Docking stations in Battersea as cycle hire draws closer

Published: Wednesday 30th October 13

Barclays Cycle Hire docking stations have now been installed opposite Battersea Power Station and at dozens of other locations across the north of Wandsworth.

Thessaly Road Boris Bikes webMayor of Wandsworth Cllr Angela Graham said the scheme will give London’s tourists another convenient way to visit the borough’s top attractions.  

Around 60 docking stations will be installed in total across parts of Battersea, Wandsworth Town and Putney. They will not be operational until the end of the year.

Cllr Graham said: “It’s great to see a docking station outside our most famous landmark. It won’t be long before the popular blue bikes are available here and right across the north of our borough.

“They will be a great way for local people to get around and will help us attract more visitors south of the river. Boris Bikes are popular with sightseers but the existing zone ends just short of our borough boundary so we’ve been missing out of some of these high spending visitors. But that will soon change!”

Cllr Russell King, Wandsworth Council transport spokesman, said:  

“This rollout will bring some of Wandsworth’s best attractions within the Boris Bike zone including Battersea Park and the Putney Embankment.  

“It’s also a valuable addition to our transport network as we have to improve and develop every travel option if we are to stave-off a capacity crunch. Cycle hire can carry some of the weight and offers a great alternative for short journeys. In many cases is quicker and cheaper than cars or traditional public transport.”

Wandsworth Council fought hard to secure the extension to the existing cycle hire zone and councillors aim to increase the scheme's coverage further in the years ahead.  

Bringing the bike sharing scheme to Wandsworth is a central aim of the council's Travel Choices campaign which is focused on improving the range and quality of local transport services.

For a list of the approved docking station sites in Wandsworth visit

For more information on the council's transport plans visit

Find out more about the Barclays Cycle Hire scheme at

The picture shows Cllr Graham at the newly installed docking station on the Savona Estate, Nine Elms opposite Battersea Power Station.


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Recent comments

The current roll-out timescales are a little vague. Would it be possible for the council to alert residents (via your weekly email perhaps) as and when particular docking stations become operational?

4 November 2013

Agree, pity the council couldn't be bothered to consultant residents first. Instead they use up 5 parking spaces, which are like gold dust in Wandsworth, with something that won't be utilised until the end of the year. Instead of putting the docking stations in a more convient location for tourists and residents i.e. near the Wandsworth Town Station, the council decided to place them in the most absurd location behind B&Q out of site. I wil be very surprised if they will even be utilised in this location. All you have done is waste time (due to the location) and use up valuable parking. I don't see the residents who have purchased parking permits getting any compensation as they now have to fight more than ever for parking!

1 November 2013

The Council deserves credit for steadfastly supporting this project. I hope that we will now see an increase in 20 mph zones and segregated/semi-segregated cycle lanes. The mini-motorway next to Wandsworth Prison could have a lane given to improve safe cycling pretty easily. Cycling is very popular in Wandsworth, but we must keep improving infrastructure to meet demand and improve safety (as yesterday's collision on Trinity Road illustrates). Even if you don't cycle, you benefit from cleaner air, less traffic / congestion on public transport if more people do it. Looking forward to seeing even more cyclists in Wandsworth. Thanks again for bringing this great scheme to our 'Brighter Borough'!
Simon Shields

31 October 2013

Pity the council couldn't be bothered to consult those who lived right next door to the sites.
battersea resident

30 October 2013