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Mortality rate for under 75s from all cancers.

NI122: Mortality rate from all cancers at ages under 75

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Wandsworth's rank in London: 19
Our previous rank in London: 22
London performance grade: C
Previous performance grade: C

Data period: 2010-2012
Last updated: December 2013
Data source: NHS Information Centre

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Councillor James Maddan, Cabinet Member for Adult Care Services and Health says…

Councillor James Maddan, Cabinet Member for Adult Care Services and Health
Over recent years the number of people dying prematurely from cancer in Wandsworth has been on the decline. However, there is still much more that can be done to lower the numbers yet further. The earlier cancer is caught, the greater the chance of survival, so we have conducted a cancer audit of family doctors in the borough as part of a review into how delays in diagnosis and treatment can be reduced. A tobacco control strategy has been implemented and ‘stop smoking’ services are provided in local GP practices, pharmacies, local acute and mental health hospitals and in community clinics. It is anticipated that this will reduce the prevalence of smoking in the population by three percentage points by 2015. We have also run a prevent cancer pop-up shop that raised awareness of the signs and symptoms of the disease and reinforced the message to local people that cancer is preventable. The council is also working closely with NHS England in reviewing screening services and identifying ways of improving the coverage and uptake of cancer screening programme.

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