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Environment, culture and community safety

Household recycling rate

NI192: Household waste recycled, composted or reused

Our performance in brief

Wandsworth's rank in London: 28
Our previous rank in London: 29
London performance grade: D
Previous performance grade: D

Data period: Waste Indicators 2015/16
Last updated: March 2017
Data source: DEFRA

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Councillor Jonathan Cook, Cabinet Member for Community Services says…

Councillor Jonathan Cook, Cabinet Member for Community Services
Boroughs with a lower proportion of high rise properties and a lower ratio of purpose built flats, plus those that collect and compost large quantities of garden waste, along with those that provide separate food waste collections tend to score higher on this measure than boroughs like Wandsworth. Data covering 2014/15 published by WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) confirms that Wandsworth is in the top performance quartile for dry recycling when compared to other similar authorities. This measure does not include recyclable incinerated waste; if this was included, the Borough's recycling rate would increase to 45.3%.

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