Residential and nursing care homes

Residential and nursing care homes

A care home is a place to live that also offers personal care services to the people living in the home. For many people, getting a little extra support helps them to stay living independently at home. You might like to look in the care and support area if you're looking for a little extra help.

For some people, sheltered housing or supported housing can be good choices that can help them stay as independent as possible. If it's too difficult to manage living independently, some people feel they need to move to a care home to get the specialist help they need. If you feel that a care home is the best option, there are two main types of home that you could look at: 

  • Residential care homes offer a place to live and personal care services, including meals 
  • Nursing care homes offer nursing care services as well as a place to live and personal care services 

You can find many care homes and nursing homes in the list below as well as places to get more information, like the Care Quality Commission, which regulates and checks care services. NHS Choices provides information on every registered care home in England. Visit the NHS Choices website to find a care home, view ratings and reviews, or add a rating or review about a home.

Finding and paying for residential care

Read more about finding a care home and paying for residential care to find out when the council may be able to help, the different options, and important things to think about. For more information and impartial guidance about finding and paying for a care home and what you might need to consider, you could start with:

care and support

13 Records in Residential and nursing care homes filtered by Location "SW17".

  • Elwin Lodge - Care Homes

    58 Fishponds Road Tooting London, SW17 7LG

    Telephone: 020 8767 9678

    Description: Elwin Lodge is a small care home with space for two people with learning or physical disabilities.

  • Heritage Care Centre - Nursing Care Homes

    30 Gearing Close, London, SW17 6DJ

    Telephone: 020 8682 9050

    Description: This is a purpose-built care home with nursing for 72 residents, including older people (37 places) and people with dementia (35 places).

  • Laetus Lodge - Care Homes

    171A Tooting High Street, Tooting, London, SW17 0SZ

    Telephone: 020 8672 0240

    Description: This is a care home with places for 8 men or women with learning disabilities.

  • Ronald Gibson House - Nursing Care Homes

    236 Burntwood Lane, Tooting, London, SW17 0AN

    Telephone: 020 8877 9998

    Description: This is a care home with nursing for older people, people with dementia (over 65 years old), and people with learning disabilities.

  • Rosedene - Nursing Care Homes

    141-147 Trinity Road, London, SW17 7HJ

    Telephone: 020 8672 7969

    Description: This is a care home with nursing for 60 residents (no specific service user groups or allocation).

  • SignHealth Longley Road - Care Homes

    89 Longley Road, London, SW17 9LD

    Telephone: 020 8767 9933

    Description: This is a care home that offers accommodation for six Deaf or hard of hearing adults who have a mental health need.

  • Southview Close - Care Homes

    1 Southview Close, Rectory Lane, London, SW17 9TU

    Telephone: 020 8682 3312

    Description: This is a care home for 12 residents with a learning disability, 3 of whom may also be elderly.

  • Therese Care Home - Care Homes

    144 Gassiot Road, Tooting, London, SW17 8LE

    Telephone: 020 8767 5407

    Description: This is a care home for 3 residents with past or present mental health needs.

  • Totterdown Street - Care Homes

    21 Totterdown Street, London, SW17 8TB

    Telephone: 020 8672 0240

    Description: This is a care home for 2 residents with a learning disability.

  • Trevelyan Road - Care Homes

    140 Trevelyan Road, London, SW17 9LW

    Telephone: 020 8672 9977

    Description: This is a care home for 4 residents with mental health needs, excluding learning disability or dementia.