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I love living in Tooting. it's v beautiful (commons/houses) but living here on a low income, wanting help with even a cheap councillor is non existent. Rents are sky high n to get new skills to better oneself - courses are costly. u cannot help but feel alienated/as if u shouldn't live here, having to travel out for opps. "Cheaper council tax" is great but i'd rather pay a lil more so that even the average/low wage" person" like me, can feel apart of life here in some way. No one wants to feel like they shouldn't be welcome in their home "Wandsworth" the "brighter" Borough, because of ghastly costs. please acknowledge comments so that you can make some small changes so that everybody can feel treated the same. Bring everybody together.
Natasha, Tooting

8 December 2015

I am writing to highlight the lack of toilet facilities on Tooting Bec Common. There is a toilet at the cafe, but this is not publicly accessible and as I understand from the cafe staff this toilet is for staff use only. The nearest public toilets are across a main road, in Tooting Bec Athletics Track grounds, but to access these facilities it is necessary to cross a main road, explain to staff that you want to use the toilets, go through the turnstiles of the entrance to the athletics track, walk to and through the changing rooms – not really acceptable.
Barry Barnes, Tooting

14 September 2015

I've lived in wandsworth for 5 years now, and truly love it. But i detest the horrendous, torturous airplane noise. It wakes me uo every morning in the early hours, and continues till about midnight. It makes me feel stressed in my own bed even with closed windows. I wish there was something we could do about. Its hard to enjoy a peaceful break in the garden either. :(
Samuel, Wandsworth

22 August 2014

Just a test.
Rob, Wandsworth

13 June 2014

Sure, I would like to live here permanently and not just rent. However: "Average semi-detached house price Wandsworth: £927,857. UK: £201,427" That is all.

14 November 2013

Best place to live in London for me. Great parks, good access to central London, lots of independent traders and buzzing town centres (especially Tooting) and excellent diversity.
Marc, Balham

26 September 2013

Fantastic rubbish collection service!
Maggie, Wandsworth

29 August 2013

Wandsworth Council is amazingly responsive and customer oriented, I am always impressed by their service. In addition Wandsworth has so many green spaces and a great variety of shopping environments from the Mall to the artisan. Factor in the lowest of Council Tax rates and you wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
Gail Shaw, Clapham Junction

29 July 2013

I love the huge number of coffee shops, hairdressers and estate agents in Putney. You can never have too many of those essentials. Why bother with a greengrocer, a fishmonger or an artisan bakery? Give me another hairdressers any day. And how good do all those empty shop fronts look? Especially those on the corner near the bridge that have lain vacant for 2 decades now. They help to give the high street a real sense of community.
The Pithy Putneteer, Putney

25 July 2013

I would really, really, really like to see a working public toilet in Wandsworth Park. So many children spend a lot of time playing in the park and there are no toilet facilities. It is the same in Leader's Garden. There are tennis courts and children's playgrounds but no toilet facilities, which means you either have to buy something in one of the cafes to use their facilities or return home. It means you cannot spend a whole day in the park. I would really like to hear from the council as to why there aren't any toilets. Thanks.
Kate Miranda, UK

24 July 2013

Its a nice place to live but the council are a joke. I love that the council does nothing about excessive aircraft noise, does nothing about excessive noise from all the building work, does nothing about air quality, makes no investment in infrastructure despite higher council tax receipts from all the people moving into the new residential areas and has excessive parking charges.
Dave Carter, Putney

23 July 2013

I love the way Wandsworth manages to alienate all the poor people that live here by charging the highest social housing rents and by cutting all the services right back
Paul Brewer, Battersea

19 July 2013

I love that Wandsworth has the most efficient, well set out, helpful and thoughtful council of any I have ever come across nationwide - with the cheapest rates too! I love that everytime I've had a problem in my 7 years here, it has been resolved quickly and always by a friendly helpful person. Please keep it up!
Oliver Deacon, Clapham Junction

17 July 2013

Wandsworth is a young, energetic, successful borough. It is very close to central London and feels positively urban but al contains wonderful parks and is close to more suburban areas such as Wimbledon Village and Richmond. The centre of Wandsworth is developing nicely and there are plans to reduce traffic, develop ram brewery and improve links to both the river and train station. The only thing I don't like is the gas holders right in the centre. Overal though, I love Wandsworth.
Ben Virgo, Wandsworth

13 July 2013

I agree with Battersea Resident, great area unpretentious and relaxed. Only thing blighting the area is constant noise from aircraft, much worse than it has ever been
M Barker, Battersea

8 July 2013

Locatio is fantastic - easy to get into town, or out the countryside. However we have plenty of green spaces in Wandsworth and some of the high streets still have some character - this is lost in most places these days.
Mike Thomas, Southfields

8 July 2013

I would like to ask that we focus on the ten things we need to do to make Wandsworth an even better place - number one - don't drop litter - number two - slow down our traffic!
Peter Armstrong, Tooting

7 July 2013

Offensive parking attendants; try to rip off twice for the same offence
Gerald Flood, Putney

6 July 2013

I love the cheap rates and excellent service they have. Can't understand why other councils don't use this as a benchmark.
James vaile, Earlsfield

6 July 2013

I have lived in the area for 22 years and cannot imagine living anywhere else. As soon as I cross the river I relax as it feels more residential. Unfortunately the only downside is the constant and continuous noise from aircraft which is blighting the area. Beware of this and only move here if you sleep heavily
Anna Giannetti, Battersea

6 July 2013

I think we have the best of both worlds, brilliant access to the greatest city but better country walks than you can get i the country with Wimbledon common Putney Heath Tooting, Clapham commons and wonderful parks,in the country the land mostly belongs to someone here it's ours. We also have a good council low rates and great healthcare what more could anyone want.
Angela Stroud, Southfields

6 July 2013

I love living in Wandsworth Common with its space and the village feel, great restaurants and shops and fantastic train service.
Sara P, Wandsworth

5 July 2013

I like the buzz, the gentleness, the diversity. I love the new coffee shops, restaurants and bars opening up everywhere. There is vibrancy without stress.
Dominic Nutt, Tooting

5 July 2013