Wandsworth's Hidden Treasures

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The fanlight of 84 Lavender Sweep belonged to the original house called Lavender Sweep and owned by Tom Taylor Editor of Pincg, playwright including Our American Cousin the one Abraham Loncolm was attending when assassinated. visitors to Tom's home and parties were Dickens, Thakeray, Ellen Terry https://sheelanagigcomedienne.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/84-lavender-sweep.jpg Also a house 85 has the word sand from WW2 indicating sand for quelling incendiaries.
Jeanne Rathbone, Clapham Junction

4 April 2016

This is such a good idea! I don't know if it's of any help but Wandsworth council arts team kindly gave me a grant to help deliver community workshops and make a map of the hidden treasures in Tooting. i've just finished it and the places are on the map here: www.welovetooting.com
Emily, Tooting

21 February 2014

1. There's an old painted advert in an alley opposite the new Waitrose on Upper Richmond Rd that says 'windows cleaned carpets beaten'. I think it's about 100 years old. 2. There's a sign from ww2 In Russell Yard, off Putney High St that says 'fire watchers bell'. 3. There's an ammonite in an external of st. Mary's church in Putney High St. I have photo's of the above on my Flickr account. Search my name and you'll find them.
Maggie Jones, Putney

20 February 2014