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Council tenants buying their own home

Local - RTB: No. Right to buy sales

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Wandsworth's rank in London: 24
Our previous rank in London: 19
London performance grade: D
Previous performance grade: C

Data period: Annual Right to Buy Sales: 2015/16
Last updated: March 2017
Data source: DCLG

No data available for…

  • Bexley
  • Bromley
  • Merton
  • Richmond upon Thames

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Councillor Guy Senior, Cabinet Member for Finance and Corporate Resources says…

Councillor Guy  Senior, Cabinet Member for Finance and Corporate Resources
This form of home ownership is still popular amongst Wandsworth tenants with a total of 487 applications received in 2015/16 which is an increase compared to previous years. However, despite marketing and promotion of the scheme, completions have declined, in large part because of the high valuation prices and stricter lending criteria used by lenders. Other options have and are being explored to promote low cost homeownership - House Purchase Grant levels have increased and provide a viable alternative to the RTB. HPG take up is now at its highest for over 10 years. The Council has also launched a Part Right to Buy scheme to test interest in this form of purchase.

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