Housing and care homes

Housing is a personal thing. What's right for one person might not be right for another. If it's difficult to manage living at home, there are ways you can get help. There are lots of possibilities to explore here and many places you can get advice and more information from.


For many people, getting a little extra support helps them to stay living independently at home. You can find out more in care and support. For some people, sheltered housing, supported housing or extra care housing can be good choices that can help them stay as independent as possible.


If it's too difficult to manage living independently, some people feel they need to move to a care home to get the specialist help they need. A care home is a place to live that also offers personal care services to the people living in the home. 


Housing and care homes

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You can call or email our Access Team who can help find what you want from the Adult Care Information Service. If you have any other special requirements or needs, please contact us.