problems for residents of these streets. We would not have been able to support this change if they were going to suffer any parking problems.”

Councillors on the community services overview and scrutiny committee will asked to back the proposals at their meeting tonight (Thursday).  

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Recent comments

I reside in one of the affected roads and pay for the outrageous residents parking permit, what is this detailed report? no one has asked us the residents!! I wonder how many of the shopkeepers live in the area, or even pay for the correct business parking permit??. With more mad shoppers speeding along our narrow roads a serious accident is just waiting to happen. Another example of Wandsworth not consulting with the people who live in the area, but always standing up for their business friends.
Peter Gilbert

1 October 2014

Why are the Council playing about with this,make the parking £1 an hour and be done with it!
Paul Taborn

27 September 2014

The scheme of discounted parking is very good to give boost to economy and reduce burden of taxes on the public,and they can have more time of pleasure to do shopping and eat out that is mostly on week ends and during week the inflow of vehicles is not much as most of the residents take their automobiles with them for their work, so it hardly effects the parking rights of the residents. This scheme should be made permanent.

27 September 2014

These businesses have no concern of the impact on the residents and they are only motivated by greed and serving their own community!! They open 7days a week for more than 12 hours a day!! The surrounding roads are bedlam and the filth created by the numerous fastfood/grocers shops is having a direct impact on the residents!! We need to discourage more shoppers and have our neighbourhood returned to us!! Many of the visitors couldn't give a damn about the congestion and the mess left behind because they don't have to live here!! I take it this is not being proposed in balham which has the right balance between encouraging shoppers and looking out for the needs of the residents!! Parking for residents should be halved instead.

26 September 2014

That link shortened: http://goo.gl/FmvFHK as it's apparently too long for the site.

26 September 2014

Any councillor looking at parking charges should ensure that they have read this pubilcation from London Councils - http://www.londoncouncils.gov.uk/policylobbying/transport/parkinginlondon/parkingurban.htm I suspect that they didn't before they voted this time, but would hope that they will beofre they do again. Especially as residents of Wandsworth contributed to the cost of writing the report.

26 September 2014

Insane. I'm not sure who's conducting these 'detailed surveys', but if you come to Eswyn Road on a Saturday or Sunday, you'll soon see that local residents can't park near their homes. And why encourage the use of cars in narrow streets in are a area well served by public transport (a Tube station and seven or eight bus routes). This is an ill-thought-out policy that places the knee-jerk considerations of local businesses above those of local residents. If you are going to go ahead with this, the least you could do is make the streets one way and paint actual bays, so drivers are forced to park in a space, rather than selfishly taking up the space of two cars through poor parking.
Craig Thomas

25 September 2014