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Adult social care factsheets

DescriptionWe provide a range of factsheets about adult social care to help people understand care and support in Wandsworth and to explain what help the council may be able to provide. View or download the factsheets by visiting the web page below.
From April 2015, we have new factsheets that explain how care and support works now, after the introduction of a set of new laws called the Care Act. The following new factsheets are currently available and others will become available soon:

- FS 1. Independent advocacy support
- FS 2. Who qualifies for help?

- FS 5. Stop adult abuse - safeguarding adults
- FS 6. Support for carers

- FS 12. Care and Support - what's next? (explains personal budgets)

- FS 17. Reviewing your care needs

- FS 20. People in prison with care and support needs

Our old factsheets that explain how things worked before April 2015 are also still available online for information.

Download or view the factsheets

Record last updated: 08 April 2015