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Obesity amongst children in reception at primary school.

NI55b: Obesity among primary school age children in Reception Year - with height and weight recorded who are obese.

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Wandsworth's rank in London: 5
Our previous rank in London: 6
London performance grade: A
Previous performance grade: A

Data period: 2015-16
Last updated: January 2017
Data source: NHS Information Centre

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Councillor Mrs Sarah McDermott, Cabinet Member for Education and Children's Services says…

Councillor Mrs Sarah McDermott, Cabinet Member for Education and Children's Services
Wandsworth is doing well in comparison to other London boroughs, but this issue remains a challenge. We have restricted the opening of new fast food outlets near schools, are working with existing ones to improve the healthiness of the food they offer, and our school nurses and health visitors continue to work with schools and families to support healthier choices and lifestyles. 52 schools have been awarded the Soil Association gold award for good food, and we are now rolling out the Daily Mile, a physical activity initiative across primary schools. In addition to this prevention work, a range of weight management interventions are in place to encourage healthy lifestyles for overweight and obese children and young people from early childhood through to age 18.

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Hello - I'm the founder of The Daily Mile and would like to invite a Wandsworth Primary to send 10 Year 5 children to a free fun run round St. James' Park and The Mall in May. So far, Wandsworth is one of only 3 Boroughs who have no representative school at the event. I would be very keen to offer these places to a Wandsworth School who do The daily Mile. They can email me or phone for details 07402330678. Thank you for your help.
Elaine Wyllie, UK

14 March 2018