Home care services

Home care services

Home care services can help with cleaning and household tasks, as well as personal care. Help with personal care can include support with dressing, washing and bathing.

Home care services must be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) if they offer personal care services. Before choosing a care agency you should check they are registered. You may also want to know how much they charge and what services they offer. The UK Home Care Association also has details of care agencies which have chosen to be a member of their association.

You will find many home care agencies listed below as well as places to get more information, like the Care Quality Commission, which regulates and checks care services. NHS Choices provides information on every registered home care provider in England. Visit the NHS Choices website to find a home care agency, view ratings and reviews about their services, or add a rating or review.


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  • Carer's Register

    Telephone: 0800 061 4924

    Description: Carers Register is an online service that lists local carers for elderly care and disability one to one care.

  • HomeTouch

    Telephone: 020 7148 6746

    Description: HomeTouch will help you to find home carers.