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Coordinate my care

DescriptionCoordinate My Care is an NHS clinical service sharing information between your healthcare providers, coordinating care, and recording wishes of how you would like to be cared for.
Coordinate My Care allows healthcare professionals to electronically record patient's wishes and ensures their personalised urgent care plan is available 24/7 to all those who care for them.
It can be accessed by your GP, community nurses, hospital team, out-of-hours doctors, specialist nurses, London Ambulance Service and NHS 111 (NHS 111 is the unscheduled emergency telephone number that operates day and night). If you need help, the doctors and nurses caring for you either in the community or in the hospital will be able to access the clinical and personal information about you and know what care they should deliver to you.

Coordinate My Care gives you an opportunity for you to record your decisions and expressed wishes about your care. This information will be available to all legitimate professionals who are looking after you 24/7. The fact that everyone can see your care plan and wishes will help to ensure that any care you receive is in line with what you’ve decided. You have complete choice whether or not to participate.

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Telephone number020 7811 8513

Record last updated: 02 March 2017