Distances provided using our postcode search are approximate and intended for guidance only.

Gas mains replacement works

Ongoing in the following roads:

Frewin Road

From 24 October 2014 to 23 December 2014

Sellincourt Road SW17

From 24 November 2014 to 20 December 2014

Queen's Circus Roundabout SW8

Carriageway restrictions with temporary lane and footway closures at varying times for major improvement works to the roundabout commencing 18 August 2014, until summer 2015. There are Advanced Warning Signs at strategic locations to warn motorists.

For more information, email or telephone 0800 088 4570. Or contact Martin Hoare at Wandsworth Council on 020 8871 6664, or email

Major Electricity Cabling works in Battersea Area SW11 and SW8

There are footway and carriageway restrictions in the roads listed below to facilitate UK Power Networks (UKPN) Electricity works for the installation of high voltage cables for the proposed London Underground Northern Line Extension. Works are currently in progress until summer 2015. Roads are affected in phases:

In progress

None (Christmas embargo)


  • Cambridge Road SW11
  • Albert Bridge Road SW11
  • Queens Circus Roundabout SW8
  • Thessaly Road SW8

At certain stages of the project, it will be necessary to implement Temporary Road Closures and other Temporary Traffic Management schemes to complete the works safely.

Contact details: Mark Le Calvez, Project Manager

  • Mobile: 07940 553246 or
  • Telephone: 0755 7232852 (out of office hours)


Water leaks and gas escapes

  • Water leaks: 0800 714 614
  • Gas escapes: 0800 111 999 

Please do not report these to the council or assume someone else has reported it.