More homes to rent and buy in Battersea for people on lower incomes

Published: Friday 21st December 18

Councillors have approved plans for a new housing development on a brownfield site in Battersea that will deliver an affordable housing ratio of 36 per cent.

Plans have been approved to redevelop the “Big Yellow” storage site in Lombard Road to provide a new storage facility alongside shops office, artist’s studios and 168 residential units – including 60 affordable homes.

The affordable homes will be a mix of shared ownership properties and others offered at low social rent levels.

These will range from £202 a week for a one-bed flat to £228 for a three-bed unit. Most of the rental homes will have two bedrooms and be available for a weekly sum of £220. Unlike many other similar housing schemes, all building and maintenance service charges will be covered by the rent.

In total 39 homes will be available for rent and 21 for affordable shared ownership.

Planning chairman Cllr Will Sweet said: “These new social rent homes will be a welcome addition to the mix of residential properties being built in this part of Battersea.

“When these are added to the low-cost home-ownership properties that are also to be provided on this site it will bring the number of genuinely affordable homes up to 36 per cent which will be welcomed by people in the area in housing need who are on lower incomes.

“We are doing a huge amount in Wandsworth to deliver the genuinely affordable homes that people need.

“We are actively and energetically increasing the supply of affordable homes with 3,000 built over the past decade, another 1,700 due to be completed within the next three years and a target of 18,000 over the coming decade.”

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need more information on where and how to apply for this. thanking you. natalie (i have before tried to contact Kim Caddy with a similar situation)

25 May 2019

I would like to rent under the scheme rent and shared ownership Bilding for wandsworth people
Johnny Daniel Clemente

5 May 2019

how to apply?
Halina Jędrzejewska

3 May 2019

Here at battersea exchange new development we are charged 265 a week.

30 December 2018

This is not good news. Parts of Battersea are quite expensive to live in and as a result are nice areas with like minded people. These campaigns just bring in riff raff and soon it will feel like east London

27 December 2018

Where to find more information and enquire about the artist's studios available in this development (or other in the area...)? Thanks!

25 December 2018

So the Big Yellow Storage Site in Lombard Road is to be turned into more flats. Isn't Wandsworth overpopulated enough. Personally have never use the Storage site - but for years have been planning to sell my home - thinking I will have somewhere to store the contents - but also know of folk in the middle of changing home using the facility - so will be a shame for it to go.

22 December 2018