Heathrow expansion and aircraft noise

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Please make it STOP. Noisy planes every 30 seconds all day. No respite. Extremely anxiety inducing. Planes so low I can read the airline name. It’s like a plane marathon. Horrendous.
Andrea Mason, London

10 May 2019

Increasing flight noise over past days - unbearable. Isn't there a change in the flight path?
Claudia, Wandsworth

7 May 2019

i am not sure what to say than in the last few months it became unbearable. I was used to it at the beginning but know it just get onto my nerves. Why these planes are flying so low over so dense area????
AICHA, Clapham Junction

2 May 2019

FULHAM Hello, I leave in Fulham and in the last couple of months the noise caused airplanes have become unbearable. Airplanes are flying over our building every 30-40 seconds from 5am to 11-11:30pm. Even though the flat was fitted with secondary windows the noise is so loud that is impossible to rest. The lack of sleep is causing me tremendous stress and affecting my heath with increase anxiety and inability to relax. I have logged in a complaint on Heathrow website.
Francesco Scano, London

29 April 2019

Flight paths over South West London have gradually become more concentrated over the past 6-7 years. It’s cunning as it requires no consultation and people do not notice until one day they do because it’s unbearable (but too late to do anything about it). Below 4,000 feet Heathrow is in charge of guiding planes: essentially they do what they want. You (we) have nobody to turn to; councils are powerless and regulators and politicians in bed wit h Heathrow. Unless there is a grass-root movement to oppose the third runway it might well go ahead. If it did, million more would suffer from extremely disturbing noise and pollution.
Esther, Wandsworth

27 April 2019

Noise all day........
Pablo Andres Banki, London

21 April 2019

We have lived in Raynes Park for over 25 years and the aircraft noise has never been as bad as this. Why has the flight been changed? And was there a consultation about this that we missed.
Debra, London

20 April 2019

So this absolute quiet bliss and break from plane arrivals for residents in Wandsworth and Putney comes to an end in 7 days or so. The only reason for the flight path change is due to Wind.. There's me thinking the 4.30am thunderous engines above Putney everyday was completely gone. Back to no sleep,stress and anxiety.
Will, Putney

12 April 2019

The noise is horrendous and I cannot sleep. Previously there were time restrictions on flying zones, and now after 10.05pm there are several planes low-flying, making a lot of noise directly over my house. Awful and a reduction in the human priority for the need of a restful sleep. People before profit please.
Judy, Tooting

11 April 2019

I live in wimbledon town, and even last night until 11pm the aircraft flight noise was very loud, i never remember it being like that until recently.
Anthony O'Leary, UK

9 April 2019

The plane noise here in furzedown, tooting tonight is incredibly loud and every 30 secs - have never noticed it like this before. Has there been a change in flight path this weekend?
holly whelan, Tooting

6 April 2019

Noise from low flying aircraft every 2 minutes over my house is driving me crazy, starts early in the morning until at least past midnight. What's going on? I've never heard this noise in my 17 years as a resident in Southfields/wimbledon park. I complained to Heathrow today and asked what's happening with the change in flight path
Sean, Southfields

4 April 2019

I too live near Clapham Common but on the Clapham Junction side. I have lived here ~12 years but yesterday was the worst day I can remember for aircraft noise. Started very early. A continuous stream of planes with barely a gap between them. Many very low. Last plane heard was about 11pm. Absolutely appalling. I would recommend people also complain directly to Heathrow Airport: https://www.heathrow.com/noise Quarterly "noise complaint reports" are available on the website and I was shocked so see how few noise complaints have been recorded in the available reports.
Robert Pocock, Clapham Junction

4 April 2019

I have just purchased my first flat, close to Clapham Common (Clapham old town). I used to live in Clapham South and could hear aircraft noise there, but this is another level of noise - begins at 4:30 am and have maximum 30seconds respite in between each plane flying very low overhead. The noise feels constant, unbearable and relentless. Is it so necessary to fly so low over such a heavily populated area?
Kate, London

3 April 2019

Please stop flights arriving at 4.30 am
Carole Reeves, Putney

2 April 2019

Please watch below link. Low flying aircraft noise between Lavender hill and Clapham common since last June is totally non sense and unbearable. As a full time mother of 3 children, I hear this cruel noise whole day and it will definitelt affect to the health of my family. https://youtu.be/JxwgwXLQyKk
Linda, Wandsworth

29 March 2019

The noise in Balham at the moment is unbelievable, it's just a constant series of planes going over our house, 1 every 45 seconds. It seems to have got a lot worse in 2019, even though Heathrow are stating nothing has changed, but I've lived here 5 years and never noticed it before. It starts waking us up at 4.45 and doesn't stop until way into the night.
Charlotte Sutton, Balham

26 March 2019

Why do aircraft fly so low in a residential area? The noise is without interruption and disturbs day and night, (around 2 aircrafts per minute, at low altitude). Is the council going to do something?
yves, Battersea

18 March 2019

Glad I found this thread, thought was going crazy. I’m near Fulham road, directly under the flight path. It’s almost 10pm, at least 2 jets are passing every minute, also seem lower than usual. Anyone knows where/how to complain about this nonsense?
Tom, London

15 March 2019

Has anyone near Battersea Park noticed an insane upsurge in noise the past few days? I would have thought with storm GARETH that the wind noise would dull the plane noise out but the planes must have been flying lower - can they do that without penalty because they all seemed to yesterday? I am sick in bed And was horrified how loud it was ALL day. No reprieve. I always know when 4am has come because the planes start then and don’t finish till midnight. There is NO reprieve at the moment. Occasionally we get a day a week off but I’ve been bedbound for 5 days and so far none so I’m hopeful it’s due. To be clear the hours of operation I mentioned are all the time not justat present.
Victoria, Battersea

14 March 2019

Has anyone near Battersea Park noticed an insane upsurge in noise the past few days? Always just after 4am it begins and doesn’t finish till midnight.
Victoria, Battersea

14 March 2019

The aircraft noise is already too loud, too early and relentless. It wakes us up before 5.30am and if it increases is likely to have an even moredetrimental impact on our family sleep and health.
Jonathan Skerrett, Southfields

11 March 2019

The noise from flights already majorly disrupts sleep in an otherwise quiet area. Further expansion would be even worse.
Katie, Battersea

11 March 2019

The noise and pollution is constant and not acceptable. There should be a congestion charge for air traffic over London! And would it not work to change the orientation of the runways so that the flight path is over less populated areas rather than over all of South London?
Marlene, Battersea

10 March 2019

I'm in so-called leafy Strawberry Hill. Constant rumbling in the air and non-stop vibrations from before 05:30 until after 23:30. Do NOT move here if you are at all noise sensitive. It is enough to really affect your sleep and health.
Nadia, UK

10 March 2019

I also have the feeling something changed in july 2018 and have previously lived in the area for 10 years without being bothered by plane noise. Heathrow is cagey about what happened, but I am pretty sure its a combination of planes already flying on more concentrated fixed paths (without consultation) and bad luck (not much easterlies and Heathrow flying over London for arrivals even on rather strong easterlies sometimes when they should have switched already)
Sara, Wandsworth

10 March 2019

I’m so glad to read this thread - I’m not going mad! I have lived in this area for almost 10 years and never had a problem with the plane noise. Then June 2018, I swear something changed and the noise has become intrusive and unbearable. Have complained several times to Heathrow who say nothing is different. I’ve also completed the consultation on future plans. Seriously, it wakes the whole family up, makes me a zombie, and ruins all our parks and green spaces. What can we do about it?!
Bec, Wandsworth

8 March 2019

The Council must go to the High Court to stop this proposal.
John Assael, Putney

2 March 2019

Noise and air pollution is unacceptable in Putney due to flights landing at Heathrow. This proposal will exacerbate matters and cannot be allowed. Furthermore no decisions can be taken until further independent environmental tests are carried out over a two year period to benchmark the existing situation. The Council must demand this.
Sarah Assael, Putney

2 March 2019

A major flight path over Putney and Wandsworth cannot be allowed to happen. Do something about it! It's relentless, one airplane per minute...there is no peace! Soon you will face a class action over this matter, so act fast: get in touch with Heathrow and get them to change the flight path asap.
Ken Gelder, Putney

28 February 2019

Please read this article. I hope someone can do something about this terrible situation. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/flight-path-high-blood-pressure-aircraft-noise-study-occupational-medicine-athens-living-near-a7788296.html
Florencia Katzeff, Battersea

27 February 2019

Statistically Wandsworth has the highest density of children in Europe. Directly means that this is a borough where parents are experiencing the lowest average volume of sleep and where every 15mins of sleep is precious. Please increase our respite. I’m too often woken at 4am by incoming planes. We live in London so expect noise but please help protect the wellbeing of working parents and families.
Victoria Lloyd, Battersea

19 February 2019

May I suggest you join the current Heathrow consultation round going on about how a third runway will affect you all? This site isn’t manned as far as we can tell and though it may feel good to rant it is ultimately pointless to do it on this site.
Sara, Clapham Junction

2 February 2019

Horrible aircraft noise close to Lavender Hill and Clapham common starting at 4h30 in the morning. Impossible to sleep and working properly! It is a scandal to rot people's life like this! I would expected the authorities to take action to fix this problem as soon as possible and forbid flights before 6am over residential areas. You are ruining our health!
Anna Zyniewicz, Clapham Junction

2 February 2019

Aircraft noise is intolerable. Causing lack of sleep and stress. They have definitely become more frequent and significantly louder in recent months. Something needs to be done
Misbah, Battersea

28 January 2019

The noise from low flying planes has increased considerably waking me up in the early hours
Avril Edwards, Wandsworth

23 January 2019

We moved to this area because of the added benefit of the apparent lack of plane noise. That remained the case until fairly recently. It seems that the flight paths have been altered with large planes flying low across Wandsworth Common. Additionally, large low flying planes are now waking the household up from about 4:30am onwards...even on a Saturday. This is unacceptable. I thought that aircraft wasn't allowed to fly over residential areas until later in the day? I would like to know what Wandsworth Council intend to do about this noise pollution?
Deborah Brown, Balham

14 January 2019

I am suffering from health problems (earaches, palpitations, headaches, etc) due to airplanes noise. Could anyone please tell me how to proceed in this case? As I consider this is a totally case of corruption where families are ruining their health while Heathrow Airport does not care at all about them. Totally inhuman. Very disappointed. I am thinking about initing legal actions against the Airport.
Florencia Katzeff, Wandsworth

14 January 2019

I can count 20 to 30 seconds between noisy aircrafts flying right above our heads, meters from Battersea Bridge. It is Sunday 7:00 am and this has been going on for a few hours already and intensifying. We did not invest in Heathrow so why this unbearable punishment is inflicted upon us?
Lola, UK

13 January 2019

The plane noise is incredibly loud and starts way to early in the morning. ( 4:30 !!!!! ) Heathrow should at least postpone the planes to 6am and they should avoid flying over the quiet residential areas. It is very disturbing.
Vanessa M, Wandsworth

11 January 2019

Over the last few weeks I've had very little sleep caused by the constant noise overhead from aircraft. Every few moments one flies over and it is intolerably loud! It also starts far too early. I cant work, I cant sleep, how is it acceptable to cause so much noise pollution?
F Birch, Clapham Junction

10 January 2019

terrible idea
barnaby j logan, UK

10 January 2019

We are woken up at around 4.30 am every morning by aircraft noise which then continues without a break for the rest of the day. We used to have the odd occasion when aircraft were on a different approach and it was bliss but this does not seem to have happened much recently. I dread to think how further expansion will impact noise pollution in the area.
I Mermagen, Battersea

9 January 2019

Every single morning we are now woken by planes at 4.30am. They are big and VERY loud. It never used to be the case and has become really intolerable in the past six months. We don't even get any peace on a Saturday morning either. How can the sleep of hundreds of thousands of people be disturbed so badly by the commercial greed of a few airlines? We feel like zombies when we head off to work each day because there's not even any chance of falling back to sleep as the noise then continues through the next couple of hours.
PJ Moore, Battersea

9 January 2019

Plane noise has become significantly worse over the last week or so and is absolutely intolerable
M MAERZ, Wandsworth

8 January 2019

The planes are already far too loud, far too frequent and far far too low. I hear them through double glazing every 90 seconds in Chingford. I can no longer work from home effectively since concentrated flight paths.
Stoph Demetriou, UK

7 January 2019

Another morning having been woken up at 5am by the intolerable noise pollution from the non-stop planes overhead (near Battersea Rise). 4 hours later and still it continues. Double glazing makes no difference. How can this change in frequency and height have been allowed without any warning or consultation? It affects quality of life and mental health. It has made what was a pleasant neighbourhood to live in a total nightmare now. Unacceptable and a public health concern. Is there anything that can be done about it?? Is moving the only option?
G Harper, UK

6 January 2019

I am complaining and objecting to the sudden increase in the frequency and massive increase in the noise of planes flying over SW11 since Jan 2nd 2019. They seem to be every 30 seconds and the noise is like an ongoing sonic boom! It starts at 4.30am. It seems to me that before the scheduled public meeting wc 8th January to discuss proposals to increase flights by 68 per day, they have ALREADY begun. It's impossible to sleep and the pollution must be murderous. Something has to be done, it's all very well saying that the expansion will increase jobs, but what about us under the flight path whose mental health due to lack of sleep and physical health due to pollution is ruined?
Sara Asgard, Clapham Junction

5 January 2019

Just when you think a few days has passed with no aircraft noise or rumbling you experience 3 weeks worth of it. This is truly becoming such a burden, me and my partner are woken up or have our sleep interfered from 4.30am onwards. We have tried sound proofing but the property we live in has single glazing which makes life even harder, having aircraft's pass directly above us emitting what must surely be over 90db is health concerning.
Will, Putney

4 January 2019

I moved from Wimbledon to putney one week ago. Every morning I am woken up by low flying planes crossing over me every couple minutes. It’s non stop all day and is VERY VERY LOUD. My kitchen windows literally shake and rattle from the noise. The noise pollution is intolerable and is ruining a beautiful are
Mark McDermott, Putney

22 December 2018

Very loud planes ALL night long due to night caps lifted thanks a drone at Gatwick as other airports in use. This highlights the extreme fragility of the UK airports to even minor (in theory) incidents and the fact that there should not be more planes over London when a simple drone can derail the whole system and affect millions of people under the flight paths. Utter lack of common sense and accountability in this country
Sara, Clapham Junction

21 December 2018

Extremely loud aircraft noise starting at night time (5:30am) is keeping me and my neighbours from getting sleep. We are less productive at work, as a result.
Daniel Jany, Battersea

17 December 2018

Low flying planes every couple of minutes from very early in the morning till very late at night. It is loud and frequent as though the flight path has changed and they are flying much lower over Southfield/Wimbledon Park. Noise levels are intolerable and wake up the whole family.
C Russell, Southfields

12 December 2018

Continuous, very loud helicopter noise from 02:45am. So thunderous it woke us up, and unremitting. This has been happening more frequently and is unbearable to live with.
Freddie Hutchins, Putney

12 December 2018

Moved next to Clapham High Street 4 months ago. Everything has been great, but for the past week, we've been woken up at 5 am every day by INSANE plane noises. Our neighbors are going through the same thing - also, plane noise is NONSTOP throughout the day. What is going on?! We leave more than 20 miles away from the airport, waking up because of windows rattling and insane noise is not something that should be happening.
j.l, London

8 December 2018

Just moved to Richmond and have been woken at 5am every day this week. Low flying planes, awful noise, every minute. Thinking we have made a terrible mistake moving here. Had no idea this was what it’s like. It is truly awful!
Tessa, London

7 December 2018

Awake since 4:30am due to plane noise. Flying really low at 40 seconds interval and wrecking my life. Some days seems to be worse than others and today is definitely a bad one.
jimena ledgard, London

4 December 2018

I swear planes from Heathrow are suddenly flying lower than ever before over Fulham? Is this due to the time of year or have flight decents been changed. I had gotten used to the plane noise but for some reason in the last few months there is a continual loud roar overhead from 5am, much louder than I've ever experienced! Has anyone else noticed it. Planes much lower and every 30 seconds?
L S Robinson, London

4 December 2018

Is it just me, or have the plane noise gotten worse? I used to be able to handle the noise, even occasionally sleep through it. But now even with ear plugs I am getting woken up every morning! What can be done? I’ll do anything for a bit of a break. The sound practically shakes the house and I literally can’t think with the noise! Why can’t at least some of planes fly a different path? I could maybe tolerate it if they didn’t fly every 30 secs as they are today!
L. L., Putney

3 December 2018

Essentially, Heathrow can do what they want. It is a private company and they do not care about the general public. They care about their shareholders = they want more capacity, more runways (4 ideally massively paid for by taxpayers). Councils are almost powerless. I’d be surprised if the third runway doesn’t go ahead. Politicians are scared about the damage Brexit is and will continue doing to the country and want to prove it is open for business. We all know a third runway will essentially bring more tourists who could have used a different airport and not made life incredibly and increasingly difficult for those unlucky enough to live close to flight paths. 2 solutions 1) sound proof your home 2) move (but to where? And every one can).
Sara, Clapham Junction

3 December 2018

After two years of suffering from this problem and thinking about a solution I think we have only one option left for Heathrow: Heathrow needs to be moved to a better spot. Build the Boris Island or somwhere else but fighting against it makes the problem worse. in the many years of resistance nothing has been achived. In fact the problem has gotten worse. Heathrow needs to find a 21 century site.
David Horvath, UK

2 December 2018

Why are the planes flying so low from 430 am onwards? It's continuous so once you wake up, there's no chance of going back to sleep.
Tista Gautam, Wandsworth

1 December 2018

Plane noise over central Wimbledon has become intolerable over the last couple of weeks. They start at 7am and pass low every few minutes until 11pm. I can hear them over any music or TV. It is worse than any other traffic noise and is driving me mad. And this is happening BEFORE any Heathrow expansion!!!
Tim Shishodia, London

21 November 2018

Awful - the.noise Wakes me up every morning
Annie butcher, Clapham Junction

15 November 2018

Woken up every morning due to low flying aircraft, today at 4.30am. Unacceptable!
Fred, Battersea

13 November 2018

Over the last few months the noise from planes has greatly increased and is becoming unbearable. I'm often woken up at 5am and unable to get back to sleep as the planes roar overhead every few minutes. This terrible noise pollution must be affecting the health and wellbeing of thousands of people.
Fiona, Battersea

11 November 2018

been living in the fulham/wandsworth area for years and the noise seems to be getting worse and worse!
Lorenzo Cornford, Wandsworth

10 November 2018

The flight path in Fulham / Hammersmith just next to river Thames is just horrendous. The plans fly so low, and from 5am in the morning. The frequency is about every 4-10 minutes and it is impossible to enjoy the garden or leave any of the windows open. Heahthrow needs to find flight paths that are over less densely populated areas. Even if it is more inefficient or expensive for planes to land.
Lye, London

1 November 2018

Raynes Park In 10 years of living here, we have never noticed plane noise at night and early in the morning yet it’s so loud that we are awoken in the morning and disturbed at night.
Charlotte Thomas, London

31 October 2018

I am kept up every night and every morning - they do not stop! We need to sleep!!
Cara, Clapham Junction

31 October 2018

I have lived off Battersea Rise near Clapham Common for 8 years. The aircraft noise used to only be on the occasional day when the wind was coming from a certain direction. Now it is every day, starting very early, continuous and the aircraft are much lower. This new noise pollution is an abrupt and stressful wake-up every morning. Why has it got worse?
Gill Harper, Clapham Junction

27 October 2018

Continuous aggressive noise from sky is extremely intrusive. The aircrafts are flying incredibly low and the whole area between clapham common and lavender hill is experiencing horrible noise nuisance unless you are lucky enough to live next to heavy traffic roads. Remember we have Eaton, Manor, Parkgate, Belleville schools right under the aircraft paths. How the UK goverment allowed this path? If the council don’t move for us, we must do something as it won’t be changed if we are quiet!
Emma Robertson, Wandsworth

25 October 2018

Noticeable increase in noise over the last few months. I've lived in Wandsworth for the last couple of years and it has increased from a low rumble audible through double glazing to signifant noise which wakes me up in the early hours. What has changed??
Leo Fortey, Wandsworth

25 October 2018

Increasing, excessive amount of noise that is invasive and also ruining the park
Aneesha, Battersea

19 October 2018

It's got A LOT WORSE lately, you are not alone. Folks, please call/email Heathrow to file a compliant: https://www.heathrow.com/noise/what-you-can-do/make-a-complaint-about-noise There has been success in the past only if they get enough complaints..
Ran, London

15 October 2018

I’ve lived near Clapham Junction for four years and it feels like the noise has got much recently. We have new double glazed windows yet are still woken early nearly every morning. Please enforce much steeper descents like City airport!
Luke, Clapham Junction

14 October 2018

Planes are flying too low around battersea park. This has got a lot worse in recent times.
Nicholas Manduca, Battersea

14 October 2018

Heathrow flight noise has become intolerable over the last couple of years in London. There hasn't been a break in the noise since 5.30am and it is now nearly 8am. It's a Saturday. It's the same every weekend. They need to find a solution and fly over less populated areas. We are in the Brockley area so it seems it is all across London now.
R Newey, London

13 October 2018

As long as you do not understand that Heathrow can do what they want and condemn you to concentration noise, you are fighting the wrong battle.
Ann, Clapham Junction

12 October 2018

Just moved to the area and shocked at how often I am woken up from 5am onwards with overhead planes every few minutes. This then impacts me in the day as I feel tired and lethargic! This morning, a plane from Qantas company passed low enough to be able to see their name under the plane. Why are the planes flying so low? The noise is constant and uninterrupted, 7 days a week. I don't understand that in this country where health and safety is such a big issue, there can be planes flying over a densely populated city like London. will there be a solution, or will it remain as it is?
Yves Chollet, Clapham Junction

9 October 2018

I live in Wandsworth road, almost in Lambeth council, and the noise is crazy. It is pointless trying to sleep after 5 am.
Borja, London

8 October 2018

I have lived in Battersea for 15 years and having read all the comments, I glad to hear I am not imagining the change in aircraft noise. I agree that the planes are flying much lower than they ever have done. Whilst it is almost impossible to get the planes to change flight path when that it is dicatated by wind and runway directions, the airport/government can enforce later descents. Ie start nearer to tvhe airport. It does make life miserable for so many people. Come on Heathrow. Sort it out.
Fiona b, Battersea

7 October 2018

We just moved in putney half A year ago, and these planes was not very pleasant surprise. Where we live it feels like these planes goes directly above us. Sometimes they stop after midnight, and sometimes they start almost 4-5am in the morning. Because our house is old, and has single glassing (landlords refused to install proper windows) it’s impossible to sleep whit this sound, so we have lack of sleep, and it’s affects our daily life. We been wondering for months is there is anything we can do about it? Even with ear plugs we can hear the noice. And I usually have migraine on daily basis, but planes just adds up to it. Please let us know if we cab do something more about this matter. Many Thanks
Greta, Putney

3 October 2018

I get woken up at 04:30-5 every single morning with these planes flying overhead, and can’t sleep til at least 11:30 due to again them flying overhead.
John MacDonald, Putney

3 October 2018

I thought I was imagining the increase in noise level from the plane. Way too noisy and disruptive. We were sitting outside with friends and could not have an uninterrupted conversation due to the noise level! It's really unacceptable.
Jenny, Battersea

1 October 2018

We have definitely noticed a big increase in the noise levels from 4.30am, waking the children every day. I have lived in the same house for 15 years and the noise is considerably worse in the last year and particularly the last month.
Eleanor, Clapham Junction

1 October 2018

Low flying noisy aircraft flying over from 4:30am, far too early, result is totally exhausted children and parents!
Suzanne McLennan, Wandsworth

1 October 2018

Absolutely agree with all comments. I have sent a complaint to Heathrow but of course don't expect anything from that. Any investigative journalists out there (Panorama, Guardian...) who could dig out the truth???? Wondering if it is worth trying to contact them...
Patricia, Clapham Junction

1 October 2018

What bugs me is that in 15 years of living in north Fulham, never has the noise be so intrusive and continuous during the day. I still do not understand if something has changed (we are in between the final approach path) or what has changed (Heathrow denies anything has) or whether I have become ultra sensitive to aircraft noise, all of a sudden. I can’t remember it ever being so bad. Mystery.
Adele, London

30 September 2018

I booked into an Airbnb this week to view property in Clapham. Just as well I did, the airplane noise is unbearable, a plane is flying low overhead every 90 seconds, continuous noise. I couldn’t possibly live here and will look elsewhere.
Malcolm Mooney, Battersea

30 September 2018

These planes are now dominating the sky of Clapham North where I live in for 11 years and ruining our peaceful life. I cannot listen birds singing anymore, but only huge noise from the aircrafts and feel like we are in war. My children sometime feel scary and cry. I can clearly read the airplane company name under the aircraft. How suddenly these aircrafts pass so low and frequent (every 30 seconds) in the middle of South London, residential area where is quite far from the Heathrow? We have children and school!
Christine, Wandsworth

24 September 2018

Hi All Have you complained to Heathrow? I received an email saying, again, that nothing has changed. That 80% of night flights happen from 4am to 6am. There are rules that flights should stop at 11:30 however this is not enforced. Also planes are using the continual descent method ... I feel that they’ve already left the stack and fly very low continuously. There seems to be no ‘descent’. I have lived in this area for 10 years and you’d notice the planes but not enough to see the undercarriage. Now one passes every minute or so and as you say, it’s constant. It’s just the noise I hear now. It’s such a shame that Heathrow are lying to us all. Keep the complaints up and taking to the council.
P, Battersea

22 September 2018

The noise in the mornings is constant and uninterrupted. The planes are so frequent that there’s no gap between one plane’s noise dying down and another’s building up.
George, Battersea

21 September 2018

I have lived in my house for nearly 12 years and something seems to have changed with regard to flight paths, flight frequency and flight height. I am hearing plane noise inside the house even with my windows closed. I have noticed a definite increase in flights above my house as well as in the surrounding area.. These flights start early in the morning and the planes also seem to be flying lower, thus increasing noise levels. Heathrow's Community Relations team say that nothing has changed but this does not match with my experience and other people's comments.
Robert Pocock, Battersea

20 September 2018

Heathrow can not increase the number of planes cause that's set in stone. They can however invite bigger aircrafts and as you see planes are very very large and the number of large aircraft is increasing. That's why you hear the noise so much. also they fly lower. Contact your local politician. !!!! and get together. talk to your neighbours.
David Horvath, Wandsworth

19 September 2018

Increase in early morning noise over the past few weeks, as early as 5am. Something must of changed?
Rachel Dines, Clapham Junction

18 September 2018

Please complain to Heathrow constantly and to your councillor. Email and/or call Heathrow - go to the ‘noise’ section on the website. Without making some kind of stand we will not see a change... Planes can and should fly higher over the city.
RH, Battersea

18 September 2018

Thought I was going mad! Planes over Pimlico are constant and are definitely much lower than they have ever been (have lived here for 10yrs now). Started a few months ago and I complain to Heathrow however they just lie and tell me that nothing has changed (clearly has!). Planes should not be flying this low and their routes are at odds to what they show on the webtrak system/radar. They also say planes start from 6:30 but that’s also a lie as they start earlier now.
Rowena H, Battersea

18 September 2018

Despite Heathrow denying anything changed, long term residents (including in Fulham) have noticed a recent increase in noise from aircrafts. I do not think Heathrow tells all the truth or even if the PR people we speak to when we call know the whole truth. I don’t like conspiracy theories but City Airport has tested concentrated flight paths without notifying residents so Heathrow could do the same. The only thing which would stop them were that to be the case is residents complaining to Heathrow/local counsellors.
Adele, London

16 September 2018

The noise is unbearable to sleep through
Zach wilson, Clapham Junction

16 September 2018

Unable to sleep due to excessive increase in plane noise over house. One every 30 seconds flying over throughout the night
Katie Bennett, Clapham Junction

16 September 2018

Over the past few weeks the Heathrow flight path is suddenly above our house off Putney high street. The planes are flying low, the noise is shocking waking us up at 5am and does not stop until after 11pm. What has changed? and does anyone even care?
SC, Putney

16 September 2018

I live in Clapham common , the plane are getting lower and extremely noisy ,by 4 something I'm waking up by a plane after doing a long shift at work and waken up by planes , can't get back to sleep , don't seem like the council cares... The noise is so bad that it feels like I'm living right next to the airport , planes flying to low , something needs to be done about this ASAP..
Venice Phoenix, Clapham Junction

15 September 2018

I have contacted Heathrow about the increase in noise and they seem pretty adamant that nothing has changed however reading the comments here, many others have also noticed a huge uptick in noise over the last few weeks. Please complain to Heathrow as well
Vishali, London

14 September 2018

I have lived in the same house for 30 years, and for the first time since i moved here I am woken every morning from 4.30 am by the noise of planes. This seems to be all week every week. We find it intolerable.
Joanna Farrell, Balham

14 September 2018

Emma, To get immediate respite you can buy a pair of 3M Peltor earmuffs.On ebay you can find them. It's huge but will give you quiteness. It will help you to be temporarily you can then decide to move from the area or try to get used to the aircraft noise. I personally can not get used to it and wear earmuffs most of the time. Most people get used to the noise.
David Horvath, Wandsworth

13 September 2018

Julia, You can check every single plain that flies over London here: https://webtrak.emsbk.com/lhr4 you will see that the flight path alternates daily and weekly. Look up between 6am- 7am cause on many days both runways are in use at the same time in those early hours. Lower planes are not a theory it's a fact as it has been reported by people and Hacan too. Pls study the problem.
David Horvath, Wandsworth

13 September 2018

David, if the flight paths are supposed to alternate weekly with Fulham I don't think they are any more. They seem solidly over Wandsworth. The theory that they are flying lower than previously is interesting. Whatever the reasons the planes have definitely become much noisier in the past few weeks. I would like to know why. Flight path change? Lower flight path? Or both?
Julia Archer, Clapham Junction

13 September 2018

I have just spent my life savings on a house and I’m heartbroken. The flight path is constant and unbearable. What can we do?
Emma Rogers, London

12 September 2018

Very noisy aircraft
Vincenzo lamattina, Putney

11 September 2018

The fly paths haven’t been changed; they haven’t been moved from Wandsworth to Fulham. The noise is incredibly loud over Fulham so that isn’t what is happening. However planes seem to be flying lower over London and descend from above 3,500 feet to below 3,000 feet over Hammersmith and Fulham and instead of reducing speed which would be logic, they accelerate (which defies logic unless something else is happening like planes getting landing gear out or else).
Adele, London

11 September 2018

Heathrow is a money making machine for the owners. They lobby with the politicians and they are very successful at it. They are only after the money. Heathrow is a business and if they find it more economical to fly planes through you living room they will start doing it tomorrow morning. Writing a complaint to Heathrow is a waist of time. They are making money. You can write to your local politician. and the major etc. or get involved with your neighbours. Folks the only reason planes they fly lower is because they save money on fuel. They start descending earlier so by the time they are close to the airport they really almost touch the ground. Wake up folks and see what really this is all about.
David Horvath, Wandsworth

11 September 2018

Julia, The flight path is the same. They alternate weekly. Don't just ignore the issue study about it all of you folks. Planes fly lower these days cause there is nothing at this stage that would stop them. We need a public movement to stop Heathrow doing this. I think Heathrow needs to be moved and shut down for good. When the same thing will start happening in Nothing Hill with the new runaway maybe that will be the last days of Heathrow.
David Horvath, Wandsworth

11 September 2018

I think the flight path has been moved from over Fulham to over Wandsworth in the last few weeks. I moved from Fulham to Wandsworth to get away from this noise a couple of years ago. Why has it been changed? Have the people of Fulham asked for it to be shifted south to Wandsworth? What has happened? The early morning flights are shockingly noisy. Worse than when I lived in Fulham strangely. Can someone inform me if this flight path can be shared and taken over Fulham again on an equal timetable?
Julia Archer, Clapham Junction

11 September 2018

The plane noise is unacceptable and suggest the flight re routing, planned for 2023, be put in place much earlier
Patrick Noble, Battersea

10 September 2018

Heathrow's latest work of fiction is the latest quarterly "Fly Quiet & Green" statistics for Q2 2018 at https://www.heathrowflyquietandgreen.com/2018-2nd-quarter/ Not content with inflating airlines' Fly Quiet & Green performance scores by an average of more than 40% over their true values, the Q2 results contain the single most egregious example of distortion of an airline's true environmental performance (Air France) since the current flawed scoring system began at the beginning of 2017.
Dave Reid, UK

10 September 2018

The aircraft noise from both planes and helicopters, from 4.30 am every morning has increased significantly this summer. It is impossible to listen to radio or TV even on high volume, if one window is open due to the din of low flying aircraft. The garden cannot be enjoyed because one can hardly hear oneself think, let alone read a book or talk to a friend. It compounds the stress brought on by noise due to extensive building works in several neighbouring properties. Clearly the wellbeing of locals comes after profits from Heathrow.
Corenza Ebrahimy-Karganrood, Battersea

10 September 2018

Often the noise, starting from 5am, is unendurably loud.
Daniel Jany, Battersea

9 September 2018

Actually thought a helicopter was landing in my garden last night. It was that loud. And yep, woke me up for the nth night in a row. I live on Putney Hill & this recent change in flight path has totally ruined my life, along with everyone else's who resides in this once peaceful community.
Ed R, Putney

8 September 2018

Just moved to Battersea. Been awake since before 5am with noise from planes. Its non stop. Aren't there supposed to be some restrictions? I never realised before how bad this problem was in London. How can they be considering expanding Heathrow? What a terrible location for a major airport.
Kevin Lenehan, Battersea

8 September 2018

Relieved to know I am not going mad I’m thinking the sudden pick up in lower, earlier flights over Wandsworth/Fulham. Made the summer a sleep hell. In the time taken to approve Heathrow expansion they could have built a new airport near the sea in an underused part of the UK and a high speed link/road into London. Absolute joke that this affects, quite literally, millions of lives without any action taken.
Sam, London

6 September 2018

The noise from the planes has become unbearable. On our road there are 4 “flight paths” and above our house there are 2 flights one lower and considerable noisier. The flights are coming in one after another, with no break! I have not been able to sleep which is massively affecting my health because I am constantly exhausted. The flights are coming in as early as 5pm and it is not a noise which you can sleep through! Sitting in the garden is becoming impossible because there is no quiet or peace!
Patricia Bloj, Clapham Junction

4 September 2018

The planes come in too low and a lot lower than they used to. I’m fine with it during the day time and evening but from 4.30 -6.00am is rediculous and causing health, stress and sleep problems. Something must be done to rotate the flight path so it’s only 50% of the days
Rick Walker, Clapham Junction

4 September 2018

The noise level from aircraft appears to be constant without change all day from 5 am. This is intolerable. Surely planes can approach at higher altitudes.
Jeremy Smith, Battersea

2 September 2018

Massive increase in plane noise since July in Clapham Common. Wrote to the Heathrow complaint line and was told it is due to an extended period of westerly winds. Surely this is not a new phenomenon to make such a visible impact. Is the council taking this forward or do we need to directly complai to Heathrow - and will it even make a difference??
Vishali, London

1 September 2018

Unbearable noise in Stockwell. I have lived here for 2 years and this only became a problem this summer. It’s crazy! We all need to keep complaining and make sure that whatever change was introduced must be reversed! This noise will drive us insane!
Dr Lucio Raimondo, London

1 September 2018

I have lived here 20 years. This year and particularly the last few months, low flying approach directly overhead is extremely noisy, every few minutes. Never like this before. How has this been authorised? Far too low flightpath, and directly over what used to be a quiet neighbourhood, now impossible to sit outside!
Dr Paul Dennison, Clapham Junction

30 August 2018

Significantly increased aircraft noise over Putney Heath area over the past few weeks.
Kate Lindsay-Fynn, Putney

28 August 2018

I cannot have my bedroom window open during the summer months as in the morning the aircraft noise Is so loud it Sounds like we’re on the runway. It’s got much worse this summer.
Caroline bithrey, Putney

26 August 2018

Night time noise
Ann Godson, Southfields

26 August 2018

The aircraft noise level is most definitely louder of late. I am sure it’s all day, however, obviously notice it most first thing in morning and later in evening. Never seems to be a let up and they seems too come over every 2 minutes (if lucky!!!).
Victoria Charles, Putney

24 August 2018

OMG I can't leave with this noise, I wake up every morning because of it. Really think to move.
Juliana, Putney

24 August 2018

A very noticeable increase in aircraft noise. Particularly early in the morning.
Christopher Johnstone, Southfields

24 August 2018

Increased activity and noise level of aircraft coming into land at Heathrow early morning
Patsy Deery, Putney

23 August 2018

too much noise and pollution over my flat. not interested in the heathrow expansion thanks. I have a son who is three years old and as soon as we returned from a 2 week holiday he started coughing and having runny nose the whole time.
Ines Brizido, Wandsworth

23 August 2018

I live in Putney heath and have noticed a real increase in aircraft noise early morning and at night. Also the planes seem much lower. Last night was particularly bad an aircraft flew over actually felt like i was in the airport
Joanne Thomas, Putney

23 August 2018

My children are being greatly affected by the increase in planes they want me to raise this with u as they have noticed how many more planes and helicopters they are. Police helicopter last night at 4 am woke us all What will ur ge like when Heathrow rxpsnsion goes thru do we really need it. Stanstead extended instead st least that goes into the city while Heathrow only goes into west end not the city u gave to change onto the district line to get there Pks let my kids sleep it’s bad enough London with its pollution do g rob them if their sleep too
Cc xhampion, Putney

23 August 2018

I’m both encouraged to read that people are experiencing the same increase in noise as I am, but also disappointed that it is impacting so many people’s lives. How can this continue? We live in a built up and very beautiful part of London, and it has been an absolute privilege to do so, apart from the increasing and relenting overhead noise of aircraft (and helicopters at 3:42 am last night).
Rachel, UK

23 August 2018

Has there been a recent change in the flight path? It’s so loud I might as well be asleep on the runway. It’s so loud it’s actually ruining my living experience and will move away if this carry’s on- can’t take much more of it. Whoever has made the decision to change the flight path needs to amend this mistake asap
Molly, Clapham Junction

23 August 2018

Ridiculous noise, feels like each plane is flying low enough that it’s aboit to land in my back garden. Why would they have the flight paths come through central London? Surely this is just an accident waiting to happen. Like always, nothing will be done until something bad does happen. I just hope I’m not still living here to be a part of it.
Toby, Clapham Junction

23 August 2018

What the f*ck is going on?! Lived in Putney for 15 yrs & never, ever have I experienced such horrendous aircraft noise. Never like this before, so either flight paths have changed or craft are flying lower. Has completely ruined my home/living experience....awful feeling I've never had before before & made me consider moving for 1st time ever. Boiling heat, yet now having to close all windows. Noise so loud that either can't hear music, TV or what's being said on phone. Ate in garden with dinner guests last week, yet had to stop convo every few mins BECAUSE COULDN'T HEAR EACH OTHER TALKING. Never again. Writing this at 4am because awoken by 8000 helicopters passing overhead. Can't sleep. Pure & utter misery. Hate doesn't come close
Ed Richards, Putney

23 August 2018

Do we now have a Clapham airport? The noise is unbearable planes flying low every minute. Impossible to sleep. What is the council doing?
Alex, Clapham Junction

22 August 2018

Is it my imagination or has the problem got worse in the last 2 months? The level of noise is absolutely ridiculous, non stop from 05:30 to 23:00 low flying aircraft. Our house actually shakes and, quite unbelievably, we sometimes can't hear our music, the TV or each other. Is this a forum where the problem is simply discussed, or do the powers that be actually respond and take action to this serious issue? The noise is so bad we will have to move.
Nick Baverstock, Putney

22 August 2018

I have lived in Parsons Green for 10 years. Never has the noise been so bad. For the past 2 months I have been woken at 5-5.30am to heavy drone of aircraft flying overhead every 10 -20 seconds. There is no restbite and it is giving me headaches. You used to hear the occasional plane now it is constant over your head. Even with the windows closed you hear the noise. Unbearable and something needs to be done.
Pip mills, London

22 August 2018

Its so sad posting on here and even sadder reading people's comments as you don't even know if anyone reads them or cares or if council just has this message facility. I live in Clapham North and the noise from planes ✈️ has got louder. We are people please someone who has authority in council read all the recent comments and help the situation. Feel like we're forgotten and will have to move.
Rachel, Wandsworth

22 August 2018

The noise is unbearable. The last plane that you can hear is around 11.30 pm, and they start again at 4.30 unbelievable, we can rest without strong noise for only 5 hours if you are lucky. Every single day, 7 days a week. I understand why people is getting mad. It's very annoying.

21 August 2018

driving me insane
Dean Forbes, UK

21 August 2018

I’ve lived on the same street for 7 years but the noise over the last 2 months seems to have got a lot worse. Are the planes flying lower than normal? I used to notice them about once a week but never really had an impact, now they keep me up at night! I know it’s been a hot summer but I sleep with my window open most of the year- how has it suddenly got worse? Am I imagining it?
GB, Putney

21 August 2018

the noise from the flight path is becoming intolerable. It's worse than ever this year and there doesn't seem to be any respite - it's constant. I am woken up around 5am every morning.
Kate Camfield, London

20 August 2018

Unbearable loud airplanes noise this summer?? they are flying so low every 15 seconds, can somebody please do something or expain to us what is wrong, what changed?
Dr. Michele Chiappi, Clapham Junction

20 August 2018

The plane noise is getting earlier and more regular from 4.30am and it’s getting rediculous as not able to sleep Can they not alter the flight paths for alternate weeks
Richard Walker, Clapham Junction

18 August 2018

The plane noise have become unbearable this summer. I’m wearing earplugs and still hits me. Every other minute there’s this loud and heavy noise of an aircraft.
Stergios Ntikos, London

14 August 2018

Loads of noise lately.. what's going on??
Ran shiloni, Clapham Junction

12 August 2018

Woken up around 5.30 by more low flying aircraft noise again. Flying over about once a minute.
Lyndon Grady, Battersea

10 August 2018

Horrible level of aircraft noise over Pimlico today. Wanted to enjoy coffee outdoors butwas driven inside
Liza Sande, London

2 August 2018

These planes are definitely flying lower these days and the noise is ridiculous. Why are the planes flying so low at the moment over Fulham and Wandsworth
Rajib Alam, Wandsworth

30 July 2018

Is it me or there are way more planes flying over clapham than a couple of years ago. Also they fly so low I feel they are going to crash on the common. I ve literally been unable to sleep for months now with planes flying at 4am ... aren't they supposed to stop at midnight or something? I can't believe how this is going to be with a third runway at Heathrow. What is the council doing?
Alex Bakri, Clapham Junction

30 July 2018

Having just moved to Camberwell from Kennington I have been dismayed at the frequency and decible level of the flights. In the month since we’ve lived here there have been a few days when we’ve had some respite from the constant noise which extends from early morning to late evening. I would like to endorse the other residents who are lobbying for better air traffick control and greater consideration for the deterimental effect the sound pollution has on those living below the flight path.
Julie Wheelwright, London

28 July 2018

We recently bought a property near clapham junction without realizing how awful the noise pollution was. Despite having invested in double glazing, the low flying planes wake us up really early. My pregnant wife and I also worry that the fuel fumes will be dangerous for our upcoming kids. There should clearly be some limitation to how low these planes can fly as well as some thought time restriction.
D, Clapham Junction

27 July 2018

Low-flying planes into Heathrow every 30 seconds (well after 11pm and starting at 4.30am) make it near impossible to sleep. The loud, constant noise is unbearable - and completely avoidable if planes were required to fly higher and land/take off more steeply, and flying routes were not so concentrated. This is an obvious example of government pandering to airlines and failing to intervene in simple ways to protect the quality of life of London residents. Really disgraceful.
Rebecca Schultz, London

22 July 2018

We’ve lived in this area for 8 years and never before has the noise from the planes been so loud or so often. This summer the planes are flying so low and every 30 seconds making sleep & everyday life difficult - having to close the windows to sleep, watch TV, listen to music, have a conversation etc.... what has happened? The sound monitor in our 6 month old babies room goes to the max level every 30 seconds when the planes go past - this is un-healthy also very worrying considering the plans for the Heathrow expansion. We knew we were living under the flightpath when we moved here, but this is ridiculous, un-bearable and bad for everyone’s mental & physical health. An explanation is needed and residents should be consulted
Samantha Tesfamariam, Roehampton

22 July 2018

I've live on the borders of East sheen for 15 yrs now. Woken again at 5am by the loudest low flying plane roaring over my house and then it's followed every 20/30 seconds by another, just as low and just as loud. They were still going at gone 11pm last night. It's now making sitting in our garden and having a civilised conversation impossible as it's constantly interrupted so loudly we can't hear each other and speaking on the phone is completely pointless without locking myself in the house with all windows closed. It's too much in this heat This has to be addressed, its clearly causing significantly more air pollution that Heathrow is prepared to admit responsibility to and we are underneath it being poisoned by fuel fumes.
Katie Joseph, Putney

22 July 2018

Agree with others re a very sudden increase in air traffic noise. Very very disturbing on a Saturday morning and it is constant ie every 15 seconds. This is awful.
Meriel, Putney

21 July 2018

Agree with others re a very sudden increase in air traffic noise. Very very disturbing on a Saturday morning and it is constant ie every 15 seconds. This is awful.
Meriel, UK

21 July 2018

‘Yes we need to make are air cleaner in London’ solution?... Let’s ban diesel cars etc! Meanwhile, a load of toxic crap from the particulates of jet fuel is raining down on our heads - and just for good measure, let’s build a third motorway in the sky over a densely populated area. You couldn’t make up this p*ss poor ‘decision making’ from our elected ‘representatives’.
Liza duran, Balham

21 July 2018

There is currently very loud aircraft noise late in the evening before and after 11 and also early in the morning not much after 6. It is loud and low enough to either keep one awake or wake you up in the morning. Why do aircraft seem to be flying within the hours that are restricted and why is it so low and loud at these very late and early hours of the day?
Annette Miller, Tooting

20 July 2018

Aeroplane noise has become significantly worse in the last few weeks. It is currently 8am and there is a very loud low flying plane every 15 seconds (I have been timing). This is frankly unacceptable.
Amelia Hamer, Battersea

18 July 2018

Over the last 2 weeks aircraft noise has been almost constant- Heathrow need to be held accountable for this and we deserve and explanation.
Alice, Battersea

18 July 2018

Like others commenting I am at my wits end with the increase in plane noise. It has changed dramatically in the last few months becoming even worse more recently. Early mornings, late nights it is unbearable.
CMB, Wandsworth

18 July 2018

OMG this noise is unbearable!!! Why are the planes flying so low and why so constant? It’s ok collecting all this feedback, but what are you doing about it? We need our peace back to get a good nights sleep. These flights are unacceptable.
Earlsfield Resident, Earlsfield

17 July 2018

The plane noise is becoming almost constant and unbearable. What has changed/happened over the last 4-5 days? A warning would have been appreciated. We are going to move away from this area for this reason.
RN, Balham

17 July 2018

The aircraft noise in the area is becoming unbearable! What is going on? It was never like this before!!!
Earlsfield resident, Earlsfield

16 July 2018

We have suffered planes directly overhead now for 4 days. The last two nights until 11.30 and mornings starting at 5.00!!! What will it be like with the new runway!!!!!
Jan Leigh, Putney

16 July 2018

The noise of the aircrafts is becoming intolerable. I have noticed the noise has suddenly escalated and is causing distress and effecting my sleep. Everyone I have spoken to in my neighbourhood has noticed this and I shall be pointing them to this site. I think this is unacceptable. As well as the air pollution there is also additional traffic noise due to all the cement lorries which have been brought in for the new developments and luxury flats around Nine Elms. With this extreme noise pollution, the building of all the new properties is potentially rather a waste of money and time. I would think people will increasingly want to move out of Wandsworth rather than move in.
lyndon cng grady, UK

15 July 2018

We have suddenly become a flight path. Myself, my partner and our 8 month old daughters sleep and general peace throughout the night and day has been shattered. Our daughter wakes each time a jet flys over. Some of the Emirates and Quantus jets fly so low the rumble from the jet engines is unbelievabley loud.
Paul Pomery, Wandsworth

13 July 2018

I have lived here for 39 years and never have I been so disturbed by plane noise as this week end. They are FLYING VERY LOW they are continuous and on both Saturday and Sunday I have been woken at 5.20 and 5.30 by the first plane. They are flying all day WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE MORNING OR AFTERNOON RESPITE. Are those of you making these decisions living on the flight paths because if you don't you certainly should be to understand just what you are inflicting on us residents.
Janet Suckling, Putney

8 July 2018

planes fly too often

7 July 2018

Just watching Wimbledon and notice plane noise MUCH LOUDER than in previous years.
Hazel Charik, London

2 July 2018

Heathrow has decimated life on the ground for residents in West London boroughs by introducing a policy of low flying, concentrated routes a couple of years ago, without consulting on this massive change. Planes can achieve altitudes thousands of feet higher than they do over Richmond/Wandsworth - and indeed they do whenever they need to clear bad weather. They choose to fly low on 'normal' days because it saves engine wear and tear. Please sign this petition calling to end noise sewers, which the whole of South West London now is. It'll only get worse if expansion goes ahead. https://www.thepetitionsite.com/en-gb/169/881/861/demand-an-end-to-sound-sewers-caused-by-heathrow./
Hatty, London

2 July 2018

I'm not convinced Heathrow expansion is a good idea, but I'm very surprised by the comments on here. I've lived in Balham for years and Clapham before that. I've never found aircraft noise to be intrusive and haven't noticed an increase. Having been born in the country I sleep much sounder now not having to put up with Cockerels (or even worse) Church Bells. Thank your lucky stars you don't live in Brighton, the Seagulls get up at 4am.
Joe, Balham

26 June 2018

I agree with the comments below that aircraft noise seems to have really ramped up recently. I’ve lived in clapham for almost ten years and have heard aircraft noise before but not really noticed it if that makes sense. It was always distant and infrequent enough not to be too much of a problem. However in the last few weeks it seems to have drastically intensified and it is very annoying! Planes rumble over relentlessly every couple of minutes and seem to be much closer and louder than I remember. I can’t imagine how that they could possibly double the number of planes with the expansion as it couldn’t be more frequent!
R Trickett, Wandsworth

24 June 2018

Just been woken up by a plane flying into Heathrow at 4.30am on Wednesday 20 June 2018. Unacceptable!
Clive Parker-Wood, Roehampton

20 June 2018

Plane noise is hugely disruptive to sleeping. Has this changed recently and is it permanent? If so I will definitely move house.
Helena Jackson, Earlsfield

10 June 2018

I don't understand that in this country where health and safety is such a big issue, there can be planes flying over a densely populated city like London every 2 minutes. Noise and air pollution city. It starts at 4.30 am till sometimes 11 pm. It worries me what that will be like if LHR expands...
Jaklien van melick, Battersea

5 June 2018

Unbearable! Relentless. How can such level of continuous noise be allowed? It must stop.
Alice, Battersea

3 June 2018

Huge noise from air traffic with planes every 1-2 minutes starting from as early as 5-6am and as late as 22:30-45. Makes a really negative impact on living conditions and sleep.
Andrew, Putney

2 June 2018

Flight frequency and noise seems to have increased. Sleep is virtually non-existent. undoubtedly not good for health, short term and long term.
varun, Battersea

2 June 2018

Having moved to Balham 5 years ago I was amazed at House much quieter it was than Kennington in terms of plane noise. Then about a year ago the noise began to ramp up in Balham to the point where it keeps my family and I awake. How can they change flight paths without consultation. Also what will Heathrow do to compensate for any house value drop as a result of this? Class action anyone?
Daniel Sinclair Taylor, Balham

17 May 2018

I wake up every morning at 06:00 because of the flight noise. And as they come every 2 minutes, there is no chance of falling back asleep. Closing windows doesnt seem to make a difference. Make it stop!!
Ellen groen, Wandsworth

14 May 2018

Planes frequency seems to have increased drastically and also seem to be much noisier. I wake up between 5-6am. Sitting in my living room now I can hear a roar every 2 mins.
Fabio, Wandsworth

13 May 2018

Horrible noise of planes landing from 4:30 until midnight. Impossible to sleep in summer time. Driving me crazy. Sandra
Miss Sandra Gala-Peralta, Clapham Junction

10 May 2018

Flight noise and frequency seems to have increased recently - has something happened ?
Roopa mahendran, Battersea

23 April 2018

I am always aware of the aircraft in the early hours, 4am-5am, but the windows are closed so I can normally get back to sleep eventually. Another story these high temperature nights, sleeping with windows open as the rooms are too warm otherwise- wake with a shock and jump at the roaring engines, impossible to get back to sleep. How can this be tolerated or allowed, our quality of life seriously lowered. Unacceptable.
Lorna, Putney

21 April 2018

You can right as many e-mails to Heathrow as you want. It's a private business with an aim to keep the cash flowing. They don't care about you. You have to get involved if you want a change or simply move away. HACAN is the public voice for this problem. Look them up.
David, Wandsworth

20 April 2018

Please write a complaint on Heathrow website each time you hear the noise! Its takes 2x minutes... I think we should sue Heathrow for noise disturbance. Please someone do something!! https://www.heathrow.com/noise/what-you-can-do/make-a-complaint-about-noise
Sarah, Battersea

20 April 2018

We've lived here just two weeks, picked Battersea because it was away from the noise, really gutted about the constant plane noise in the early hours of the morning seems to start at 4am it's constant sounds like one after another landing & taking off ! We've bought earplugs but making no difference can still hear the noise like the planes are literally just above the roof! Not slept well for a week!! Shattered!
Liz Huges, Battersea

17 April 2018

too much aircraft noise.can't sleep after working long hours. Little one keeps complaining as well.too much pain.really stressful.Kindly do something about it.
Aisha Sheikh, Clapham Junction

16 April 2018

We in SE London have set up Plane Hell Action - https://planehellaction.org.uk/ - to campaign against the increase in concentrated flight paths since July 2016 (despite NATS/CAA and LHR telling us this is not the case) and have produced a report with HACAN 'Corridors of Concentration': https://planehellaction.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Corridors-of-Concentration-Report.pdf with excellent Commentary available on request: bridgetbell@planehallaction.org.uk
Bridget Bell, London

5 April 2018

Decision makers politicians etc back the Heathrow expansion cause non of them leave under or near a flight path. It's one thing to hear aircraft noise while you're in a big city during the day. But hear that noise non-stop is a psychological issue. I have to say that I learnt a lot from myself. This noise pushed me in to a major depression, paranoia and noise sensitivity. I am deeply disappointed and disgusted by the public because it's us who allow Heathrow and it's owners to fool us and ruin our lives to a degree that's just very difficult to describe. If you don't have silence you are lost baby!
David, UK

3 April 2018

Most people are not bothered or not bothered enough to stand up. I think those who are really bothered are a minority. And the billions that heathrow make to it's owners they will not give up on increasing the number of planes. The planes fly lower cause they start descending earlier cause they safe fuel cause they save money. They don't care about you. It's a sad story for us. If you can't get used to it u will need to move. Heathrow discussions propose cahnges for flight paths etc. It will take years before they do changes. And where do you funnel 650 planes a day ???they will need to fly over London. And they will fly lower and lower every day. And there's gonna be more and more as all of you already experienced.
David, UK

3 April 2018

Hello Everybody, There is another place on planet Earth where planes fly over a major town before landing.. and that place is called L.A.. Back to London noe. So between 6am and 7am Heathrow uses both runaways for landing. I don't know why but that's why you hear the noise so badly. So you've got two plains landing at the same time next to each other and many of those planes are intercontinental aircrafts with four turbines God bless them. Somebody mentioned the constant "buzzing noise". I find it very difficult to tolerate. I wear 3M professional earprotection to give some respite to my brain. When the first planes start coming around I put on the earmuffs otherwise I fall into a very very deep depression.
David, UK

3 April 2018

Omg!!! I am absolutely speechless. We just bought the property here and we did not see before all those planes . It’s absolutely awful. The noise is too strong!!! Every 10 second plane is flying under our new house. We have schools around! How that’s even possible that planes can go under schools and family areas, none of the city’s in the world doing it it’s just in London. We must do something about it !!! I won’t leave this like that . We have to write together thousands and thousands of complaints!! Let’s unit together and fight this!!
KS, Wandsworth

3 April 2018

What on earth is going on? Tooting is now on a loud flight path which never used to be the case. Everyone should complain to Heathrow as per other comments below. How has this been done without any warning or consultation with residents?! FILE A COMPLAINT VIA HEATHROWS WEBSITE Peace x
Sara, Tooting

30 March 2018

Noise non stop. This is unacceptable and will result in people moving out of this area and house prices going down. Not good results to anyone. When will something change!?!?!
Isabel, Balham

24 February 2018

Constant disturbance every day starting often at 4:45am. As adults we have learned to deal with it, roll over and try to go back to sleep. Our 2 year old has woken up at around 5 am (give or take 20minutes) woken by aeroplanes , basically every single day of his life. It’s totally unacceptable and hard to believe londoners accept this. We will leave the area over this issue.
niall kearns, Wandsworth

3 February 2018

Residents of Wandsworth, we should file a class action lawsuit against Heathrow. It is an unacceptable disturbance in such an area as Battersea or Clapham, for instance, to be woken up at 5, 6, 8, whatever by aircraft noise. We should also file suit with Wandsworth Council for not doing more to insulate our community from Heathrow’s callous expansion.
Paul, Battersea

3 February 2018

I have lived in my current location for 1 year and the planes never flew over my house until 6am which was bearable. They now fly over at 4am which is causing myself to be awake from that time with a new baby as well!! I thought the law was 6am????
Abi Turley, London

2 February 2018

I’m woken up by airplane noise at 5am. The house is trembling. I can’t go back to sleep. Is this a permanent feature of my everyday life now???
Robert Zywno, Battersea

24 January 2018

Why the noise is getting worse and worse and none is doing anything? It is not possible to spend all day at home as you can go mad from constant aircraft noise...this is insane...this is only winter now..how can you be outside in summer I cannot imagine...Who is going to take care of Londoners? Conservative party only think about profits which they can add to their pockets...this is undemocratic and I am utterly disguised by this government!
Anna, Battersea

18 January 2018

I have lived in Battersea for 7 years. The planes began flying over without any warming or consultation. My wife and I have spent the past few months having trouble sleeping every single night. It has ruined Battersea completely for us. Does anyone have any idea if this is likely to change in the future??
Robin Morrissey, Battersea

13 January 2018

I believe that increasing the air traffic over London will impact the illnesses related to pollution. It will increase the noise contamination. Understanding the economic impact in the area, SME in the supply chain collaborating to expand Heathrow can be shifted to Gatwick. The Motorway close to Heathrow will get busier, and they are already a bottleneck to drive into London. This will increase the pollution by cars/lorries stucked in traffic. Please reconcider to Expand Gatwick, anyways there is more land in Gatwick airport, just make more sense. Thankyou for reading this
Josue Vivas, Wandsworth

4 January 2018

I live in Peckham Rye and am woken up every day around 4am by the relentless drone of aeroplanes overhead. Seems they come minute by minute. It is seriously impacting my ability to sleep, relax and recuperate and is driving me (and therefore my wife) round the bend. Please can someone look at this and change the flight schedule, or have aeroplanes at higher altitude for longer. We also suffer from the flight path to City Airport - surely the air authorities should do more to make sure each area of London suffers no more than one flight path?
Jonathan Stone, London

3 January 2018

The noise from early morning flights during November and December 2017 has been intolerable. I have been regularly woken at 4:30am by aircraft noise. This morning (5th Dec) it was so bad I presumed it was 6am before I looked at my clock. There were 6 or 7 flights within a minute of each other from 4:35am. We have lived in Putney for 8 years. I've never before had such aircraft noise problems during the winter when our windows are closed. This is terrible. I have complained on the Heathrow website, thanks for the link.
Jill Ridley-Smith, Putney

5 December 2017

You have to go on Heathrow website make a complaint about noise!! It takes 2 minutes and we all need to do that!! They dont respect londoners: we need to make our voice heard
Sarra Badel, Battersea

24 November 2017

Aircrafts are too close and noise is really annoying. I live north side of Clapham Common. Too many per minute. This needs to change
Assia Adanouj, Clapham Junction

21 November 2017

No concern for residents - flights are earlier and there are just far too many. Can't wait to be out of this beautiful area (sadly) because the noise is just ridiculous. Very glad I don't own property here as it'll seemingly only get worse. Plus what about pollution???? Surely this cannot be healthy for residents with so many planes overhead. is there anything that can be done? Heathrow is literally killing it's own haha
Matthew Prehn, Wandsworth

13 November 2017

The noise now from approx 4-5am is terrible, feels like every minute you can hear the next plane overhead. I now suffer from insomnia and even with pills and earplugs sometimes you just end up listening to planes all night. The noise is horrendous and it’s seriously impacting my quality of life now. I’m considering moving in an attempt to get my sleep back on track which is so sad as I love the area.
Jonathon Chapman, Balham

7 November 2017

Plane noise has become unbearable at all hours!!! What has changed ? I moved here 3 years ago and it wasn’t even close to this bad- Heathrow stop this abuse of residents! Unbearable
Ksenia cannell, Wandsworth

22 October 2017

Giula, out of interest, which area of battersea do you live in? more towards clapham junction

22 October 2017


22 October 2017

It's Sunday morning and I haven't slept at all since 5 am. Planes are literally flying over our house every 30 seconds - how's that even possibile? I am just waiting for the rent contract to expire in some months to get the hell out of battersea - im pretty sure very less will be done to solve the issue. Such a shame as it's a lovely area.
Giulia, Battersea

22 October 2017

Noise from planes at 4:45am is just unacceptable. This absolutely needs to be taken seriously by authorities and addressed fully. The planes are directly above my property coming into land and the noise is unbelievable. I will not stop at simply complaining on a website but will ensure these complaints are taken seriously.
Claire, Putney

19 October 2017

Just moved to the area and shocked at how often I am woken up from 5am onwards with planes overhead every few minutes. This then impacts me throughout the day as I feel tired and lathergic!
Bethany Watts, Balham

9 October 2017

Baby wakes every morning with first flight. Trying to extend her sleep but how can I with early morning flights rattling her windows? Low planes also interfere with the baby monitor which is worrying.
H Stan, UK

8 October 2017

something has clearly changed here given the volume of complaints. i'm sure if heathrow cut down the night flights that would see a massive drop in the number of complaints on the site.
James Black, Battersea

1 October 2017

Massive noise waking me up early on Saturday morning
chris williams, Putney

30 September 2017

Have moved to Battersea two years ago and bought a beautiful house. Lately the airplane noise has gotten that bad that I feel like I need to sell the house and move again. It is so frustrating and really affects my well being. When we first moved in the house there definitely wasn't as much airplane noise. There was some but now there is a constant buzzing sound! It really is unbearable.
M C P, Battersea

21 September 2017

Recently moved to the area and shocked by how much noise there is in the morning from 4.30-6.30am. Really struggling to sleep, definitely impacting on our enjoyment of the area
Chloe brindley, Clapham Junction

9 September 2017

Battersea has gotten more noise from planes and helicopters over the years . Summer sleeping is midnight till 4.30 guaranteed!!!! Put it in hotel ads and estate agents. No argument against seems possible!! Now helicopters skip going down the river and blast me in my kitchen. Wait for there drones!?
Lois matcham, Battersea

8 September 2017

Flights were starting at 6 am. Early but not ridiculous. Now they are overhead at 5 am. That is ridiculous.
Dina Stoeppler, London

7 September 2017

House hunting in Battersea yesterday as looking to move back to London. Noise was hugely invasive. Absolutely not good for the borough of Wandsworth - as well as being detrimental to the well being of residents, it must be putting a lot of people off moving here. Clearly from the comments history, it has deteriorated over some time and improvement is not forthcoming.
Gillian C, UK

1 September 2017

The noise is horrendous. Woken at 4.30am, can't hear the television or even have a conversation at normal volume. It has spoilt my experience of my new home in Battersea. I wish I had seen these comments prior to buying a very expensive house.
Helen, Battersea

26 August 2017

for the last few days there's been really loud planes flying between 22.00 and 00.00, i noticed because i usually have my pc low volume to not bother the kids but lately i can't hear a thing cos of the constant planes. what on earth is going on?i've been living here for years and never had this problem before it's always been extremelly quiet at night.
alex, Tooting

25 August 2017

The flights coming in in the morning start at around 4.30 / 5am and are absolutely unbearable. The noise is so loud it is as though I am sleeping outside on the roof! It seems that I live right under the point where the aircraft add extra thrust and the engines power up as they approach the landing route. This is no condition to try and live with. It is impossible to sleep. At 845 this morning they were still ploughing in and the engine thrust is unbearable. Please consider residents. Some of us can't just move!
David Grundy, Putney

20 August 2017

Every morning I woke up about 4:30 because of very loud airplane noise -woke up two hours ago and lying awake now because of it. This is a drastic change from a year ago, it cannot be necessary. So incredibly frustrating.
R O Loughlin, Battersea

18 August 2017

Noise over Nunhead, SE15, starts from 4.30am. Utterly ridiculous
Christian, London

15 August 2017

It gets worse. Everyday it's longer and louder.
Peter light, Battersea

6 August 2017

The noise is so much worse. I can't wait to move, as it's really impacting on my health.
Audrey, Battersea

29 July 2017

Flights are ridiculous - no care for residents just about shoving more people to and fro??!!! Something needs to be done as it's ruining a lot of beautiful areas - planes paths change so even with windows shut I must still hear them every couple minutes. Not on!
Matthew Prehn, Wandsworth

25 July 2017

We live in Brixton and I am constantly woken at 5.30am by the noise from aeroplanes overhead. It is really taking a toll on my health and life. I go to sleep at 9.30pm so I can get 8 hours sleep. This is no life! Our 3 year old son often wakes at 5.30am too (but sleeps later if we are staying with friends or grandparents which leads me to believe the noise from the planes is waking him too. The noise is so bad we never sleep with any windows open so I don't see there's anything more can do.
Julia Young, London

23 July 2017

Planes flying low regularly at gone 11pm keeping me awake.
Laura, London

17 July 2017

The planes going overhead create a constant and unrelenting barrage of noise, all day, every 30-40 seconds, until midnight. We are over 17 miles away from Heathrow. Something needs to be done to vary the flight paths to give people some respite.
yasmin valji, Clapham Junction

15 July 2017

Airplanes noise is too much and too many planes! I counted about a plane every minute! Albert Bridge Road is a prime location near the park and because of that noise its a nightmare...
Sarra Badel, Battersea

9 July 2017

Every morning I woke up about 4:30 because of very loud airplane noise even I have double glazed windows closed. Where are our basic human rights to get at least 6 hours sleep?!!! I can't believe how legally this is allowed . You can report to police if people make anti social noises. But whom shall I complain to about this?!
jane, Putney

5 July 2017

There is a lot of aircraft noise especially early morning - 5am
vicky futrille, Clapham Junction

4 July 2017

Is it me or have planes become worse in the last month? Has something changed in terms of flight path, frequency, height of aircraft? Keep on getting woken really early in the morning and previously I have been fine (except when we had Concord)
Bruce L, Balham

4 July 2017

I have just moved in to my new flat - and the flight path has ruined the whole experience. When we viewed the property in the day, the flight noise was somewhat disguised by daily surrounding noise so we didn't think much of it. Now trying to sleep, completely different story. So upset by this. It is a completely residential area - how is this allowed to happen?
Deirdre Griffin, Wandsworth

3 July 2017

We recently moved back to London to East Sheen. It's a total nightmare purely because of aircraft noise. We are all woken up st 4.30, cannot sit in our own garden and live our life round runway alteration. Could never have anticipated how bad it would effect us on a daily basis. This shouldn't be allowed / legal to ruin so many residential areas
Rachel Jones, London

29 June 2017

The number of planes that currently land during restricted night time hours is far too many. The first flights come over around 4.30am and this wakes the whole household including 2 young children - every day! It will only get far worse with a 3rd runway.
Lucinda Jeffrey, Wandsworth

26 June 2017

As it is, the noise is unrelenting, especially in the summer months. It is impossible to relax and have even 10 minutes of peace before the next jet screams by. I need subtitles and sign language since I can't carry on a conversation or listen to the TV. It would be nice if there was some consideration for residents and quality of life that is degraded by the constant overbearing noise.
Kimberly Gaddy, Battersea

24 June 2017

The aircrafts noise from Heathrow became unbearable. I wake up every morning around 4/5am by the noises. Last Sunday, I was in my garden, without exaggerations, there was constant planes in the sky, one after the other with no break in the noise. I found unacceptable that our health goes after money...!
Laura Rollinger, Clapham Junction

23 June 2017

Huge amount of noise that i feel has increased in the last few years. Is becoming unbearable for our family.
Sofia Lee, Battersea

19 June 2017

Air noise is only getting worse...my toddler wakes up every day with the first flights landing in Heathrow...we love Battersea but thinking of selling and moving out of the borough...nothing was ever done to help and the 3rd runaway is just going to add to our nightmare
Claire, Battersea

19 June 2017

Air noise are only getting worst and worst...my toddler wakes up every day with the first flights landing in Heathrow...we love Battersea but thinking of selling our house and moving out of the borough...nothing was ever done to help and the 3rd runaway is just going to add to our nightmare
Anne-Claire Allain, Battersea

19 June 2017

Last night I timed the incoming aircraft into heathrow from 7.50pm-8pm. There were 10 planes. 1 ever single minute. It is miserable for residents of Wandsworth. Imagine what it will be like with a 3rd runway. Why not build it at Gatwick where flights come in mainly over hinterland.
Dee, Battersea

19 June 2017

A beautiful weekend of brilliant summer sunshine but marred by incessant aircraft noise ALL weekend. AGAIN. Like others here I'm fed up of the intrusion, the sight of low flying aircraft and their droning undercarriages so near to my home, and the detrimental effect on my sleep, home life and general peace of mind. When I can, I will move to another area outside London, but what a shame to have to leave Wandsworth! And what about the people who can't leave? We have to be prepared to discuss & reduce the number of flights we personally take so airports like LHR don't expand - the cost is too high for Londoners, and their environment. Londoners deserve more!
Sophie Johnston, Battersea

19 June 2017

The noise level of these planes is nothing short of madness, how much longer can this go on? On the first few sightings I thought there must be an emergency, the planes were so low. Battersea is so beautiful but there is no relief even at the park from this ridiculously loud sound. It's only increasing in regularity too.
Ro O' L, Battersea

5 June 2017

A plane a minute this morning from about 5.30 am kept our whole family awake including a 4 year old and 1 year old. Sleep deprivation is bad enough with children waking up but this number of flights is just wrong. I feel like we are trapped here because the cost of moving is so high. Something should be done - we can't live like this. Both parents are in full time work and we need every bit of sleep we can get.
Oliver Sinclair, Putney

5 June 2017

My family and I are being woken up around 4am each morning from the aircraft noise and I feel this is having a significant effect on us. We have double glazing and I wear ear plugs at night but still the loud noise wakes us!! I feel that something really needs to be done about this.
Joanne Warwick, Wandsworth

25 May 2017

I was dismayed to hear that the current Conservative government now backs the plan for a third runway at Heathrow, despite the opposition of Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, and all of the local councils directly affected by the proposal. The prospect of yet more noise and air pollution is extremely worrying - surely there should be some consideration for the health and well-being of Londoners?
Jane Wingfield, Southfields

23 May 2017

Expanding Heathrow will have a negative impact on the environment generally and our quality of life in particular. The government under David Cameron explicitly promised it wouldn't happen, and as the party still in power they should keep that promise. How many more times do we have to say this?
Peter Wingfield, Southfields

23 May 2017

From 22:30 until 5:30, 7 days a week... This is when there are no aircrafts. It is getting worse and worse. There should be some regulation about this. What is our recourse for this ? This should be priority number one for the council. Is it the case ? Please focus on this big problem... What is our recourse for this nuisance ?
Lermyte Jason, Battersea

21 May 2017

The noise of the recently introduced flight path over this postcode is now unbearable and constant. The noise is relentless and it is becoming very difficult to live with. I no longer want to go back home because of the noise. Please can we do something to stop this?
Lucy Scovell, London

14 May 2017

The noise of the planes flying over London near my house Sw1v1np is very strong ,impossible to salées even late at night
Amel Barbot, London

10 May 2017

I have lived in SW14 SW11 & SW2 for 17 years; including under or close to the flight path. The noise from the current Heathrow Flight path is getting worse and at time unbearable, and I live in Brixton. The third runway (as I understand from some consultancy work I have been involved with) is to accommodate freight as well as passengers. Also planes are being are targeted to reduce their own CO pollution, as a result they they become noiser. This is having an impact on many London Boroughs, and no one seems to be concerned enough to challenge the airport. Not many modern European cities allow planes to fly directly over their city, why should London be any different. Pollution comes in many forms including noise. Wake up London.
Will Freeman, London

3 May 2017

We live in Enfield and were woken at 2am this morning with the noise of a plane 'circling' for over 10 minutes. We live on a flight path into Heathrow so, even being well away from the Airport, we suffer too. We can also recognise the sound of a large passenger jet rather than a police helicopter or smaller plane - this was definitely a large jet. What is happening?
Sue, London

26 April 2017

I work around SW London and therefore I have lived in various addresses in Clapham, Putney and Fulham. Such a lovely, leafy family areas destroyed by constant annoying noise. It's literally driving me insane. Can't keep the windows open or if I do I can't hear the television or talk on the phone! Also I find it scary that jumbo jets are flying low over my head. Who takes the blame if an accident happens over these intensely populated areas?
Anni, Putney

17 April 2017

Have lived here for 2 years now. Over this period the aircraft noise has become progressively worse and has now reached the point where it has become unbearable. I will be leaving the area shortly.
Niall, Battersea

17 April 2017

The noise is unbearable!! This can be easily fixed. Either relocate Heathrow airport or insist the aircraft fly around London and not over it. We have a democratic right to not be polluted by noise. I will vote for the party that deal with this issue!!
John, Battersea, Battersea

11 April 2017

Those planes makes me suicidal. This is unbearable. Starts early in the morning and finishes late at night. How can we live in this constant noise, all day every second, as when one plane fade off another starts. This is so depresing, I don't want to live like this anymore...
Kate, Clapham Junction

9 April 2017

Planes are getting louder and louder. I can't hear the TV with the windows open. Ridiculous. Planes should be flying around London rather than over it. We have enough air and noise pollution coming from the ground!
Joaquin, Clapham Junction

9 April 2017

This noise makes me phissically sick! I am having severe migraines. The noise is unbearable every 60 seconds planes are flying over our apartment. I am wearing ear plugs but still can hear the engines very loud. The planes flying low you can clearly read the writings. Can this stop please! Can't take it any longer!
Julie, Clapham Junction

9 April 2017

Is it just me or have the flight paths changed recently?
Ivan Enuff, Battersea

5 April 2017

5 planes in 5 minutes, the average for citizens living around Battersea Bridge... Planes flying lower and making more noise. It's unacceptable to have to live with such a compromise to our wellbeing. Yes, noise affects our health, physically and mentally! Citizens should not constantly have to wear earplugs. Citizens should be allowed to enjoy quietly their personal spaces acquired through their hard work and taxes paid. More flight paths? To allow an even larger number of individuals in London? 36.7 million of tourists/business individuals/... compare to a population of 8.6 million inhabitants? Do we need more of this for our economy? Should citizens suffer the consequences to please aircraft companies growing their anual benefits?
Cinderella Bounoider, Battersea

5 April 2017

The amount of planes flying and constant noise of engines is just unbelievable. How is it even allowed? I work in Battersea and have to put on my headphones all day long to cover aircrafts noise since my office is just under the flying path. When I'm going to the park for a break this is even worst. I live in north east London which is also under the same flying path. And there is no quieter or quiet planes.
Sophie E, Battersea

4 April 2017

I've just been woken by planes every 2 minutes at 4.30am on a Sunday. I'm sure they didn't used to start until at least 6am and didn't used to be so low.
Matthew Marshall, Clapham Junction

2 April 2017

Unbearable aircraft noise saw two planes flyed directly above the house. Very low and large planes A380 is the worst. Heathrow need to do something.
Lingnan, Battersea

29 March 2017

Enough of this noise starting from 5am. Sunday morning ruined once again! Planes are so loud so early in the morning, this is just not acceptable. Battersea is such a nice and peaceful area but the aircraft noise is a nightmare.
Sophie Rosenvinge, Battersea

19 March 2017

The air traffic is unbearable in mornings. I wake up at 5am every morning from flights starting to come in. It must have got worse as this was not a problem here in Chelsea before.
Karolina Kjellberg, London

18 March 2017

The planes are flying so low that it feels like it's going to land on you. At night this constant noise is horrible for family life in this nice quiet street.
Victoria Mason, London

13 March 2017

None stop aircraft noise searching for plan to reduce the noise in side the house
Daojun, Battersea

27 February 2017

Very bad early morning noise coming from incoming planes. Sunday morning ruined. When is Heathrow and the Government going to stop peddling the fallacy that modern aircraft engines are quieter! They've never been worse!! I've lived in the area for 20 years.
E Hayes, Battersea

26 February 2017

The government leaflet "Have your say" does not specify the location where the consultation events will be held. It shows Putney on 24 Feb but it does not say where. Your site does not show that either. Please advise the location.
Avram Balabanovic, Putney

21 February 2017

We have noticed that planes are now louder and flying lower than last year. This has been going on for more than a month now. This is affecting our quality of life. Is this going to continue?
Shaok Tahir, London

19 February 2017

Just moved in to a new rental flat in Putney and I'm just below a flight path of arrivals to Heathrow. The noise level is ridiculously high, it is disgusting that it's legal for Heathrow airport to disregard people's lives so much. It is absolutely impossible to sleep past 4.30 pm.
Alex Metzger, Putney

17 February 2017

We moved to Clapham last night and couldn't sleep as planes were flying over every 2 minutes or so! I really hope this isn't a frequent occurrence!
Samantha, London

8 January 2017

I moved last week to the area. I like it a lot, however the airplanes noise is very uncomfortable.
Diana Gonzalez, Clapham Junction

14 December 2016

Recently I have been woken every morning very early around 5 am due to aircraft noise. This is very new. We never had this before - have you re routed aircraft recently and will this continue. This is unacceptable . I work very hard and need to be able to sleep until c 6:30 am. Why is this happening and for how much longer.
Val, Earlsfield

18 November 2016

It's A Sunday in November and my 1 year old baby has just been woken again by constant planes going overhead with only 20 secs between them. It's been the same all week and it's not on. I can understand in July/August when there are more planes cause of holidays but why in the dead of November??? This has to stop it's causing us all a lot of stress.
Paul Craddock, Putney

13 November 2016

Wandsworth Town. Heathrow flight noise is getting so much worse: earlier (4:30am this week, with flights almost every minute) and louder - unbearable. How can Heathrow claim people near flight paths are supportive of a 3rd runway? Will be looking to move away from Wandsworth and other areas in the flight path
Guy, Wandsworth

12 November 2016

Heathrow is ruining Londoners life from 6 am till 11pm 24/7 with constant engine noise with 1 plane flying above our head every minute, how is that even allowed? There are more planes than ever flying over London, why is it not limited? Is it because Heathrow is making millions profits years after years, more planes means more profit and our quality of life is the last of their concern. I woke up everyday at 6am with the noise of plane engines, it is so sad and never wreaking since there is not a single minute of silence. It actually worst than road trafic noise.
Sophie A, Battersea

11 November 2016

It is a complete fallacy that newer planes are quieter -they're not!
E Hayes, Battersea

26 October 2016

The proposed new runway reduces the flight paths over Wandsworth so I support it from that perspective. The wider issues are too much to discuss here but I think a bigger infrastructure investment will be require at Gateick anyway which presents its own complications for Wandsworth.
Andrew Japp, Wandsworth

26 October 2016

the flights have really increased lately. Upstairs when I am trying to get to sleep at night the noise coming through the roof is so loud that it is really aggravating. I have taken to wearing ear plugs and it is still awful. No sooner than one fades than along comes another
patricia glover, London

25 October 2016

Emu Road; woken every morning before dawn. Can not use the backyard garden because the noise is incessant. Surely London life won't be worth living with another runway.
W Bunn, Battersea

22 October 2016

Continuous airplane noise from 6 am!
Joel, Wandsworth

21 October 2016

Unbearable constant noise and as we are under the filter corridor we get the feed of planes from both sides of the approach. Enough is enough.
Robert, Battersea

18 October 2016

3.30am this morning some very strange sounding plane. went on for an hour. will campaign against this. planes not allowed over London at that time. singe engine not a ccommercial plane. Can someone tell me what is going on and i will stop it happening. Thank you.
Pippa Hill, London

12 October 2016

I have lived in Tooting since 2011 and never known of any plane noise before. The current noise levels are disturbingly high late at night. I work near to Hampton and contemplated moving there earlier this year to be closer to work but decided against it largely because of the plane noise so I'm hugely disappointed to hear it now in Tooting.
Jemma, Tooting

3 October 2016

We have lived in Tooting for just over a year and I have never noticed plane noise before. However recently there are noisy, low planes flying over our house every couple of minutes at certain times of day including very early in the morning which is incredibly disruptive.
Antonia, Tooting

21 September 2016

Surely the borough can serve a section 80. Other forms of noise pollution is totally unacceptable at such early and late hours? 5.30am is unacceptable how is this not a breach of environmental legislation? The noise is well over ambient levels that would never be accepted in the borough during working hours!
Tracy, Clapham Junction

19 September 2016

I have been living in Clapham in Grafton Square for 18 months and have never noticed the planes before but recently it sounds as if there are more planes and that they are a lot lower than previously.
Robert Rip, Clapham Junction

19 September 2016

The has been a massive increase in aircraft noise recently over our house close to Wandsworth common station. Starting very early. This needs to be addressed.
Eduardo Cesar, Balham

19 September 2016

We have lived off Northcote Road for 4 years. This past summer has seen an insane uptick in the number of flights. Usually from 4:30am onwards we are woken up by the planes. It is currently Sunday morning. I have counted a plane a minute since 6:40am. This flight path over Battersea is now unbearable and needs to be addressed immediately.
Sam, Battersea

18 September 2016

If the noise and frequency of flights bothers you please also complain officially to Heathrow noise@heathrow.com Daily operational data, including the number of complaints is posted here - http://heathrowoperationaldata.com
Jools, Battersea

12 September 2016

Apparently an additional 250,000 flights a year and demolishing 753 homes near Heathrow as well as wrecking their lives .
Jan, Battersea

10 September 2016

We have lived in Stormont Road for a few years now. However recently the air traffic pollution has become unbearable... It is highly stressfully and causing all sorts of issues with lack of sleep and stress levels. The flight path / number of flights has clearly increased. Why has this been allowed to happen.
Ed thomson, Clapham Junction

9 September 2016

I have been living in Elsynge Road for 3 years and never experienced major problems with aircraft noise in the last month or so has become unberable. 2/3 planes every couple of minutes at very low level Pls advice as we are serioudly considering moving homes

9 September 2016

The aircraft noise pollution is relentless. Whos brilliant idea was it to position the flight path of one of the world's busiest airports over the city centre of London. The noise is unbearable. I can't even talk on the phone or hear the TV or radio. It is so stressful. I hate it beyond belief. If Heathrow is expanded I will leave London and England for good. I will take my business and all the people I employ with me.
richard jung, Clapham Junction

6 September 2016

LHR via Earlsfield? 4 Sept, 9:58am, Turkish Airlines 777 Flight THY1JF 3,000ft at 135kts. Why?
Toby Allchurch, Earlsfield

5 September 2016

Every Sunday morning is ridiculous here, the planes are going very low overhead from about 4.30am onwards, and has gotten worse recently. I don't know how these things work regulations wise but they must have changed their flight patterns recently and as such are now flying over densely populated areas at extremely unsociable hours of the day.
Daniel Hooton, Earlsfield

5 September 2016

Aircraft noise has become intolerable in Pimlico too. There is barely a minute of the day without it!I really can't stand it anymore!How can this be allowed???
Cecilia, London

4 September 2016

In the last 6 months or so the number of planes coming over our house has increased significantly - they a seem to have changed the flight path - before it was only on occasional days - now it's every min from around 4am onwards. Not acceptable.
Charles Cooper, Clapham Junction

3 September 2016

Very important that as well as posting here you cc email your complaints to... Your local MP (in my case Battersea) -jane.ellison.mp@parliament.uk Heathrow noise complaints - noise@heathrow.com Mayor of London - mayor@london.gov.uk We must inundate all concerned with complaints every time we're disturbed or risk this hellish blight of more frequent and noisy low flying aircraft becoming the norm!
Jools, Battersea

2 September 2016

No one takes any notice of comments posted on here officially. It is very important to write to our MP Jane Ellison ( jane.ellison.mp@parliament.uk) and also to complain directly to Heathrow (http://www.heathrow.com/noise/what-you-can-do/make-a-complaint-about-noise#) . If you do not, there's a real risk the increase in low flying aircraft may become the new normal!
Jools, Battersea

1 September 2016

I have been working in Battersea near Queenstone road for the last past 2 years and did notice an increase in aircraft traffic, which is pretty insane. Planes are flying over my office all day long. Then on lunchtime I go to the park to relax but still this constant noise of planes flying over every 1 or 2 minutes is just unbearable and nerve wracking. How come so many planes are allowed to fly over the city at low altitude? And what if there is an accident?! I'm not comfortable having planes flying over highly populated area at this rate. Londoners deserve better quality of life since the city is already polluted by other type of air and noise pollution.
Sooph, Battersea

1 September 2016

there has definitely been a change in the flight path over the past few months. When we moved to Balham 7 years ago we could see the planes in the distance but not hear them. Now they are a much closer and seem to be right overhead at times. Is this a permanent change to the flightpath?
B Walshe, Balham

1 September 2016

Live in West Molesey (surrey) this year and last have been unbearable. When Easterly winds, they is no point going to bed until gone 12am and I can't sit in my own garden without a plane flying over my head. Now even on Westerlies I can hear the planes flying over (they can now fly anywhere when over 4,000 feet). No where is safe from Heathrow nowadays in the South West, far too many planes flying in and out. No other country does this happen. Can't believe this 3rd runway is on the cards - it is destroying people's lives.
Nick Johnson, UK

31 August 2016

Not so sure runway alernation has any impact if you live in W14. The noise starts at 5am, it is almost 10pm and they are still going. This is ridiculous! Even our guests complaint this weekend.
Elizabeth, London

29 August 2016

I am awake since 2 hours counting the numbers of airplanes over my head...it is simply crazy!How can this be allowed?
Carla, London

28 August 2016

Please let me know where I can join any petitions to control the air traffic over Putney and the surrounding region. As we all know, routes can be changed and steeper elevations can be implemented from Heathrow so as to not disturb populated areas.
Mr Carvalho Burgess, Putney

27 August 2016

The noise is insane early in the morning and past midnight. This can't be lawful
Simon, Battersea

27 August 2016

I've lived in W14 for over a year. The noise the planes approaching Heathrow has gotten ridiculous in the last few weeks. Honestly I am woken up at 6am several times a week with planes thundering over ever few minutes. It's UNBARABLE!!!! Please do something!!
Robert, London

26 August 2016

We have been living in Clapham for 2 years now and although we love the neighborhood, the constant noise of the airplanes flying low from 4.30am to late at night is making it a nightmare (affecting our sleep etc.). How can this be allowed? What can we do to fight against this? We talk about air pollution but what about noise pollution? This is also affecting our health and the one of our children.
Emily, Clapham Junction

24 August 2016

Aircraft noise is unbearable and starts at 5am here in Fulham. Sleep deprivation is a big issue.
Anton Petrov, London

24 August 2016

Official complaints are only recorded via this website: http://www.heathrow.com/noise/what-you-can-do/make-a-complaint-about-noise Please file your complain as often as you get disturbed!! Its important to file as this is the only tool for Heathrow to monitor increases in complaints. There is clearly a huge crowd effected by their noise planes and this needs to stop!
Ed, Battersea

22 August 2016

It's 7am on a Sunday and I've been awake for 2 1/2 hours struggling with planes flying overhead. I guess this went through. http://www.wandsworth.gov.uk/news/article/12699/help_stop_major_aircraft_noise_increase_over_wandsworth
David, Earlsfield

21 August 2016

Moved to Catford 5 months ago. Never really noticed the planes until yesterday. I think changes have been made to the flight path in the last week. Planes flying overhead more frequently and at a lower height, it is unbearable, we need to do something. Pravin Rasalingam
pravin rasalingam, UK

19 August 2016

Last few days the planes are thundering overhead every five minutes in wimbledon What's going on?
Dezzi/Deb LLOYD, London

18 August 2016

I have noticed a dramatic increase of aircraft flying very low directly over my house from early morning to late evening, the noise is so much louder than it used to be. Has the flight path changed in the last week or are bigger aircraft the problem? Can we find out who sanctioned these changes please!
Louise Smith, Roehampton

17 August 2016

I have lived in Tooting a year and we have never had an issue with noise from planes but in the last week or so it's been awful even really late at night. Has there been some change in the flight path? Thanks Sarah
Sarah clay, Tooting

15 August 2016

I moved to Lambeth North 3 years ago. There was the odd plane going to LHR. Over the last 2 years we get concentrated flight path noise to LHR that is VERY bad when North rnway is landing and quite bad when South rnway is landing. We also get LCY concentrated paths since this year with South/East winds blows. We are inundated with noise from before 0430 hrs to midnight and sometimes to both LHR and LCY together. Our sleep is impaired. Our gardens are not usable. Kate Hoey MP is against LHR, but Lambeth Council and councillors are useless. Many of us use twitter and find we are becoming ill with the effects of the constant noise.
Maureen Korda, London

15 August 2016

Lived in the area for 10 years and it has never been as bad as it as now. They fly so low it rattles the window's when overhead plus the constant drone from 4.30am to midnight every day as they approach. Unfortunately we have an MP, Jane Ellison, who is more interested in banning cigarettes and inviting Islamic extremists for a reception at the House of Commons than looking after the health and well being of her constituents.
James Newbound, Battersea

12 August 2016

Noticeable increase in plane noise. Has there been a change in the flightpath?
Piers Harris, Battersea

7 August 2016

I've lived in Battersea for just about 3 yrs and like most Londoners have a high tolerance for airplane noise. However, in the last 2 months there has not been a noticeable break in flights over us. That'll be from 4:30am (some sneak in earlier) until 11:30 at night - EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. To make matters worse, the largest aircraft seem now to be flying lower. Heathrow claim this is because they're simply bigger aircraft - pull the other one. Expansion? NO. Heathrow are dreadful, inconsiderate neighbours. Londoners have a right to a break from this relentless noise. Is anyone taking any notice of these comments?
Jon, Battersea

5 August 2016

I have also noticed increased noise. There is barely a minute of the day without aircraft noise - starting at 4:30 am and going on until midnight. I complained to Heathrow, and got a bland "nothing has changed for the last ten years" response - which does not match my own experience (in the Camberwell area of Lambeth). They won't do anything in the face of individual complaints - the only thing that may make a difference is sheer number of complaints. I therefore urge those who have not yet done so, to register an official complaint with Heathrow. Also, register your dissatisfaction with your MP, and the responsible Govt departments.
Naomi, London

5 August 2016

Hi, the past 2 nights I have been woken by an aircraft circling ahead for approx 30 mins each time. Wednesday night (approx 3.30am) and now which started approx 4.30am. Is there something going on or will this be something that continues? I really hope not!! Thank you
Kim, Southfields

5 August 2016

The plane noise for the last two nights has been unbearable, huge planes circling very low over our house in Earlsfield. It has woken me up both nights, and last night it seemed to start at about 3.30am.
Sophie, Earlsfield

4 August 2016

I live in Barnes and the noise is definitely getting worse - large jumbo planes are flying lower and lower and hence the noise increases. The bigger the plane the longer the descent and therefore they have to fly low. These planes should be made to land at Gatwick now - there should be a complete review on what is able to land at Heathrow - let alone any discussion on additional runway. No night flights at all and all noisy low flying aircraft to be rescheduled to Gatwick. This should happen now - a stronger line needs to be taken. Heathrow puts out misleading information.
Lynn, London

3 August 2016

Guaranteed 5am wake up call every day, every 2-3 minutes. If you suffer from anxiety you could not cope. The noise is relentless! Help!
Emily, Balham

3 August 2016

Hello everyone. I live in NY (Nassau County), USA. We have the same problem with JFK airport. Unfortunately we haven't gotten any results by complaining either. It seems it's an international circumstance. http://www.city-data.com/forum/long-island/503860-aircraft-noise-over-nassau-county-93.html
mrpepelepeu, London

31 July 2016

The increase in planes flying low over Battersea Park is alarming. They should not be allowed to fly so low, and the noise is nervewracking. I know that in Paris planes are not allowed to fly low over the city. Why is it allowed over London?
Vivienne Roberts, Battersea

30 July 2016

The aircraft noise has increased dramatically in the last couple of months. I thought it was just me but seeing the comments below its clearly not. We are woken every day at the crack of dawn and it persists until well after we go to bed. It is getting unbearable and it's the first time I have ever been really bothered by aircraft noise and I grew up much closer to Heathrow under the flight path. Heathrow should not be the automatic airport to expand given the number of residential properties affected compared with other airports, notably Gatwick.
Rosie Scott, Wandsworth

29 July 2016

The planes are non stop from 5am for 4 hours in the mornings - IT IS INSANE
Stephanie jeans, Wandsworth

28 July 2016

This is absolutely ridiculous. There is not a single minute without 2/3 planes passing by for hours now! This cannot go like this, someone has to do something!
Matt, Battersea

27 July 2016

What's going on!! So much more aircraft noise recently with constant planes flying low over the garden. So noticeable it prompted me to search online which is how I found this site. We're in south east London/north west Kent area
Beverley Kane, London

27 July 2016

I couldn't agree more with the comments below. It's constant the sound of planes and on a hot night like we've had this July is impossible to leave your window open. It sounds like they are landing on Clapham Common.
Rita Walters, Balham

26 July 2016

We've a bad enough time with relentless Heathrow aircraft noise on the W14/SW6 border, worse when aircraft are landing on north runway but still disturbed by the south runway. We just returned from what should have been a relaxing afternoon in the garden of a Putney pub but it was hard to relax & chat with the constant noise from Heathrow low-flying arrivals every 40 secs or so. However, nothing prepared us for the onslaught we'd receive at 3pm with a change to the south runway. The planes were now directly overhead and any conversation was all but impossible. We had to give up and leave. I thought we were badly off but I'm left feeling so sorry for those in Purney. This is total torture, not possible it's legal in this day & age!
Sonia Alani, London

25 July 2016

Aircrafts noise has become really really unbearable in Fulham, we live in Niton Street and it's just like having a busy motorway above our heads. Constant noise, from very early hours to late evening.... I was keen to add our voice here!
alex coppede, London

23 July 2016

Found this site looking for answers as to why we're hearing so much more plane noise recently. It's no joke! Totally ruins sitting in the garden and really you need to close the windows when sitting inside! No respite at any time of the day! We're in Peckham/Nunhead area. At least we know now that we're not imagining things.
Matt Ridley, London

23 July 2016

I and my young children have been woken continually by aircraft noise at 0430 for the past month or so. There seems to be no let up now whereas before around June I would notice we would have many days of quiet, sometimes weeks. What is going on? We are exhausted.
Claire Ellis, Putney

21 July 2016

Recently the plane noise has got worse and we used to have 2 weeks of being on the direct route and then 2 weeks off, this hasn't been the case the past month and we are being contently woken from 4am wit plane and cannot enjoy sitting outside in the afternoon because there are planes every 60 seconds directly overhead
mrs a calhoun, Clapham Junction

18 July 2016

I just told my landlady I may move out because i can't stand this noise. It's a Sunday, a lovely sunny day, i want to sit in my kitchen in peace with the back doors open on to the roof terrace and there is just a stream of planes. I pay a ALOT of money to rent this flat and it's ruining the experience - i love this flat, the area and i just find the constant noise of low flying overhead planes so oppressive. It's got to the point of unbearable! I was always thinking i'd eventually buy in this area but soley for the sake of avoiding this noise I now wouldn't! I actually think that when people get wind of this now - property prices may go down. Something needs to be done! At least have a rotation of routes to give us some break!
Kate Horwood, Battersea

17 July 2016

Write to your MP and please please please complain on this website:http://www.heathrow.com/noise/what-you-can-do/make-a-complaint-about-noise several times a day, get the numbers up! I sometimes have the feeling I am the only one complaining here. These statistics will get looked at and Heathrow uses them to argue that no one is bothered by the noise because no one complains.
Johnny, London

16 July 2016

Yes I'm also wakened by airplanes early in the morning with the windows shaking.
Jennifer Murphy, Battersea

12 July 2016

I too am also being woken every morning between the hours of 5 and 6am. The flat actually shakes and it is so draining every minute or less to have a huge plane flying over. This is an expensive area to live and rent! Therefore for the prices we pay I think it's totally unacceptable. It's actually meant that I lost a Flatmate as she couldn't stand the noise! What's worse, is I wake-up annoyed every morning because of it. I like fresh air in my room and shouldn't have to sleep with the windows completely closed in the summertime! ...However, even if they were shut it would barely make a difference! I am also concerned about the implications on jet fuel pollution. All in all something needs to be done. It is worse than ever!
Kate, Battersea

12 July 2016

I feel like I'm going mad but every morning I am woken at 4.30 - 5am where the whole house is shaking! All of my house mates including my partner sleep through it but it's actually waking me up and I can't get back to sleep! Surely it can't be good for the house either! It feels like I'm laying in a stationary car with the engine turning over. Does anyone else experience this? It's 5.22am and it's happening right now...
Chloe May, London

12 July 2016

Flights are have been every 45seconds for over an hour now - woken at 4.30 and started timing at 6am - its awful they are coming in so low - can hear the pilots on UHF radio talking about the view. It's disgusting that so many should suffer this. At least the planes should approach from the countryside rather than the city. Un healthy, un safe and un reasonable.
Simon Christophers, Battersea

11 July 2016

Completely exhausted by the plane noise this week. It's 6am and a plane passes directly over our flat approximately every 90 seconds or so. We need a break! It's ridiculously loud, especially in the hot weather.
Rebecca Simmonite, Battersea

10 July 2016

High noise of approaching planes early in the morning
David J Rodriguez, Clapham Junction

9 July 2016

We moved into the area of Battersea just recently, but I swear it wasn't so loud just a few weeks ago, or in May, when we viewed the property! It's impossible to sleep past 5a.m. and we definitely can't get double glazing as it's a rented property. Have the flight paths changed? I'm considering if it's worht loosing the deposit and just move out because I wouldn't be able to live here for the year!
Simone, London

4 July 2016

It's 4.30am and have been woken by plane noise, it's really starting to affect my energy levels during the day
Amanda, Putney

27 June 2016

What's going on? In the last few weeks I'm woken every day at 4.30am by the planes and so I have to keep my windows closed which means I'm woken by being hot! They go on til really late too.
Helena, London

22 June 2016

Plane noise in Brixton/Camberwell area has greatly increased in recent weeks. Very unpleasant
E. O'Neill, UK

17 June 2016

Plane noise has become ridiculous recently. Totally unacceptable.
Stuart Perry, Battersea

17 June 2016

This is ridiculous! I have counted 21 planes in 10 minutes. The noise is unbearable. And it kepeps going. It is only 6 am!
Eirini, Battersea

14 June 2016

What's with all these planes all of a sudden?? New routes? I just moved into my new place in Putney this March and all was fine until last month.. this is just ridiculous and is very stressful!
Wayne, Putney

13 June 2016

The noise of the aircrafts has increased since last week ridiculously. what's going on? When will this stop?
Carla, London

13 June 2016

The noise of the aircrafts has increased a lot in the last few days. I cannot sleep properly as they keep on to wake me up especially early morning!
Giulia, Clapham Junction

12 June 2016

Aircraft noise has increased ridiculously can not sleep, starts at 10 p.m. till 12 p.m. Early in the morning too started today at 6 a.m. WHAT IS GOING ON???
Jasmine, Tooting

10 June 2016

Think about using all the spare seats on Virgin trains to and from Gatwick. Another runway at Gatwick makes common sense. London's airways are full enough and the disturbance affects thousands more people here. They talk about the importance of hub airports but this argument is less relevant now and for future travel patterns. Let common sense prevail! Let them build at Gatwick at a lower cost and faster than expanding Heathrow.
Helen Slack, Battersea

7 June 2016

The noise from aircraft at night has been increasingly ridiculous recently, it's constant & really disrupts our sons sleep
Phillipa, Tooting

28 May 2016

Try living in Richmond, in a top floor flat, the planes are almost on my head. The last 2 weeks there were no planes for some reason, I didn't notice for days until I realised I wasn't exhausted and was sleeping through to my alarm but they are back and I have been awake, every morning with thw first one, around 4.30. I sleep with ear plugs and them silicone earplugs on top but the house vibrations and noise still wake me. How could they vary the flight paths more to share the burden and give everyone one week one, three weeks off of absolute hell? Hopefully new technology for a shorter approach will help but I am going to have to move, period.
Sophie Lunnon, Wandsworth

21 May 2016

Can't sleep for the airplane noise tonight...it is constant, no break at all.....what is going on.
Wendy, London

9 May 2016

It seems that making comments on this site is completely useless as Wandsworth Council seem powerless to help their residents. They must have had thousands of comments over the last few years but take them off this site. I have been complaining since 2012 when they changed the flight path to a more streamlined area, less people but more planes more often. It's really disgusting how Heathrow are allowed to disturb and pollute us like this. As with others comments I too have suffered with health issues through lack of sleep. Have double glazed windows at my own expense, which has no effect as they fly so low and so often. Heathrow should be made to compensate all residents under the flight path
Anna, Battersea

24 April 2016

The noise of aircraft approaching heathrow has increased recently and it is driving me completely mad!! There should be a ban of flights before 6am and after 10pm! This superhighway above our heads is not fair and the disturbance should be split more equally! Can we get full compensation for acoustic double glazing? A third runway is just stupid and too disruptive for Too many people! Support gatwick expansion and vote for Zac!
Edmond, Clapham Junction

24 April 2016

There is a nonstop wave of incoming planes every 45 seconds or so, perhaps elven shorter. The noise is very disruptive, especially if the double glazed windows are open. I'm sure the pollution falling down is very unhealthy.
John, Wandsworth

23 April 2016

Aircraft noise is the blight of our lives in this area of Battersea. Life will be even more intolerable with a third runway. It's important that we all vote for Zac Goldsmith who along with Wandsworth council is against expansion and said he will give up politics if it goes ahead.
Anna, Battersea

11 April 2016

I have just returned to Clapham South after a long absence. I am shocked at the great increase in airplane noise particularly late evening and early morning (from 5.0 am) making it very difficult to sleep. It's an extraordinary imposition. How are we supposed to live like this? We need this alleviated now never mind a third runway.
Jane Beeson, Balham

7 April 2016

The flight noise just became unbearable. I'm in Stockwell / Clapham North and it seems flights have started flying much earlier more recently and once started theyare pretty much constant making it impossible to sleep. Another runway increasing traffic from Heathrow is a ridiculous idea.
Joy, Clapham Junction

3 April 2016

I too have noticed a sharp increase in evening and early morning flights. Planes already woke me up from around 06:00. Now though they wake me up from between 04:00 - 04:30 and it's then impossible to go back to sleep, they are practically every 30 seconds. How can a second runway be countenanced when the disturbance is already unreasonable.
Rosalind Bailey, Putney

1 April 2016

We live in Battersea and experience too much noise from overhead aircraft. We have lived here for 12 years and seen it get a lot worse. It is not right to increase flight volumes with a third runway over densly popoluted and in an already air polluted capital. My wife and good friend have bad regular coughs they can't shake off for years due to pollution and increasing the numbers of planes flying overhead is goung to increase pollution and noise. We have also noticed a distinct inrease in high altitude overnight flights in the last five years between midnight and 4.30am, which are still distingtive and shoukd be re-rooted around the capital.
Fergus O'Loghlen, Battersea

25 March 2016

The planes are now waking me up every morning from 4.30am - this is 1.5 hours earlier than it used to be I'm sure. The noise and the frequency is unbearable, it's relentless and I imagine like thousands living in London I turn up at work daily feeling drained and useless. If George Osborne says he's all for hard working people but we have a problem with productivity, maybe he should think about the disruption this noise is causing and seriously rethink the time planes can land, and scrap the third runway idea once and for all.
Annie, Clapham Junction

21 March 2016

Aircraft noise was here before I bought my London flat. It's part of being in the city. Expansion doesn't bother me but I would appreciate direct links to Heathrow from Clapham Junction.
David Davidson, Clapham Junction

16 March 2016

Why are the numbers and height planes travelling increasing over the past months and getting worse?
Jacq, Balham

3 March 2016

I live in Clapham Old Town by Clapham Common. The plane noise disturbs my sleep most nights. My wife and I battle over whether the bedroom window should stay open. She prefers window open and fresh air or should I just say cold air rather than fresh and I prefer windows closed and reduced plane noise. It's ridiculous to think that a second runway at Heathrow won't create more noise pollution and health risks to Londoner's. It cleArly doesn't make sense to support a new runway where planes will fly over the the most populated part of England!! In the summer the plane noise drowns out conversation in the garden and in the kitchen if door are open. This can not be good for London.
Julien mills, Clapham Junction

23 February 2016

I live in Peckham and I am being woken up at 4.30 am every morning 7 days a week . I Really wish the flight path times could go back to 6.00am
Sharon, London

23 February 2016

I bought a flat in Putney last summer and can cope with the tube noise as it is just a background hum. However, the noise of aircraft has increased and become more frequent. I feel that the noise is louder and I now notice planes going directly over my flat (and lower) when before they flew on the other side of the river. I tend to wake up at around 4.30 am owing to the noise and then can't get back to sleep - not good for a teacher! I am considering getting secondary glazing but this is costly!
Charlotte Thomas, Putney

22 February 2016

I live in Richmond and the noise is a joke. I haven't slept in 3 days because the planes are flying directly above my house literally every 30 seconds from 4 am and I swear it's gotten worse since Christmas I don't even know how I will handle it if they expand. I already suffer from mental health problems and I am actually considering suicide (no threat intended) I just don't think I can go on.
Bee, London

21 February 2016

@Andrea get in touch with Heidi Alexander, MP for East Lewisham. That's what I have done too. If you want more info, email me:silke_john@gmx.net
Jonny, London

8 February 2016

Since moving in (June) Ive noticed during the day that every minute theres a low flying 737 overhead. But since around Christmas, Ive really noticed an increase in the frequency at night, and early in the morning. It seems the only time I can sleep is between 1am-5am!! how is this allowed to happen, Heathrow??
Joanna, Clapham Junction

8 February 2016

It is absolutely ridiculous that we have planes flying over London. Modern planes do not have to land into the wind so why can't they route these planes from the west, south west and north west instead of flying over one of the most densely populated areas in Europe. What will happen when they build the new runway. It's madness. The constant noise is unbearable. We have planes flying over our house every 2-3 minutes.
Jonas, Battersea

3 February 2016

We live in Lewisham and the number of aircraft flying is just ridiculous. We got aircraft passing on our area every 2 minutes from 7 am to 11 pm (16 hours x 30 aircrafts/h= 480 aircraft/day...) . It creates a continuous noise and is terribly annoying. Question: IS THERE ANYTHING WE CAN DO??
Andrea, London

2 February 2016

Can anyone explain why planes have started flying over Stockwell/Clapham at 4.30 am with almost no break between each? The noise is ridiculous, moved into our house a year ago and all fine, did renovations, moved in in November and since then, have been unable to sleep past 4.30 am most nights, what is going on? How are planes flying so low? Is there a way to stop this? It is so incredibly disruptive!
Beatrice, Clapham Junction

25 January 2016

I purchased my house in Southfields as I couldnt cope with Richmond, Sheen air traffic noise. Why on a daily basis we are now on the landing flight path? What happened? Very upset
kathy Robson, Southfields

10 January 2016

Recently noticed an increase in aircraft flying over much lower and frequently. Noise starts from 4.30am and is very disruptive.
Sophie Hadfield, Clapham Junction

5 January 2016

I have noticed recently that planes are overhead from 4.00am when previously it was 6.30pm. We have double glazed our house and done everything we can to block the noise, which unfortunately wakes my 2 year old at EXACTLY the time of the first flight. I'm not sure what has changed but I thought they were not allowed to fly during the night??!!
Chris Parsons, Clapham Junction

5 January 2016

Air traffic over my home (Wandsworth Road) has increased hugely and he noise is now quite unbearable particularly during the night. It is constant and very loud as the aircraft is clearly low flying. It is ridiculous to expect people to live with this
Ruth Wishart, Clapham Junction

4 January 2016

The noise of planes has recently got even worst than it was: more planes (not even 30 secs between 2 planes this morning -Sunday- at 6.30 am), flying lower than before, screeching. It starts around 4.30 am. This is torture.
Aurore, Battersea

27 December 2015

I have noticed that the plane are flying more frequently and even closer to the ground lately (clapham common) The noise starts at 5.30 in the morning and is non stop after. It is extremily upsetting. I'd like to help to make our life better around here. I am very anxious by the idea that heathrow is planning to expand, We've got to help Gatwick expand instead!
camille Denis, London

24 December 2015

Just moved to the area, loved the surroundings, loved the flat...somehow all my earlier visits go the area must have been on easterly wind days when there are no planes (according to Heathrow that's only about 30% of the time!!!!!). It's been non stop noise (=non stop migraine). I can't believe there's any easy solution I can use to improve the noise enough to be bearable. There's not even 30 sec between planes and it begun at 4:30am...so upsetting. I fear I'll have to move before being here even a month!! I can't believe Heathrow is allowed to do this in Zone 2. I never would have imagined it could be this bad this far out!!
Cristen Cameron, Battersea

23 December 2015

What on earth is going on? It's half past four on a Sunday morning and there are low flying planes every thirty seconds... I don't understand how that is even possible? It was always bad but this is intolerable, I have been woken up at 4:30-5:30 for weeks now! Please help I feel like I'm losing my mind with the lack of sleep, I've tried so many ear plugs nothing blocks out the sound!
Alice, Battersea

20 December 2015

The noise the past few weeks in the early morning has been intolerable. Nothing blocks out the noise as it's all consuming. I have recently had a lot of migraines and high blood pressure all due I'm sure to the constant lack of sleep, and waking to the sound of a plane hours earlier than my alarm which I no longer need. Will Heathrow help if I have a stroke?? I hate their arrogance and lies that they are going to fly higher for longer giving less distress to the residents who are constantly overflown. Try flying over Hampstead for a change see how they like it
anna, Battersea

18 December 2015

Terrible constant and loud aircraft noise during the morning, afternoon and night. This month is extremely worse than previous ones. The council should pressure Heathrow to follow the no flight hours and don't allow another runaway to go forward. Losing my mind
Alina, London

24 November 2015

I can't take this anymore. Living in Pimlico and cannot count to 10 without a low flying plane overhead, screeching etc. I'm close to becoming a pilot for god sakes! We need some common sense else regulators ought to head to primary school for some BASIC physics education!!!! I have a life and I do not choose to live on a bloody Tarmac so why will you force me?!?!???????? You have no right. Stop flying planes so low and so early in the morning and in late evenings. I want my rightful peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John, London

15 November 2015

Another disturbed morning in East Sheen. Planes seem louder and lower with screeching. Happy Sunday!
Dave, London

15 November 2015

Absolutely unbearable in East Sheen last month!! Waking up at 5 am every day by planes!! It recently got much worse than it used to be.
Bara, London

11 November 2015

I just bought a house and moved into Barnes, close to upper Richmond road.I observed plane noise is horrendous & unbearable. First flight starts at 4:28 am,later can hear at least 1 plane passing by every other minute.horrible.can concerned authority take this forward to look into this issue. No wonder I am typing this early in the morning with frustration after a disturbed sleep.I wasn't aware of this issue else wouldnt have considered this location.
Karthik, Putney

7 November 2015

We have just moved in the neighbourhood and are chocked by the level of noise for the last 2 days, constant planes flying very low over the common; I don't think that I have heard silence in the daylight in the last 48 hours. We heard so many good things about Clapham but unless you have triple glazing how can you live like this? Has it just recently gotten worst? We are thinking of moving again!
Julia, Clapham Junction

22 October 2015

Plane noise has become terrible in the last 2 weeks, and today it has been the worst: low flying regular planes over Tooting all evening. This has definitely changed recently: what tricks are Heathrow doing?
Paul, Tooting

14 October 2015

Angry again at being woken 2.5 hours before necessary. I'm not fit for work and have a raging headache. the planes haven't stopped since before 5am. When are we going to be compensated for the distress caused I wonder? It's our human right to be able to sleep!! I have earplugs and a pillow over my head but nothing stops the noise of a 747 flying low over your house. I am incandescent with rage. Why can't the council do something about it?
Anna, Clapham Junction

8 October 2015

What has happened since 5 days or so? The noise from airplanes over Clapham Junction / Common has suddenyl become unbearable, from very early in the morning until late at night, every minute or so in the morning and evening.. Why has this suddenyl become so much worse? I can't remember noticing this before, it was such a quiet neighbourhood......
Steven, Clapham Junction, Clapham Junction

7 October 2015

So it's 6.27am on a Sunday morning and I can't sleep as there is a very low flying plane going overheard every 30 seconds it seems!! Definitely not even a minute apart, I don't know how that can even be possible? What is going on, I've never noticed this before?! Completely unfair and unnecessary, Wandsworth council please say something?
Roisin, Putney

4 October 2015

Dear all, please go to HACAN Clear Skies website where they have a link to send an email directly to David Camerons office regarding Airport Expansion. Please make your voices heard. I had a reply with the same twaddle but at least they answered
Anna, Battersea

25 September 2015

Hi Anna, I know it's frustrating, but: Phillip Lee, MP for Bracknell, has been granted an adournment debate on 19 October in the House of Commons which is set to discuss the increase of aircraft noise in his constituency. He invited other Members of Parliament whose constituents are also impacted to partake in the debate. Ask your MP whether she could kindly attend and voice her residents' concern. I have done so with mine.
Johnny, London

20 September 2015

Thank you to Johnny. I have contacted Jane Ellison MP on several occasions. Boris Johnson, Howard Davies, HACAN, Heathrow, and this council, all to no avail. Greedy shareholders who don't live in this City, or even country will get their way thanks to Mr Davies and David Cameron's U turn.
Anna, Battersea

20 September 2015

I have found that the noise from the planes over Putney is constant in the mornings. From roughly 6am the noise from the planes wakes me up, even on Saturdays. The planes seem to fly over the house every minute or two, giving me no chance of getting back to sleep.
Kayleigh, Putney

19 September 2015

The noise from aircraft in the morning has increased a lot recently. It is really loud with low flying aircraft from 5:30am, I have to sleep with ear plugs which in a double glazed flat isn't acceptable. something has changed.
Jessica, Battersea

17 September 2015

The Noise from planes on the proposed new route of third runway would make relaxation in local gardens impossible- I experienced this problem when living in S.Fulham and moved out
Richard de Metz, Tooting

17 September 2015

For the past three weeks or so the noise from Heathrow has been constant. The planes seem to be much lower than ever before, this is the worst it has been in the 28 years I have lived in this area: Molesey/Walton. The Heathrow website claims nothing has changed. It must have!
Gina Pye, London

17 September 2015

For the last month of so planes have been flying low over South Wimbledon. So much noise we have to keep the windows closed in the heat. Especially at night. Unacceptable.
Peter Runge, London

13 September 2015

I received an email from Heathrow in July, this is a paragraph. Let's see if this actually happens! 'Once aircraft reach the final approach into Heathrow (i.e. the straight lines into Heathrow that are visible on the map), they descend at an angle of 3 degrees. This means that aircraft have to be at a set height for distance from the runway. The approach path hasn’t moved as planes have to be in a line with the runways as they come into land. Later this year, we are planning to run a trial of landing aircraft at steeper approach angles; this will keep aircraft higher for longer, reducing their impact on those living underneath'. Simon. Community Communications Officer.
Anna, Battersea

8 September 2015

I noticed a lot of flights passing westerly very close and low to Wimbledon Park on afternoon of Sunday 6th September. Quite frequent and noisy would estimate altitude of a few thousand feet. I lived in Earlsfield for many years and don't recall such flights. Does not bode well for a third runway.
Kevin Clarke, London

8 September 2015

Aircraft noise in the early morning (5.30am onwards) has got so bad that it's actually waking us up. It's that bad! What has changed in last few months? Are the planes flying lower as the noise has never been this bad or have they changed the flight path? Wandsworth Council, you really need to step up and take some action over this? Have you monitored the noise pollution during these hours in the areas affected including Balham, Clapham etc as this is unbearable? Please let me know your action plan? Many thanks.
Faz, Balham

4 September 2015

The noise from low flying aircraft has increased a lot and is now unbearable please do something. Regards
cedric bernadac, Battersea

3 September 2015

I'm being woken every morning before 5am by extremely loud plane noise. There were at least 4 planes before I looked at the time at 5.15am. Surely 6am would be more acceptable?
Nicole Trehy, London

25 August 2015

I live in Doncaster and this has started happening in my area too this year. After searching the internet I am now realising that this is going to be a problem as more flight paths are taken up, it seems theyre making more flight paths by flying lower to accommodate the growing needs. I have lived here for 15 years and never had anything fly so low until this year. My home was built and we lived here many years before the airport. Had I known this would have happened I would have not chose this house. How dare they think this is acceptable. My complaints are replied to with a letter telling all the details of the flight and that's it. We have rights and this cannot carry on to benefit them making more millions while we suffer
Helen, UK

24 August 2015

Hi Anna, you could also get in touch with your local MP which is what I have been doing in Blackheath. There is also a newly formed anti-noise campaign group: http://caian.co.uk, maybe it is worthwhile to get in touch with them too. Yes, Heathrow lies about the change of flight pattern. Blackheath has never been overflown before January 2013. But Heathrow invariably states that nothing has changed and hope residents will give up voicing their anger eventually.
Johnny, London

23 August 2015

Cannot believe in such a city like London, we have to endure noise nuisance from plane every 40 secs from 5am to 11pm! Every morning we are awake so early because of this
Emilie Lamoot, Battersea

22 August 2015

I have been complaining about aircraft noise on a monthly basis for 3 years on this site and Heathrow. All Heathrow ever say is that this area has always been overflown which is a lie as I have lived in the area for 25 years and only been bothered since 2012. I'ts a nightmare with no respite unless the wind changes. No one should have to endure this torture. Residents are entitled to a decent quality of life even in a busy city
Anna, Battersea

21 August 2015

I have been kept awake the entire night by low-flying and ridiculously noisy planes circling my house. It was relentless and never been an issue in the past. What's happened?!
Nicole, Wandsworth

19 August 2015

Claire, Battersea

18 August 2015

Yes you can , go to the 'Make a complaint about noise page' on Heathrow.com ( there is no direct link for obvious reasons). Today there were only 150 complaints, altogether a sad number and all the more reason for Heathrow to publish these low numbers as confirmation that only a small number of Londoners are affected... You want the noise to stop? Change the complaint statistic in our favour. Complain, not just once but many times per day!
Johnny, London

18 August 2015

I'm finding really difficult to live with this permanent noise... and to be waking up at 6am each morning! Could you do something ?
clalre, Battersea

18 August 2015

Has there been a change to the flight path recently?? The last two mornings I have been woken at 6.30am by non-stop aeroplane noise - a flight every 30 seconds for the whole morning, with no lull between planes. I've lived here for 2 years and never noticed this before. One jet was so loud the room was vibrating....
Lidia, Balham

16 August 2015

I live under flight path 2 miles from Heathrow, plane noise early morning intolerable can't have windows open, for last 3 nights a fast prop plane been circling over London n Heathrow, full circle takes it directly over my home every 20 mins. Was going at midnight till 4.40 and main airplanes started 10 mins later. What is this plane and why is it allowed, I thought night flights were banned. Awake all night, and watched this plane full circle from my bedroom window and it's really damned noisy when it passes over me. Anyone know what it is cos its really starting to p--s me off more than usual.
Rita pendlebury, London

15 August 2015

I live under flight path 2 miles from Heathrow, plane noise early morning intolerable can't have windows open, for last 3 nights a fast prop plane been circling over London n Heathrow, full circle takes it directly over my home every 20 mins. Was going at midnight till 4.40 and main airplanes started 10 mins later. What is this plane and why is it allowed, I thought night flights were banned. Awake all night, and watched this plane full circle from my bedroom window and it's really damned noisy when it passes over me. Anyone know what it is cos its really starting to p--s me off more than usual.
Rita pendlebury, London

15 August 2015

For the past 3 weeks or so there has been a change to the flight path directly over Wimbledon that was never the case this past year. Also, they are so low I can see the undercarriage clearly and numbering. 1. Why am I having to listen to these daily and nightly 2. Why are planes so low despite having taken off 10miles away?
John in Wimbledon, London

14 August 2015

With the recent hot weather we've had to sleep with the window open which means being woken at 4:30 am every morning by the planes going to heathrow. I moved from Barons Court because the aircraft noise was unbearable there. Tooting sadly isn't much better. A third runway will only make things worse. Don't Londoners suffer enough? We have to pay a fortune for properties where we then can't get any sleep or make use of our gardens because of aircraft overhead!
Nicola, Tooting

14 August 2015

The flights seem to have changed and we now have planes flying overhead every night. The noise is rediculous. What has changed and is there any thing we can do about it?
Denis skeate, Earlsfield

12 August 2015

On the Heathrow - Make a complaint about noise webpage roughly 300 complaints are lodged each day. Heathrow uses this low number to argue that noise isn''t really an issue. If everyone suffering from aircraft noise complained on that website, Heathrow had a more difficult job explaining away the noise it is causing. Would be great to see that number going up.
Jonny, London

12 August 2015

We have one plane a minute overhead flying to Heathrow. The noise pollution is excruciating and impacts from 5am in the morning to midnight. It is ridiculous to even consider another runway for heathrow when for this airport it is apparently necessary to fly every plane over central London. Heathrow needs to be disbanded altogether and a more suitable future-proofed location sought.
Emily Shires, London

10 August 2015

Aircraft noise seems to have increased exponentially since I moved to current postcode in 2009. It is Sunday evening, 9 August 2015, time of typing this is 20.15 and there is one aeroplane at least every two minutes (could be every minute) flying overhead. The noise is dreadful - it's a warm evening and all I can hear is deafening aircraft noise. In addition to current noise I now regularly wake ca 05.30 due to aircraft noise overhead - this never used to be the case.
Lindsay, Battersea

9 August 2015

I was woken up at 6am this morning by planes flying overhead, these flights are relentless and really disturb the peace.
Cherie Preston, UK

2 August 2015

I have had enough of Heathrow and its selfish behaviour. They lie about night flights. They lie about their impact on people. All they care about is their shareholders. All of this is endorsed by our Government, it is a joke. If I could move I would, but sadly I think the last thing I will hear on my death bed is a sodding jet from Heathrow.
Andy Lush, London

31 July 2015

Unbelievably intrusive sounds of constant aroplanes flying over my home. Planes must be made fly higher so it's not so loud.
Harriet, London

21 July 2015

What is going on?!! Woken at 5. 30am this morning with planes passing every 30 seconds. Please make some of our noise residents! Complain via options below: Call Heathrow noise complaint Freephone 0800 344 844. ONLINE : www.heathrow.com/noise. More info: www.heathrowoperationaldata.com (includes the number of flights each day, the number of early morning arrivals and wind direction. )
Dorothy Percy, Balham

20 July 2015

Unbearable noise. As soon as it dies down the next one comes. Hate to think what it is like in Richmond or Houndslow.
Simon Thomas, Wandsworth

19 July 2015

This noise is becoming unbearable! Its summer, its hot and yet I cannot have my windows open at night time because the noise of the planes basically means any television or computer or radio is constantly drowned out! Sleeping is becoming a nightmare also. Thank you for showing such little regard towards those on the flight path.
Brett MILLS, London

14 July 2015

I am finding the aircraft noise seriously debilitating. I lie awake waiting for the late night flights to cease, longing for a moment of quiet between the constant roar and lull, then find myself woken just a few hours later by more. Please can we have some assurance that this might improve? Please do not let it get any worse. It is truly unbearable. So bad for our health.
Annabel Harris, Putney

8 July 2015

I live directly under the flight path and planes fly over constantly - as soon as the noise from one plane begins to die down, you hear the next one flying over. There is one second of peace.
Amy Rand, Clapham Junction

6 July 2015

I wanted to add that I have already complained via the aircraft noise form on the Heathrow website but if you look at the small print entitled "What happens with complaints" you will read that: 'We monitor complaints for trends to inform our noise management priorities but flight paths are not changed purely on the basis of the number of complaints received from a particular area'. Therefore the whole exercise is a tick box process with no actual action taken.
Paul Morris, London

27 June 2015

I find it incredible that a major city like London has such a problem with aircraft landing noise, Heathrow wouldn't get planning permission today because of the noise. Most European cities have their airports away from population centres. Heathrow say on average there are 14-16 arrivals between 4.30 - 6.00am and as 70% of their arrivals are on a westerly approach i.e. over London, then I too have to wear earplugs in Kennington. Once you hear aircraft noise and are woken by it, you become sensitive to it and stressed.
Paul Morris, London

27 June 2015

Why don't you list East Sheen? That is where I live with an almost constant bombardment from aeroplane noise. I feel like I'm under seige with nowhere to run to. Over the last couple of weeks its got even worse. Why??
Karen Pendred, UK

22 June 2015

I have lived here for a few years and love the area, however recently the air noise has become unbearable and incredibly disruptive to my sleep. As I write this I am completely fed up- it is 1:14am and there are helicopters circling loudly above. I have to sleep with ear plugs every night now but even this is not enough as planes wake me at 5am and won't let me sleep until after 12am. It is damaging my physical and mental health and is conpletely unacceptable.
Jen, London

19 June 2015

Just wondered why planes are now coming over every minute or so but have had nothing since I moved in three months ago
Debbie ferrara, UK

7 June 2015

Extremely disturbing. Difficult to sleep with the noise, imposible to enjoy the park at any time...
carlos, Battersea

2 June 2015

If you find the noise unbearable, then why not complain. http://www.getwestlondon.co.uk/news/west-london-news/shock-statistics-reveal-fewer-noise-9342049
Jonny, London

31 May 2015

Went to bed early to try and beat the early morning wake up from too loud, too low flying planes at unearthly hours, only to still have planes flying over my house at 11.30.pm. It's ridiculous. They should vary the path so more residents are affected less often.
Anna, Battersea

27 May 2015

Seemingly constant noise from aircraft over Clapham Junction. It started at 4.30 this morning (and every morning). I can usually still hear planes until 11.30 at night. If massively effects the quality of our sleep. Why can't the flight path be altered occasionally to give residents some respite?
Carina Wood, Clapham Junction

26 May 2015

Unbelievably noisy....alternating flight paths must surely be a fair way forward.......maybe if Boris moved to Clapham or Wandsworth these options would be considered!!
Lawrence Isola, Clapham Junction

20 May 2015

Am fed up with the planes. Curious as to the exact rules (as it seems vague) and the mechanism for complaint or action. There seems no organised body in South west London to focus constructive opinion. Anyone know of a sensible collective action group ?
Rupert Fane, Clapham Junction

9 May 2015

Recently a plane has been flying over our building at 4.30 am(Richmond).I thought there was a curfew in place until 6am.
Audie Oliver, London

28 April 2015

Stop noise and pollution please!
Anna, London

16 April 2015

we live off clapham common, struggling to deal with the excessive noise of the planes, from 4.30am until 11.30pm every day the planes don't stop. There doesn't seem to be any change of the flight path or rest-bite, and it really affects our sleep. It seems ludicrous the level of the noise and we never get a break.
Alice, Clapham Junction

13 April 2015

I'm in Brixton, been here for a month and still can't get used to the noise of the planes. Why can't they alternate the flight paths like they do in other countries like Sydney. It seems that LHR and local government value quality of life! I have sent a compliment to LHR website, it would be great if you all do to; http://www.heathrowairport.com/noise/what-you-can-do/make-a-complaint-about-noise
Deb, London

31 March 2015

Only heavy aircraft again tonight. It seems that only the large and noisier aircraft are using one and all the other aircraft the other runway. That way we never have a quiet period during day or night. Why can't this stop?
Anna, Putney

16 March 2015

Join the rally against the 3rd runway Tuesday 3rd March 7pm. More details can be found here: http://hacan.org.uk
Silke, London

1 March 2015

What is going on? Not just early morning but now Sunday 2pm planes every 60 seconds. The noise has been unbearable over the last few weeks, no respite at all, this is so against human rights to have to be woken before 5am. Why can't Heathrow vary the flight paths? Why should the same residents always have to suffer? They moved the path in 2012 so why can't they move it somewhere else for a couple of years. When are Heathrow going to compensate us for ruining our health and quality of life? I'm sure they can spare a few million to keep us imprisoned never to use our gardens again. Expanding Heathrow will make London an intolerable place to live for millions of residents
wendy, Battersea

1 March 2015

I hope all these comments are being logged and acted on by the Council. Good to find this site. I too have been in Putney for over 15 years and not known the early morning noise as bad as now. Woken up this morning Saturday 4.30am for a succession of lower flying planes than ever known before, and have doubling glazing. This has been a very common feature these last two months. Complained to Heathrow in January but no change evident or in prospect.
Victoria Robb, Putney

28 February 2015

It only gets worse. Absolute madness! What Heathrow wants Heathrow gets. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-31109732
E Hayes, Battersea

6 February 2015

In finance, ir is too risky for a big company to place all its eggs in one basket. So to with Heathrow, it is too risky for the UK to have one overweight airport. One bomb or disaster at Heathrow and we would be seriously knocked out. Apart from the additional noise blight a third runway would inflict on the people of Wandsworth, purely from a risk point of view building at Gatwick makes more sense. In finance banks are required to have more than 1 data centre to mitigate risk, why not airports too?
Ian Gordon-Brown, Battersea

4 February 2015

Airplanes have been using both South and North runways and caused an incredible increase in the noise early in the mornings over the last 10 days, especially the weekend 24/25 Jan and the mornings thereafter. It is heavy aircraft every 5-10 minutes. Also, they start earlier in the day. It seems that A380s and 747s have been using one runway and the other aircraft the other. This is absolutely unbearable for the residents below the flight path and has to stop.
PA, Wandsworth

2 February 2015

The noise from Heathrow are already unbearable - can't imagine living in Putney with even more noise and pollution.
Leonie von Schweinitz, UK

2 February 2015

Last night, Sunday, a prop plane flying along Thames from Central London out to West London back and forth from late evening until 1am. The engine noise was intrusive (even with double glazing) and stressful especially when it is occurring during the hours when people/residents are trying to sleep. There is no means of direct complaint, there is no means of an explanation or accountability. I have lived in London 50 years and the problems and stress caused by airborne noise have gotten increasingly worse every year and are ruining the 'quality of life' in this city. There may be emergencies that have to be dealt with but there should be realistic measures taken to ensure minimum disruption over residential areas during the night.
PT, London

2 February 2015

the noise is already bad - I cannot believe that you think of expanding Heathrow airport - everybody is woken up at 4.30am in Richmond and sometimes you cannot hear your own words as it is so noisy
Carola Hieker, London

2 February 2015

Please don't stop complaining, the noise is unbearable- use the Heathrow website so it's included in the Heathrow daily data- http://www.heathrowairport.com/noise/what-you-can-do/make-a-complaint-about-noise There are simply too few voicing their concerns.
S Fern, Battersea

1 February 2015

I live in Fulham and since the beginning of 2015 I have been going to sleep with ear plugs in order to avoid being woken up by the increased noise and frequency of the planes. Unfortunately the noise is too loud and regardless of this I have been woken up at 6am (instead of my usual 7.30am) every morning bar 3 days last week. I am also frequently kept awake by the planes till midnight the night before. It is like torture. I am suffering with tiredness and lack of concentration at work. The frequency and noise levels of the planes need to be be reduced.
Daisy swann, London

26 January 2015

Heathrow should be made to vary the flight paths from time to time thereby sharing the constant health-harming noise pollution around the residents of London. Every 90 seconds for 19 hours a day in this area is torture.
Carol Brown, Wandsworth

25 January 2015

I am 13 years old and I was woken up by the airplane noise at 6am this morning and I usually sleep until 8.30. I would appreciate if something can be done to lower the aircraft noise. Thank you. I forgot to mention that today is Sunday.
Nicolas, Putney

25 January 2015

I have lived in Putney for the past 13 years and one could always hear the airplane noise. However recently it has become unbearable especially as the planes start landing at about 420am! Can you please get all your friends and neighbors who are affected by the noise to write either here or to our MP or to complain to heathrow airport about noise - as more of us need to voice our concern in other to be heard!
Ivana, Putney

20 January 2015

The planes have been non-stop morning noon and night for the last three months ( since October). The only break has been Christmas Day. Can anyone explain how this is allowed and how on earth we stop it. I'd just like one migh's proper sleep.
Alastair, London

10 January 2015

Why don't you all start to complain on the Heathrow website? http://www.heathrowairport.com/noise/what-you-can-do/make-a-complaint-about-noise There are simply too few voicing their concerns.
Silke, London

21 December 2014

The constant disturbance from planes before 5am is very distressing. Why are planes allowed to arrive this early? Heathrow should be shut down, no city should have planes overhead. Unfortunately nothing will be changed unless there is a terrible accident or a 9/11 scenario. The shareholders have to get their profit
Anna, Battersea

20 December 2014

to Sam C, Battersea: Aircraft noise has also been increasing in Blackheath/ Lewisham/Greenwich. We are 30 miles out , but the aircraft are still very noisy: nonstop from 4.30 am till 11. 30 with an aircraft every 90 seconds at peak times.
Silke, London

14 December 2014

I wake up around 4am with aircraft noise and rarely get back to sleep, I am often suffering from quite severe sleep deprivation. Is it possible that the Government can be help responsible for this? In the 'Big Society' campaign, is it not obvious that a decent night's sleep will contribute to well being and therefore better motivation and productivity.
S Bhugobaun, Putney

13 December 2014

The constant noise from the airplanes are unbearable, it's frustrating because due to the noise i have not been able to sleep well which has destroyed quality of life for me. I have not got double glazing therefore the noise can be deafening loud. I have lived in my property for 15 years and never had something like this disturb my quality of live. it's selfish of them to think it's ok to disturb residents living around Wandsworth and other boroughs that has been effected by the noise.
Hanna, Wandsworth

6 December 2014

I don't get all the comments from people in Earlsfield and Tooting. I live on the edge of Earlsfield (Tooting side), the planes' easterly takeoff route is right over my house - I regularly see them going over - but I haven't experienced any of this non-stop noise you all mention. Sometimes the 747s are very loud taking off but that's it. Have lived here 13 years and to be honest I have never really noticed it much. Perhaps because I grew up near an RAF base my tolerance is higher?! What concerns me more is the (admittedly remote) chance of an accident - most cities don't allow aircraft to overfly them but London does due to the location of Heathrow and the thought of a plane crashing over London gives me the chills.
jill, Earlsfield

27 November 2014

The noise is extremely loud and ruining quality of life in the area. Please can you ask Heathrow to reconsider
Tim, Battersea

24 November 2014

Lived in Earlsfield for 3 yrs without problems with plane noise but in the last few weeks it has become unbearable. What can we do to stop it?
Chris Steele, Earlsfield

17 November 2014

I have lived here for several years and never been bothered by aircraft noise but recently the aircraft noise has become unbearable and I am woken up at 4:30 to 5 most mornings despite having double glazed windows and sleeping with earplugs. The negative effects of aircraft noise and lack of sleep are damaging to our health and this impacts our family life and work. Please do what you can to stop this blight on our neighbourhood!
Sophia Petecki, Tooting

12 November 2014

is absolutely disgraceful that planes are directed over the houses - the noise is non stop from 4:30 am and is extremely disruptive to people's sleep. Whomever made the decision should lose their job and be put in the stocks for all the sleep deprived people to see and deal with as they go into work everyday (tired)... Dockwell close is the most disturbed and nobody is doing anything to change that
Thiru, London

9 November 2014

I just moved to earlsfield a few months ago from North London. Worst choice ever!!! I cannot bear the constant airplane noise from dawn to dust. It badly damage my quality iPod life and make me feel sick. I imagine everyone around here suffer from the noise unless they are deaf! Can't believe it is so noisy given the fact that we are miles away from the airport.
Sarah, Earlsfield

2 November 2014

Please can the council do something about the flight path over battersea. It is ruining quality of life for so many residents. Surely they could change the flight path weekly as a compromise. If not, class action time
Natasha, Battersea

2 November 2014

From 4.30am every day of the week until midnight the people of battersea and every other neighbourhood under the flight path to heathrow suffer horrendous disturbance. We are 9 miles from Heathrow so why do the planes fly so low over our neighbourhoods? I thought and was promised these new planes would be quieter but they are in fact worse than ever as they have to descend at a gradual gradient causing noise pollution for millions across central London. Shut Heathrow!
Charlotte O'Neill, Battersea

1 November 2014

It is absolutely disgraceful that planes are directed over the most densely populated areas - the noise is non stop from 4am and is extremely disruptive to people's sleep. Whomever made the decision should lose their job and be put in the stocks for all the sleep deprived people to see and deal with as they go into work everyday (tired)...
Mark, Balham

29 October 2014

4.30am 7 days a week they start droning over head, if you don't bolt your sash windows the vibrations make them rattle. This continues on throughout the day, lovely weather yesterday but can you sit in your garden and enjoy it, no chance as the planes thunder above every 60 seconds. It is worse than ever and effecting my health. A third runway would make swathes of London virtually unliveable. Maybe Wandsworth needs a UKIP council and MP to represent its constituents needs as these lot ain't listening.
James N, Battersea

29 October 2014

I really love my new home but would never of moved here if I knew it was under a flight path.Every 80 seconds a low flying aircraft passes and the noises causes alot of stress and I wake up to thundering noise which gives me chest pains. I hate it so much I wish an icelandic volcano would erupt to ground these noisey metal beasts. I have hated the noise so much its made me feel tearful.
K, London

29 October 2014

Woken up at 5 am by low flying planes over Fulham and haven't had a break from it all day.
Irene, London

27 October 2014

The aircraft noise is constant and unbearable from 04.30am. I would like the Council to intervene to get the flight path changed or at least altered as it is not fair that the same residents are constantly affected. Please Wandsworth Council, take urgent action with Haeathrow to stop thousands of residents quality of life being blighted and avoid this becoming an electoral issue.
Liz, Clapham Junction

24 October 2014