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Aid for the Aged in Distress (AFTAID)

9 Bonhill Street,
PostcodeEC2A 4PE
DescriptionThis registered charity provides emergency grants to help elderly people in need or distress. Aid for the Aged in Distress (AFTAID) can offer grants for nearly anything that removes the hardship from day-to-day life. For example, a grant could be for heating or boiler repairs, bedding, clothing, cookers, carpets, house cleaning, repairs, telephones, equipment and many other things.

They may also be able to help carers with a grant, if they meet the charity's criteria.

You can apply online or by contacting AFTAID. You will need to include written support from a health or care professional that is aware of the situation, such as a doctor or social worker.

Visit the AFTAID website

Telephone number0870 803 1950
EligibilityTo qualify for a grant you must usually be:

- at least 65 years of age
- a UK citizen, residing in the UK
- on a lower income and have minimal savings

Please note AFTAID do not make grants for on-going or retrospective payments, nor can they consider repayment of debts.

Record last updated: 01 March 2017