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General Medical Council

AddressRegent's Place,
350 Euston Road,
PostcodeNW1 3JN
DescriptionThe General Medical Council (GMC) registers doctors to practise in the UK and has the power to either issue a warning to a doctor, remove the doctor from the register, suspend or place conditions on a doctor's registration. If a patient wishes to complain about a doctor the GMC will investigate complaints to see if the doctor is putting patients at risk.

Most complaints are dealt with locally at the place where you received care, such as a clinic, GP practice or hospital. The GMC only deals with the most serious complaints. Situations where a doctor poses a risk to patients would indicate an immediate need for GMC involvement.

If you think your doctor is not fit to practise or may be a risk to patients, you can contact the GMC. If you are not sure whether you should make a complaint, it may be helpful to discuss your concerns with the GMC by telephoning. Calls are confidential and the GMC can advise you what to do.

Visit the GMC website

Telephone number0161 923 6602

Record last updated: 25 January 2017