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Adult Social Care and health

Occasions when people who are ready to be discharged from hospital are unable to do so

2Ci (NI131) : Average rate of delayed transfers of care from all hospitals, acute and non-acute per 100,000 aged 18+

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Wandsworth's rank in London: 3
Our previous rank in London: 7
London performance grade: A
Previous performance grade: A

Data period: 2015-16
Last updated: March 2017
Data source: ASCOF Publication

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Councillor Paul Ellis, Cabinet Member for Adult Care Services and Health says…

Councillor Paul  Ellis, Cabinet Member for Adult Care Services and Health
Wandsworth remains one of the best performing London boroughs for reducing delays in patients being discharged from hospital, otherwise known as ""bed blocking"". This high scoring performance has been sustained despite increased pressure across the health and social care system. Wandsworth has agreed a joint action plan with the CCG as part of the Better Care Fund to further improve performance levels.

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