Going into or leaving hospital

Going into or leaving hospital

If you are going into or leaving hospital there are services to help. If it's difficult to get to hospital because of a mobility problem, most hospitals have a patient transport service. For other people who can't afford the cost of the journey, the hospital may pay you back the cost of the journey if you're on a low income. Some hospitals have a patient support service, for people who need a bit of extra help while they are visiting hospital for an appointment.

When leaving hospital, care or support should normally be planned and arranged with you if you need it after leaving. But there are also other services that can help as well, such as Age UK's Home from Hospital Service. Find out more about how we may be able to help if you might need help to manage when you return home from hospital:

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  • The Haven

    The Haven, Effie Road, London , SW6 1TB

    Telephone: 020 7384 0099

    Description: The Haven is a national charity that offers breast cancer care and support which is designed for the individual.