Consultation ongoing on how best to spend £300k improving pocket park and playground in Battersea

Published: Tuesday 12th February 19

There’s still time for people in Battersea to say how they would like to see more than £300,000 spent on improving a small pocket park and its children’s playground.

The borough’s open spaces contractor Enable Leisure and Culture is seeking the public’s views on the best way to spend £316,000, which has been earmarked for a series of improvements at Fred Wells Gardens in Vicarage Crescent.

There are two elements to the proposals. The first set are classed as works that are necessary to ensure the playground and other parts of the park remain safe to use.

This includes replacing some child friendly soft surfacing in the playground, rebuilding walls undermined by tree roots and widening paths and stairways to ensure they are more family friendly for parents with buggies while also improving access for people with disabilities.

The second element includes a range of proposals for new play equipment or improvements and upgrades to what is already there, plus an option to resurface the tennis court, parts of which have sustained tree root damage.

The aim of the consultation is to identify any areas that have been missed in the first set of proposals and to then identify which among the second set are viewed as priorities by local people.

The improvements are being funded by the Wandworth Local Fund (WLF) – a charge the council puts on some developments to pay for the community infrastructure needed to support growth in the borough. 

People can view the options and take part in the consultation by visiting

If people would like a paper copy of the consultation questionnaire they can email or contact the parks office on (020) 3959 0060.

The consultation continues until Sunday, March 24.

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Recent comments

Leave it alone ! You’ve already destroyed beautiful Falcon Park. Shame on you
Mrs A Jackson

15 February 2019

Took a cut across Fred Wells Gardens on Saturday the grass on the Orville Rd side could do with replanting. Tennis courts are frequently used - and could do with re surfacing. Saw a mother and child picking the daffodils on the Vicarage Crescent side of Wells Gardens - they went into White House, Battersea Village - they knew I saw them.
Elizabeth Denton

13 February 2019