Residential and nursing care homes

Residential and nursing care homes

A care home is a place to live that also offers personal care services to the people living in the home. For many people, getting a little extra support helps them to stay living independently at home. You might like to look in the care and support area if you're looking for a little extra help.

For some people, sheltered housing or supported housing can be good choices that can help them stay as independent as possible. If it's too difficult to manage living independently, some people feel they need to move to a care home to get the specialist help they need. If you feel that a care home is the best option, there are two main types of home that you could look at: 

  • Residential care homes offer a place to live and personal care services, including meals 
  • Nursing care homes offer nursing care services as well as a place to live and personal care services 

You can find many care homes and nursing homes in the list below as well as places to get more information, like the Care Quality Commission, which regulates and checks care services. NHS Choices provides information on every registered care home in England. Visit the NHS Choices website to find a care home, view ratings and reviews, or add a rating or review about a home.

Finding and paying for residential care

Read more about finding a care home and paying for residential care to find out when the council may be able to help, the different options, and important things to think about. For more information and impartial guidance about finding and paying for a care home and what you might need to consider, you could start with:

care and support

7 Records in Residential and nursing care homes filtered by Location "SW15".

  • Arabella Drive - Care Homes

    185 Arabella Drive Roehampton London, SW15 5LH

    Telephone: 020 8876 6681

    Description: Arabella Drive is a mixed gender home with facilities for 8 people and a self contained flat for severe learning disabilities and autism.

  • Ashmead Care Centre - Care Homes

    201 Cortis Road, Putney, London, SW15 3AX

    Telephone: 020 8246 6430 / Head Office 01423 859859

    Description: Ashmead is a purpose built care home with nursing that also provides care for frail older people and people who may have dementia.

  • Duchesne House - Care Homes

    Aubyn Square, Roehampton Lane, London, SW15 5ND

    Telephone: 020 8878 8282

    Description: This is a care home for 22 older women, which provides personal care to sisters of the Society of the Sacred Heart religious order.

  • Laverstoke Gardens - Care Homes

    49 Laverstoke Gardens, Roehampton, London, SW15 4JB

    Telephone: 020 8246 6824

    Description: This is a care home with places for 7 men or women with learning disabilities.

  • Lyle House - Care Homes

    207 Arabella Drive, London, SW15 5LH

    Telephone: 020 8878 3806

    Description: This is a care home with 45 places for older people and people with dementia.

  • St Mary's Home - Care Homes

    High Street, Roehampton, London, SW15 4HJ

    Telephone: 020 8788 6186

    Description: St Mary's is a care home that provides residential care and support for adults with a learning disability.

  • The Pines - Nursing Care Homes

    104 West Hill, London, SW15 2UQ

    Telephone: 020 8877 1951

    Description: This is a care home with nursing for older people, people with dementia, and those with physical disabilities, and offers 42 places in total.