Two suspects targeted in flytipping crackdown

Published: Tuesday 29th October 13

Two new wanted posters are about to be put up in Tooting as the council continues its crackdown on flytipping.

The two posters feature different suspects that waste enforcement officers want to speak to following reports that bags of rubbish and an unwanted mattress had been dumped in the street in Selkirk Road , off Tooting High Street, on October 3.

Officers reviewed CCTV footage and are now publishing images of the suspected flytippers on wanted posters in the hope that members of the public will come forward with information about the offences.Flytip Selkirk Road PR

The council is using posters like this when it has footage or pictures of a suspected flytipper, but is unable to identify them.

Councillor Jonathan Cook, the borough’s environment spokesman, said: “It is outrageous that people think they can treat our streets like a dumping ground.

“Those responsible deserve to be punished – but to be able to track them down we need the public’s help.

“If you recognise the people pictured on these posters do get in touch with our enforcement team – your call will be treated in confidence and it will help send a strong message that flytipping will not be tolerated.”

The new approach to catching flytippers is designed to support the council’s Cleaner Wandsworth campaign, which features a variety of services and initiatives designed to ensure the borough's streets are among the cleanest and tidiest in the capital.

The council will look to use CCTV to combat persistent incidents of flytipping in a particular location or catch those responsible for significant incidents where a large amount of rubbish has been flagrantly dumped in public.

The council will issue fixed penalty notices to people caught flytipping and can also prosecute flytippers if the offence is deemed serious enough. Figures for 2012/2013 revealed there were eight prosecutions in Wandsworth for flytipping.

Members of the public are reminded that, if they witness a flytip, they can help catch offenders by noting their description, time, location and if their whereabouts is known.

You can find out more about flytipping online, including how to report it quickly and easily on the go via your smartphone.

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Fly tippers, especially regular commercial offenders do need to be held to account. Sadly, the Council's contractors are far from perfect when it comes to (not) emptying residential bins-if you leave waste in small bags, they don't take it. If you put something like a sofa cushion in there, they leave it too. By being more flexible in rubbish collections some of these problems would not not happen. Luckily, I can drive to the tip if I need to, but us drivers are a minority in Wandsworth now. Many low income families cannot afford the bulky items fee-perhaps there should be a discount for those on benefits / tax credits? The free collections for disabled people are great though and much appreciated by many.
Simon S

7 November 2013