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Blind Veterans UK

AddressBlind Veterans UK,
12-14 Harcourt Street,
PostcodeW1H 4HD
DescriptionBlind Veterans UK is a charity that offers lifelong practical and emotional support to veterans of the Armed Forces and National Service now living with significant sight loss. This is regardless of where they served or how they lost their sight. The charity enables these veterans to live independently and to discover life beyond sight loss by providing various services such as:

• Help veterans to relearn the vital life’s skills and provide them with tools they need to be independent in their own homes. These services are offered through their well trained regional welfare officers.
• Offer new learning, training and recreation opportunities
• Provide long term nursing, residential and respite care at their facilities which are based in Brighton, Llandudno and Sheffield.

Visit Blind Veterans UK for further information.

Telephone number0800 389 7979 or 020 7723 5021 (London office)
Eligibility1) Military service
They need to have served in either:
The UK regular Armed Forces, including the UK reserve Armed Forces or National Service.
As a reservist, they need to have either:
• completed at least one year's satisfactory service after training (qualified for bounty) or less time if blinded on duty
• served during WW2 in the Merchant Navy, or in Polish/Indian forces under British command

2) Sight loss criteria
Need to have visual acuities in both eyes which are equal to (or worse than) 6/60 or counting fingers.
CostsFree of charge.

Record last updated: 24 August 2016