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Employing a personal assistant – toolkit

DescriptionThis is a free toolkit and guide from Skills for Care about employing personal assistants to meet your care needs. Many people now employ personal assistants (PAs) to provide care and support for themselves or someone they care for.

If you are thinking of employing a PA for your care and support, you may find this toolkit useful. The toolkit will help guide you through the process of employing a personal assistant and what to do when they are working for you. It will also help you to understand your responsibilities as an employer and your legal obligations. It covers these six topics:

- Benefits of employing a personal assistant
- Recruiting a personal assistant
- Before your personal assistant starts
- Managing your personal assistant
- Training and qualifications
- Sorting out problems

The toolkit also includes templates, such as sample letters, job descriptions, contracts of employment, check lists and many more useful documents. You can view the toolkit as an interactive website, you can download it, or you can order a copy from Skills for Care. Skills for Care is an independent registered charity. Visit their website for further information about the charity and its work.

Visit the 'employing personal assistants' toolkit online:

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Record last updated: 25 January 2017