Quietways consultation

Re-consultation on Quietway 5 proposals

Following the outcome of earlier consultation on Q5, many proposals for this route have been approved for implementation. However, we have drawn up revised proposals following consultation on some sections of the route. Re-consultation on these proposals ran from 4 November to 18 December 2016. The outcome of this second phase of consultation will be reported in the first half of 2017.


Previously, it was proposed that cyclists using the Quietway would follow the existing shared use path in Tooting Bec Common, along with a new section of shared use on the Horse Ride (parallel to Tooting Bec Road) on which cycling is not currently permitted.  In consultation it was noted that an alternative route via the diagonal path from the cafĂ© to the lido would be more direct, and the new consultation involves the use of this route instead. If implemented it would avoid Quietway cyclists being directed along Chestnut Avenue and the Horse Ride, which would remain unchanged. 

You can download plans of the proposals below. 

1. Route Overview

In Wandsworth, the route would join the borough at Clapham Common and would run via Tooting Bec Common. 

View revised plans for Q5 route overview

2. Route through Tooting Bec Common 

North of Bedford Hill, the proposals for the Quietway  would use the existing unsegregated pedestrian and cycling route. South of Bedford Hill, it is now proposed that the Quietway would follow the diagonal path between Bedford Hill and the lido car park. For use as a Quietway, the path would be widened to 3 metres and would become an unsegregated shared use route. The Quietway through the common would be resurfaced in a self-binding gravel surface (Breedon gravel) more in keeping with the common than the existing tarmac. Additional signing would be introduced to help keep cyclists to permitted routes and highlight pedestrian priority on shared spaces.